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TOPFACE Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea



All / Top Specialties

  • Nose Surgery

  • Mini Liposuction

  • Male Plastic Surgery

  • Petit Plastic Surgery

  • Face-lift

  • Fat Grafting

  • Face Contouring

  • Eye Surgery

All / Top Services

  • Nose revision surgery

  • Edge Nose Surgery

  • Nose Tip Surgery

  • Mini Liposuction

  • Male Eye Surgery

  • Hump nose surgery

  • Botox

  • Filler

  • MINI Face-lift

  • Endotine Lifting

  • PRP Fat graft

  • Autologous Micro Fat Graft

  • Short Chin Augmentation

  • Forehead Augmentation

  • Mini V-line

  • Ptosis correction

  • Epicanthoplasty

  • Lower Eyelid Surgery

Contact Information

4th floor 842 Nonhyeon-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


Topface Plastic Surgery's medical philosophy believes everyone is a beautiful gem with a hidden beauty. Thus, Topface's medical principle is to find your gemstone of beauty and reveal it to the best of your appearance. Anyone can perform mechanical procedures to make the eyes larger and the nose higher. However, the process of discovering hidden beauty is only possible with deep insight gained from a variety of experiences both before and after surgery. Furthermore, despite their physical abilities and impressive appearance, some people lack confidence in life. We believe that plastic surgery is medicine for both inner wounds and outer beauty. Topface Plastic Surgery will provide a reliable medical consultation that will consider both inner healing and appearance. TOPFACE SAFETY SYSTEM 1. Real-name operation system Topface Plastic Surgery performs the real name operation system in order to prevent medical accidents caused by so-called "Shadow Doctors," in which the consulting doctor and surgeon are different. So, we are displaying each doctor’s name, photo, and other information. 2. Exclusive doctor system We have a 1:1 assigned doctor system. Our professional medical team takes responsibility from consultation to operation to aftercare. 3. Reliable consultation customized surgery We do not recommend unnecessary surgery. We perform customized surgery. 4. Strict sanitary inspection A disinfection system is available 365 days a year for a pleasant medical environment in the clinic. 5. Emergency control system Topface Plastic Surgery for safe surgery and results is equipped with various emergency controls to be ready for an emergency. 6. Continuous academic activities Patient safety is the number one priority in Topface Plastic Surgery. To improve patients' satisfaction with surgical results, the medical staff of the clinic continues academic activities in each field. 7. Aftercare Program The postoperative care program of Topface Plastic Surgery is a personalized care program to help you during the recovery process. 8. Air shower system We have adopted the Air shower system, which is installed at the entrance of the operating room, to prevent external inspection caused by fine dust and bacteria.