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    TS Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea



    All / Top Specialties

    • Body Contouring

    • Aged eye solution

    • Facial Implants and Fillers

    All / Top Services

    • Body Contouring

    • Aged eye solution

    • Facial Implants and Fillers

    • Lateral and lower canthoplasty

    • Double eyelid surgery

    • Vision examination

    • Ptosis correction

    • Medial Epicanthoplasty

    • General anesthesia

    • Upper abdomen liposuction

    • Pinch test

    • Physical examination

    • Arm liposuction

    • ECG (electrocardiogram)

    • Prognostic testing

    • Lower abdomen liposuction

    • Blood tests

    • Buttocks liposuction

    • Urinalysis

    • Revision Rhinoplasty

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    TS Plastic Surgery is a well-known clinic in Seoul, South Korea. Based on this philosophy, the most correct is the most beautiful, it promises safe and satisfactory results from both external and internal beauty. It finds true beauty based on a systematic system by realizing ethical treatment protection of patient's rights and safety-oriented attention. TS Plastic Surgery provides the best results without missing details with the best technology and experience. It does not simply proceed with surgery for the benefit of the hospital, and it understands the patient's mind and wishes and performs only necessary surgery with an accurate diagnosis. Their doctors provide treatment with a clear analysis and plan. Their professional team constantly researches for the ideal result faithful to the dignity of the patient and the basics of medicine. WHY TS PLASTIC SURGERY IS THE BEST? TS Plastic Surgery has the most up-to-date equipment. Their specialists ensure safe surgery with accurate diagnosis and safety precautions. The consultants are conscientious and propose only necessary surgery. The dedicated medical staff directly performs from consultation to surgery and treatment to achieve higher results. They limit the number of surgeries per day so that every patient is provided the best results. They have a self-powered system, a defibrillator, precision monitoring, and an air shower system for infection control. They also offer a systematic follow-up plan, and it helps patients return to daily life quickly. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OFFERED BY TS PLASTIC SURGERY TS Plastic Surgery Clinic provides a wide range of medical and surgical specialties. Following are the top specialties offered by it: • Breast surgery • Rhinoplasty • Eye surgery • Face contouring • Body contouring BREAST SURGERY Breast surgery is done to modify a man or woman's breasts. They are done for various reasons, including cosmetic and medical reasons. Medical causes include breast cancer surgery, preventative surgery, removal of non-cancer breast lumps, and breast reduction. Cosmetic reasons include breast reconstruction and breast augmentation that enhance their beauty. TS Plastic Surgery provides a range of breast surgeries, including breast augmentation, enlargement, breast reduction surgery, gynecomastia correction, and breast revision surgery. The specialists perform surgery considering the shape, touch, and natural movement through precise analysis of the patient's body type. They are equipped with a system to minimize nerve and blood vessel damage to ensure the patient's safety. Their specialists provide a precise diagnosis and accurate surgery, providing satisfactory results according to the patient's needs. RHINOPLASTY Rhinoplasty refers to a nose job or nasal reconstruction. It is a plastic surgery procedure for changing and reconstructing the nose. It can be reconstructive or cosmetic. Reconstructive surgery that resolves nasal injuries caused by traumas or congenital disabilities. Cosmetic surgery changes the appearance of the nose. It is a complex procedure and requires expert skill and experience. TS Plastic Surgery provides premium rhinoplasty that identifies the root cause of primary failure. It gives a customized surgery that actively reflects the customer's needs. The specialists accurately analyze and determine the cause of immediate failure. They discuss the desired line with the patient and provide detailed consultation before surgery. They offer real-time interim checks to reflect customer needs at the end of surgery. TS Plastic Surgery also provides nose reoperation. It is a customized surgery in which the patient checks the shape of the nose at the final stage of surgery and supplements it in real-time. EYE SURGERY Eye surgery is the surgery performed on the eye by an ophthalmologist. The human eye must be handled carefully as it is a susceptible organ, and it requires care before, during, and after surgery to prevent damage. Eye surgery can be of many types, including laser surgery, cataract surgery, refractive surgery, corneal surgery, eye muscle surgery, removal surgery, and glaucoma surgery. It also includes cosmetic reasons to enhance beauty. TS Plastic Surgery has the best surgeons for eye surgery. Since the eye occupies a large part of the face, a precise diagnosis and design by an experienced specialist are essential during surgery. The surgeon meticulously understands the problems of the first surgery and then provides an accurate solution to complement and improve it. The surgery improves function and aesthetics at the same time. FACE CONTOURING Facial contouring is a non-invasive and non-surgical facial reconfiguration. It is a highly effective method for enhancing facial features and reducing the signs of aging. The skin naturally loses elasticity with aging, leading to wrinkles, which are most prominent in the face. Face contouring has different types and techniques that target specific face parts to help patients look their best. The specialists at TS Plastic Surgery consider all factors that makeup bones, muscles, soft tissue, fat and facial structures. They maintain facial contours using years of experience and advanced technology. They provide perfect V line by thorough calculations. TS Plastic Surgery provides exceptional surgical results from any angle. BODY CONTOURING Body contouring is a method to eliminate fat, give shape to the body, and tighten skin. It involves procedures to get rid of extra skin, eliminate excess fat and contour the area. Body contouring addresses specific areas where weight loss is not practical. It also improves loose, saggy, and wrinkled skin that occurs with aging. Target areas for body contouring are arms, back, belly and buttocks. TS Plastic Surgery provides an attractive body by effectively removing excess fat layer through liposuction. It calculates the ideal line of the body and calculates the natural movement and range of the body line. The specialists undergo a thorough body analysis, design the body line, eliminate fat's root cause, and minimize scarring. They take care of patient's safety and privacy and provide a customized treatment plan for every patient. TS Plastic Surgery provides all services to its patients, from consultation to surgery, post-surgery management, and insurance. The protection of patients' rights and safety is their top priority. In short, they ensure safe operation by thoroughly managing patients. TS Plastic Surgery also offers revision surgeries in which failure factors are analyzed and prevented. This hospital is emerging as one of the top clinics in plastic surgery.