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    TT Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea




    Medical staff

    All / Top Specialties

    • Face contouring

    • Eye surgery

    • Nose Surgery

    All / Top Services

    • Thread lifting

    • Eyebrow lift surgery

    • Fractional resurfacing laser treatments

    • Face line correction lifting

    • Facial fat reoperation

    • Face liposuction

    • Deep cheek fat removal

    • Filler

    • Botox

    • Double eyelid surgery

    • Eye Correction

    • Redistribution of fat under the eyes

    • Upper eyelid/lower eyelid/

    • Nose revision surgery

    • Nose Tip Plasty

    • Nostril Reduction Surgery


    TT PLASTIC SURGERY PROVIDES YOU WITH DIFFERENTIATED BEAUTY You are not a polished gemstone, but rather time-honored treasures loved and valued by all. Even jewels lose their bright light if left unattended or not cared for. Our TT Plastic Surgery Clinic will make this precious jewel shine more brightly. We think it does the job of wiping off stains. Just as luxury is born with artistic sensibility, patience, and delicacy, TT Plastic Surgery will find your most radiant beauty. We value you as precious jewels and promise to do our best for your radiant beauty with a young and delicate sense of style. WE TREAT YOU LIKE A PRECIOUS JEWEL You, like a precious jewel, can never be taken carelessly. TT Plastic Surgery will think and ponder dozens or hundreds of times for better results. We will help you shine brighter with our sincere treatment and the best surgery. SINCERITY AND PROPER CARE Thinking and practicing from the customer's point of view rather than the interests of the hospital in front. We will be the right hospital to do so. We offer only surgeries that are proven to be safe and effective and that are necessary for our customers. TT Plastic Surgery Clinic is an honest and competent hospital that practices correct plastic surgery services and customer satisfaction. PROVE IT WITH RESULTS RATHER THAN WORDS TT Plastic Surgery does not say that everything will go well and the results will be good after surgery. Rather than saying 100 words, I will prove it with the results and satisfaction after the surgery, with a thorough analysis and a surgery that does my best. A REAL-NAME SYSTEM FOR MEDICAL SURGERY THAT FOSTERS TRUST AND CONFIDENCE Occasionally, surrogacy surgery and shadow doctoring have become social issues. There is no need to worry about TT plastic surgery. Director Kim Eui-jong and Director Choi Geum-jeong are responsible for all processes, from consultation, surgery, and procedure, to after-sales management. TT Plastic Surgery Clinic is a hospital with trust and integrity. SURGICAL RESPONSIBILITY GUARANTEE SYSTEM TT Plastic Surgery Clinic is committed to achieving confidence in the surgical results and customer satisfaction. For this reason, we are implementing a surgical liability guarantee system. If any problems arise after surgery, we will do our best to solve them without turning away. TT Plastic Surgery will take full responsibility for the results of the surgery. SAFETY FIRST POLICY (TT SAFETY SYSTEM) Neglecting even one of the many safety rules can endanger your life. A meticulously inspected and systematic safety system is required. TT Plastic Surgery Clinic is preparing various safety systems for the safety of customers. TT Plastic Surgery will not compromise on anything for the safety of its customers. CCTV INSTALLATION IN THE OPERATING ROOM AND WAITING ROOM In order to check the transparency of the surgery without proxy surgery and the correct surgical process, CCTV is installed in all circulation lines, including the operating room of TT Plastic Surgery Clinic. It is being recorded. EFFORTS FOR BETTER RESULTS TT Plastic Surgery Clinic is not satisfied with the current state of plastic surgery knowledge but continues to conduct academic activities and thesis presentations for better results for customers. TT Plastic Surgery Clinic is a hospital that constantly researches and strives to provide quality service. A THOROUGH POST-SURGERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM After surgery, TT Plastic Surgery employs a variety of lasers to reduce side effects, swelling, and bruising, and to provide a variety of post-operative management systems for quick recovery. TT Plastic Surgery strives for complete customer satisfaction. Following that, we will do our best.