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    Ulsan University Hospial

    Ulsan, South Korea

    All / Top Specialties

    • Dementia center

    • Cerebrovascular Center

    • Thyroid Center

    • Digestive Disease Center

    • Organ transplant center

    • Joint center

    • Cardiovascular Center

    • Sleep Health Center

    • Spine center

    • Neonatal Intensive Care Center

    • Breast center

    All / Top Services

    • Cognitive function test

    • Surgical treatment

    • Minimally invasive endovascular surgery

    • Thrombolysis and interventional procedures

    • Radioactive isotope treatment and operation of shielded hospitalization rooms

    • Ultrasound-guided fine needle examination

    • Standard integrated care for thyroid cancer

    • Constipation and Colon and Anus Disease Clinic

    • Therapeutic Endoscopy Clinic

    • Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder Clinic

    • Digestive Cancer Treatment Clinic

    • Liver clinic

    • Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic

    • Gallstone Treatment Clinic

    • Corneal transplant

    • Kidney transplant, liver transplant

    • Histocompatibility test before transplantation

    • Artificial joint replacement

    • Rehabilitation treatment

    • Arthroscopic surgery

    Contact Information

    Dong-gu Ulsan South Korea

    Ulsan University Hospial

    Ulsan, South Korea


    Experience Exceptional Care and Compassion at Ulsan University Hospital HI Welcome to Ulsan University Hospital HI, where our symbol mark encapsulates the very essence of our institution's values and mission. At the heart of our symbol is the profound connection between human dignity and healthcare excellence, beautifully captured in its design. The bold circle, symbolizing the consonant 'ㅇ' in both Asan and Ulsan, stands as an emblem of boundless respect for humanity. This emblematic choice reflects our commitment to viewing each patient as an individual deserving of utmost reverence. Just as this circle knows no end, our dedication to your well-being knows no limits. The spirited 'ㅅ' elegantly embodies the dynamic essence of challenge and passion. With each brushstroke, the vibrancy of Asan (峨山) is brought to life, underscoring our fearless pursuit of medical advancements. This brushstroke also represents the ever-changing hues of health, akin to the myriad colors that enrich life's tapestry. Delve into the turquoise hues that encapsulate our respect for life, a circle that echoes the vitality of the ocean. This choice of color is an embodiment of the very spirit of human love. Just as the tides connect all corners of the Earth, our hospital is united by the love and care we extend to every patient. In a friendly and enterprising orange, we embrace the spirit of human love that fuels our endeavors. This hue encapsulates the warmth and energy with which we approach patient care, fostering an environment of trust and compassion. Ulsan University Hospital HI is built upon the cornerstone of respect for life and the nurturing power of human love. Through patient-centered care, pioneering research, dedicated education, community engagement, and sustainable practices, we embark on a journey to enhance both your health and your life. Our founder's vision resonates deeply: "The essence of our efforts revolves around humanity. From individuals to families, societies to nations, a foundation of well-being is paramount for stability and prosperity. We aim to break the cycle of suffering—disease and poverty—enabling all to revel in the joys of a healthy, fulfilling life." Join us in envisioning a society where every person, especially those marginalized, finds solace in our hospital's embrace—a place that truly feels like a compassionate family. In the realm of medicine, healing is our noble goal; in education, we aspire to uplift entire nations from poverty's grasp. Our pursuit of a brighter, healthier future is unwavering, and we invite you to be part of this transformative journey. Experience the future of healthcare, where respect, love, and care converge at Ulsan University Hospital HI. Your well-being is our priority, and we're here to lead you towards a life of vitality and happiness.