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    • Ear & Throat Infections

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    • Dengue Fever

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    • Skin Infection

    • Food Poisoning

    • Bone mineral density scan

    • Blood and urine test

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    • 12 lead Electrocardiogram (ECG)

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    • Headache

    • Asthma Attack

    • Abdominal Pain

    • Cough and Cold

    • Giddiness

    • Dislocation

    • Cognitive development

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    Urgent Care Clinic International


    Welcome to Urgent Care Clinic International (UCC) – Your Trusted Destination for Prompt and Professional Urgent Healthcare! At Urgent Care Clinic International (UCC), we understand that life's unexpected health concerns can arise at any moment. That's why we're here to offer you top-notch medical attention for non-life-threatening illnesses, injuries, infections, and discomfort – precisely when you need it the most. Our commitment to comprehensive care spans across all age groups, from our youngest patients to our cherished seniors. Whether it's your child in need of immediate attention or an elderly family member seeking prompt medical aid, UCC is dedicated to serving the diverse healthcare needs of your entire family. Our accomplished team of Specialist Emergency Physicians stands ready to address an array of ailments and injuries. From sudden asthma attacks to troubling abdominal pain, from persistent headaches to unsettling bouts of giddiness – we have the expertise to diagnose and treat these conditions promptly. Even common complaints like coughs and colds are met with the utmost care and attention, ensuring you're back on your feet in no time. When accidents happen, and minor injuries occur, trust UCC to provide swift assistance. We're well-equipped to manage a wide range of cases, including cuts, sprains, fractures, and dislocations. Rest assured, you're in the capable hands of professionals who prioritize your well-being. What sets us apart is our role as a reliable alternative to the Accident & Emergency department. Our seasoned doctors are all Specialist Emergency Physicians, trained to handle urgent medical matters efficiently and effectively. Say goodbye to prolonged waiting times – UCC ensures that you're seen promptly by the right medical expert. Within our advanced facility, we've integrated convenient on-site blood tests and attached radiological services. This integration expedites the diagnostic process, enabling our medical team to swiftly pinpoint the issue and commence the most appropriate treatment. With UCC, you'll experience the relief of not having to endure lengthy waits for a diagnosis or the subsequent care you require. Experience the assurance of timely and expert medical attention. Choose Urgent Care Clinic International (UCC) for all your urgent healthcare needs. Your well-being is our priority, and we're here to make a difference when it matters the most.