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Van H Clinic

Seoul, South Korea



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  • Center for Functional Medicine

  • Herpes zoster pain medicine center

  • Cancer Immunology Center

  • Stem Cell Center

  • Anti-Aging Center

  • Department of Family Medicine/Internal Medicine Specialty Center

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  • Stem cell Parkinson's dementia

  • Stem cell anti-aging

  • Stem cell erectile dysfunction

  • Stem cell cartilage regeneration

  • Stem cell bioinsurance

  • Future Medicine Special Examination

  • Intractable disease of unknown cause

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Intractable skin diseases

  • Heavy metal environmental pollution detoxification treatment

  • Liver & Intestinal Detoxification

  • Herpes zoster

  • Herpes zoster sequelae

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Headache

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • Low Back Pain

  • Gout

  • Functional Medicine Manual Therapy

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463 Gangnam-daero Seocho-gu Seoul South Korea


Van H Clinic, established based on the evidence-based treatment philosophy of modern functional medicine, embodies a comprehensive approach to healthcare. The acronym "VANH" represents the core principles that the clinic upholds. "V" stands for vitality, emphasizing the clinic's commitment to promoting the vitality of life. "A kent' anos" signifies the clinic's dedication to helping individuals achieve and maintain good health up to the age of 100. "N" represents nutrition, emphasizing the importance of optimized nutrition to boost immunity. Lastly, "H" represents health, reflecting the clinic's goal of enabling individuals to enjoy fundamental health. At the heart of Van H Clinic's mission lies a deep love for the patients and a desire to bring them joy through their recovery. The clinic also integrates the practice of Christianity, fostering an environment that encourages spiritual well-being. Van H Clinic is rooted in modern functional medicine, focusing not only on alleviating the symptoms of diseases but also on treating the underlying causes at an early stage. By addressing the root causes and maintaining optimal body and mind function, the clinic aims to help the people of Korea pursue a healthy and happy life, even up to the age of 100. The vision of Van H Clinic includes fulfilling social responsibility by disseminating accurate and comprehensive information related to achieving health at the age of 100. The clinic aspires to be a leading hospital in Korea, setting an example through patient-centered and trusted care. It focuses on treating intractable diseases, follows evidence-based causal treatments, provides personalized 1:1 care, and emphasizes a back-to-basics treatment approach based on the principles of the 4P6R (Prevention, Prediction, Personalization, Participation, Restoration, and Rejuvenation). Thorough hygiene management is of utmost importance at Van H Clinic, aiming to create a cozy and comfortable medical environment free from infection or contamination. The clinic incorporates natural elements such as Skindia Moss, a natural moss air purifying plant, collected from the forests of Northern Europe over the course of 40 years, to enhance the environment and contribute to a clean and safe atmosphere. All treatments at Van H Clinic are based on causal treatment and evidence-based functional medicine, focusing on transitioning individuals from longevity with disease to longevity without disease. For instance, when cancer develops, the clinic adopts a comprehensive approach akin to waging war against the disease. Understanding that inflammation is a casualty of this war, Van H Clinic employs various therapies, including cancer immunotherapy. This approach differs from conventional cancer treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. By combining surgical treatment to remove cancerous tissue, immunotherapy, cell therapy, vitamin therapy, oxygen therapy, and heat therapy, the clinic aims to empower the body's natural healing mechanisms and move closer to achieving a complete cure. Van H Clinic also offers treatments for various incurable diseases using primitive cells with differentiation ability. These cells can be converted into different organs and tissues of the body, such as blood, muscles, bones, internal organs, and skin. Leveraging the regenerative potential of these cells, the clinic provides innovative treatment options for patients facing challenging medical conditions. In conclusion, Van H Clinic integrates modern functional medicine principles, evidence-based treatments, and a patient-centered approach to provide comprehensive and innovative healthcare solutions. With a focus on vitality, longevity, nutrition, and health, the clinic is dedicated to promoting well-being and helping patients achieve a healthier and happier life.