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    • Biopsy(PS)

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    • Fat grafting

    • Rhinoplasty

    • Abdominal Liposuction

    • Face lift surgery

    • Breast augmentation

    • Facial bone surgery

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    • TwoJaw surgery

    • Blepharoplasty

    • Intravenous anesthesia

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    • Face countouring

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    View Plastic Surgery is an overall plastic surgery medical clinic which is made out of a plastic surgery center established in 2005 in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. It has recently assembled and moved to another structure in Shinnonhyun Station in May 2017 on the thirteenth commemoration of its opening. The absolute region of the new structure is 2,208m with four stories beneath and fifteen over the ground. View Plastic Surgery efficiently offering all clinical types of assistance including determination and therapy, surgery, and postoperative consideration through methodical clinical frameworks, for example, college emergency clinic class activity room and clinic room, concentrated recuperation the board room, and worldwide clinical help office for unfamiliar patients. Comfortable cafe and parking facilities are provided for better convenience. View Plastic Surgery Clinic did not focus on just one area of Plastic surgery but has been evenly growing in all areas of Plastic surgery such as breast surgery, facial bone contouring surgery, bimaxillary surgery, eyes, and nose surgery, and wrinkle surgery to become a comprehensive plastic surgery clinic. Such balanced growth is also the challenge of the clinic for pursuing an individual’s unique ideal beauty. View Plastic Surgery Clinic keeps on pursuing balanced growth for an individual’s unique beauty, safe and stable plastic surgery, and is doing its best to become a hub for plastic surgery in Asia beyond Korea. Top Medical Departments of View Plastic Surgery Plastic surgery department General surgery department (breast diagnosis) Anesthesiology department Dedicated care department Plastic Surgery Department This department of view plastic surgery analyzes the physical feature of the patient and plans the surgery based on the section part, prosthetic material type and size. The department of plastic surgery for breasts minimizes tissue damage and bleeding by introducing cutting-edge HD endoscope and minimal avulsion. The department also completes the ideal breasts with the size, shape and feel. General Surgery Department (Breast Diagnosis) This department analyzes the accurate health condition of the breasts through breast cancer screening, precise ultrasound examination and biopsy before surgery. It thoroughly analyzes the chest structure, breast tissues and shape, and decides the prosthetic material type and location through cooperation with cosmetic surgeons to prevent capsular contracture. When any breast tumor is found, the tumor is removed by using mammotome with breast surgery. This department helps his patients with healthy breast care through regular mammogram after the surgery. Anesthesiology Department Anesthesiology department of view plastic surgery specialized in breasts experienced with thousands of breast anesthesia reside in the clinic. The intercostal anesthesia is performed to reduce the pain of the patient. This department of view plastic surgery safely injects the proper number of painkillers depending on the patient and frequently checks the patient condition during surgery. Dedicated Care Department In this department a high frequency devices and lymph massage controls the breast swelling and blood circulation and helps with the rapid recovery of skin tissues. This department intensively manages the lost elasticity after the surgery to make a natural and well-rounded breast line and prevents capsular contracture through continuous massage. This department also helps patients wear the retention bra to accurately position the prosthetic material. Top Medical Specialties of View Plastic Surgery Facial bone surgery Breast Surgery Rhinoplasty Eye Surgery Fat Grafting Facial bone surgery The facial contouring and bimaxillary osteotomy two-jaw surgery or facial bone surgery require high precision because even a small difference of 1 mm or 1° produces different satisfaction after surgery. Therefore, it is important to accurately understand elements of the face such as facial bones, skin, muscles and age to set up a surgery plan. The specialist surgeons and doctors of View Plastic Surgery Clinic accurately analyze a patient’s facial condition and complete a natural and ideal facial look with error-free surgery. Breast Surgery The breast surgery analyzes physical features of the patient such as chest circumference, skin flexibility, skin thickness, mammary gland and areola to choose the best prosthetic material and the size. View plastic surgery’s surgeons and specialist doctors makes the breasts in a tear-drop shape with a beautiful and natural cleavage as well as a full volume, realistic feel and movement. Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty is a medical process that changes the structure of the nose. The purpose for rhinoplasty to change the shape of the nose, improve the breathing system or both. The top layer of the structure of the nose is called bone, and the bottom layer is called cartilage. Ir can change the appearance and structure of bone, cartilage, skin or all of them. View Plastic Surgery makes a beautiful nose top that is good to look at not just from the side but also from the front. View Plastic Surgery Clinic perform the rhinoplasty by planning the most beautiful height and angle of the nose by precisely checking various aspects to make the side line from the forehead to the nose bridge with regular distance from the eyes and the front side where the nose bridge does not look wide and the nose tip does not look too high. Eye Surgery The eye surgery should be performed more delicately because the eyes are important elements that decide the first impression of a person. In View plastic surgery eye surgery provides clearer and brighter eyes after considering the flaccidness and texture of the eyes rather than performing a simple incision or knotting. Fat Grafting Fat is collected with syringes to where there is a large amount of fat like the stomach and thighs during fat grafting and pure fat is extracted by using centrifugal separators. Then the fat is injected into places where fat is needed such as the cheeks and forehead. It gives volume to a flat face and adjusts parts with many wrinkles and where it is sunken. Some of the fat that is transplanted is absorbed into the body but the fat that is engrafted is maintained almost permanently, and there is no rejection since the fat is collected from your own body. Liposuction is a surgical method used in View plastic surgery which removes the fat that is excessively stored under the skin of the body. The fat is suctioned after decomposing the fat finely with a suction pipe. It is dangerous to suction fat of more than 10% of the body weight so it is important to take out an appropriate amount of fat rather than taking out as much as possible to make a healthy bodyline. “View” considers safety and always do our best to help patients to find their own “beauty” as a global plastic surgery hub beyond Asia. "View" treats every patient from all over the world as a family at home.