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WOOA Plastic Surgery&Dermatology Medical Group

Seoul, South Korea


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  • Calf reduction

  • Hip-up surgery

  • Nose Surgery

  • Lip aesthetics

  • Petit Plastic Surgery

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Double Eyelids

  • Dermatosurgery

  • Dermatosis

  • Resurfacing Laser Treatment

  • Fractional Resurfacing Laser

  • Anti-aging

  • Laser Surgery

  • Skin Treatment

All / Top Services

  • Calf reduction surgery

  • Hip-up fat grafting

  • Rhinoplasty

  • Lip filler

  • Bolite Injection

  • Filler

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Double Eyelid Surgery

  • Dermatoscope Full Skin Examination

  • Cryotherapy and Heat Therapy

  • Patch Testing

  • Phototherapy Light Treatment

  • Nonablative Laser or Light Source Laser Treatment

  • Ablative Laser Resurfacing

  • Thread lifting

  • Ulthera

  • Fat Grafting

  • Laser Surgery

  • Accusculpt

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825 Nonhyeon-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


When thinking about Korea, K-Beauty is one of the things that come to mind as more people pay attention to the looks of Korean celebrities. Even a lot of Korean locals visit plastic surgery clinics to get face that looks similar to those of celebrities. The place will introduce today is the WOOA Plastic Surgery Clinic where they provide plastic surgery services stemming from long experiences and current trends. WOOA Medical Group Plastic Surgery is a medical institute established by a plastic surgery specialist from Seoul National University, 4 years of well experienced doctors from Seoul National University. Department of Plastic Surgery have expertise and varieties of medical techniques, WOOA plastic surgery will try the best with passion and effort to treat patients like their families on the basis of well-trained knowledge and bountiful experience. WOOA Plastic Surgery is lead by Dr. Kim Woo Jung with 15 years of expertise history. The clinic specialized in Breast Surgery and Anti-aging. A walkthrough of WOOA Medical Group Plastic Surgery through the years: o 2004 Opening of Apgujeong/Ilsan Branch of Regen Plastic Surgery o 2005 Designated as the official hospital for MBC Academy o 2006 Plastic Reconstruction Surgery Journal SCI Submitted Thesis: How to Make the Blockage Between the Nasal Cavity Designated as the official hospital for KBS talent room o 2007 Expansion of surgical center at Regen Plastic Surgery o 2008 Expansion and relocation of facial contouring center at Regency Plastic Surgery Apgujeong o 2010 Medical Korea Awards (No. 1 in consumer satisfaction) Expansion and opening of facial contouring center at Regency Plastic Surgery (First Floor of Junghak Park Academy near Apgujeong Station) o 2011 Opening of Regen Customer Satisfaction Center o Medical Korea Awards for two consecutive years (No. 1 in consumer satisfaction) o 2012 Inaugurated as Director of International Cooperation of the Korean Association of Plastic Surgery Tourism Media coverage on the L.A. Times (U.S.) Awarded by Gangnam District Office for Excellence in Health and Medical Projects in 2012 Medical Korea Awards for three consecutive years (No.1 in consumer satisfaction) Participated in surgery for Let Me In Season 2 o 2013 Partner agreement with Seoul National University Hospital Expansion and opening of Regen Medical Tower near Nonhyeon Station Appearance on CCTV (China) o 2014 Archives Dermatology Research Sci Submitted Thesis: Photodynamic Therapy Suppresses Tumor Growth in an Vivomedel of Human Hemangioma Medical Korea Awards for five consecutive years (No. 1 in consumer satisfaction) Lecture at the 5th Korea Medical Tourism Forum (National Assembly Memorial Hall) Seocho-gu Social Contribution Award (Seocho Community Center) o 2015 Visit from China Guangcai International Investment Group Company Co., Ltd. Visit from China's largest travel agency, China Travel Alliance Participation in all five seasons of Let Me In o 2016 Russian State TV Appearance o 2017 Media coverage on the People's Network, the official media of the Communist Party of China o 2018 Partner for medical tourism with Seoul Special City Official certification from Motiva Participation of Director Jungwoo Kim at The Look of the Year competition Opening of Regen Plastic Surgery Apgujeong (Specializing in breast surgery, anti-aging, and dermatology) o 2019 JoongAngIlbo Heat Brand Top Plastic Surgery Award Youth Ming Summit in SEOUL Forum participation (Mongolia) Brand renamed from Apgujeong Regen Plastic Surgery to WOOA Plastic Surgery Official certification from Bellazel Opening of WOOA Cosmetic System of WOOA 1. Safe Surgery System -Safe operation from a plastic surgery specialist -Battery backup unit in preparation for blackouts -Safety equipment such as cardiac defibrillators, safety kits, etc. prepared for emergency situations -A safe operating room with sterile equipment 2. Smart Care System -Various equipment for fast recovery -Infinite care with Healite & high frequency treatment (breast plastic surgery) -Various treatment composition for fast recoveries, such as scar shots and bruise cream -Custom care for tired skin after surgery such as exfoliation and lymph management -Checkup System -Accurate planning on tissues and surgery area through an ultrasound examination prior to surgery -Safe operation through a pre-operative health check, such as blood test/ chest X-ray 3. Safe Surgery System -Use of advanced equipment and anesthetic for safe anesthesia -Anesthesia performed by an anesthesia specialist -Establishment of monitoring equipment to accurately identify patient conditions even under anesthesia -Use of safe anesthetics authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 4. Satisfactory Consultation System -Professional consultants with professional knowledge -Operation of a call center with extensive knowledge of surgery -Direct consultation with the medical staff WOOA Breast Surgery Center Coming to the decision of thoracoplasty is not easy and size isn't everything. A satisfying result requires accurate aesthetic standards for breast augmentation, various experiences, precise technology and ethical surgery procedures. In addition, the medical professional should be responsible for selecting the prosthetics and its aftercare, even after surgery. WOOA Breast Surgery Center uses high-tech instruments to minimize errors during surgery. Also WOOA's 100% endoscopic surgery minimizes the damage to the fascia, which reduces the use of Hemovac. This promotes faster recovery and reduced pain. 24-hour close monitoring by professional after surgery is another layer of security. WOOA's three specialized surgical technique results in the ultimate satisfaction. It provides natural beauty and comfort. Selecting the right prosthetics and surgical techniques for individuals form the baseline, whereas 20 years of research and experience led to three specialized surgical techniques. These are WOOA's special ways of achieving natural beauty and fast recovery, which ultimately leads to comfort. WOOA Eye Surgery Center WOOA Eye Surgery changes whole facial impression by considering skin age and individual eye shape in order to be confident from the best results of the surgery. The initial surgery and revision surgery should be different. The eye surgery center of WOOA always does its best based on the medical treatment philosophy of WOOA Plastic Surgery in which takes responsibility for the lifetime from the first surgery to revision surgery with rich experiences. WOOA Rhinoplasty Center WOOA Plastic Surgery gives its patient's the best effort to create ideal nose with individualized materials and genuine implant that is officially approved. Relevant use of implant and autologous tissue, find natural and ideal shape of nose without feeling of irritation from nose bridge to the tip of nose. WOOA Plastic Surgery helps patients to return to their normal activity by minimizing the discomfort after the surgery. Based on long term period of know-how, microsuture method will leave almost invisible scarring and help fast recovery such as swelling, bruising and pain after the surgery. WOOA Regional Liposuction The most effective method that makes an outline of body contouring by regional liposuction. Regional liposuction that helps balanced body contouring revision surgery often occurs caused by irregular skin after general liposuction surgery. WOOA Plastic Surgery presents satisfactory result by performing surgery which avoids tissue damage which occurs these problems. WOOA Lifting Center WOOA's multi lifting that restore elasticity to the skin by taking into account all factors of skin aging with advanced technology that overcomes time. Experience the time slip effect of returning to beautiful face 10 years ago in just one day. By analyzing all factors, including the current skin, muscles, elasticity, and face ratio, WOOA present the full multi-lift experience that not only brings temporary improvement, but also fundamental listing effect. High-tech lifting techniques by medical staff familiar with facial anatomical factors provide a healthy beauty that fits your face. WOOA Plastic Surgery Clinic is a specialized private medical center located in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The clinic accepts only adults. More than 1,000 patients choose WOOA Plastic Surgery to get medical care every year. Patients from CIS, Arab League States, the USA, Canada, and Australia visit the clinic most often.