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Yonsei365 Dental Clinic

Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

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6th floor 1046 Beoman-ro Gwangmyeong-si Gyeonggi-do South Korea


Yonsei365 Dental Clinic is with you with high-quality medical services. Yonsei 365's high-quality dental care provides the best treatment and care. 2021 SEOUL-KOREA DIGITAL DENTISTRY CONTEST 2021 Digital Dentistry Contest "Awarded the national grand prize to Yonsei365 Dental Clinic for presenting a clinical case on the subject of miniscrew guide production through implant surgical stent software. For those who are busy with their daily lives and cannot receive dental care on time, we provide high-quality medical care not only on Thursdays and Fridays at night but also on Sundays and holidays. Yonsei365 Dental Clinic not only provides friendly and attentive counseling for patients who have a fear and trauma about dentistry but also provides treatment that minimizes pain according to the patient's individual needs through hypoallergenic scaling, painless anesthesia (intramedullary anesthesia) and sleep anesthesia. Medical staff who value natural teeth At Yonsei365 Dental Clinic, the medical staff's unwavering dedication to the preservation of natural teeth stands as a testament to their commitment to optimal oral health. Recognizing the intrinsic value of natural teeth, the clinic places paramount importance on administering treatments that salvage and safeguard teeth and periodontal tissue afflicted by the ravages of tooth decay and gum disease. Here, the notion of natural tooth extraction is viewed as nothing short of a dire fate for teeth, motivating the staff to explore every possible avenue to retain these invaluable assets. Firmly rooted in the belief that no prosthetic alternative can surpass the efficacy and authenticity of natural teeth, the collective efforts of Yonsei 365's medical professionals are channeled towards the tireless pursuit of preserving these treasures, echoing a resounding determination to uphold the vitality of natural teeth until the very end. Thorough infection prevention and management system Yonsei365 Dental Clinic places an unwavering emphasis on the establishment of a comprehensive infection prevention and management system that extends beyond conventional measures. Beyond the standard practice of utilizing a single instrument per patient to mitigate the risk of infection, the clinic stands out by incorporating an advanced neutral and intricate sterilization water system that spans its entire facility. This innovative approach amplifies their commitment to maintaining an impeccably clean environment. Moreover, the clinic has taken a pioneering step by integrating a plasma sterilization process into their protocols, underscoring their dedication to achieving an unparalleled level of infection control. This multi-faceted approach not only showcases Yonsei365's devotion to patient safety but also sets a remarkable standard in the realm of dental healthcare by embracing cutting-edge technologies and procedures to ensure thorough and effective infection prevention. Dentistry, together with love Dentistry takes on a compassionate dimension at Yonsei365 Dental Clinic, where the ethos of love extends beyond the realm of oral care. Demonstrating a profound commitment to their community, the clinic engages in the meaningful practice of sharing kindness with those in need. Through their consistent donation services and dedicated medical assistance for socially vulnerable individuals, such as elderly recipients of basic pensions, the clinic actively contributes to fostering a more inclusive and compassionate society. With a resolute aim to create a world where individuals from all walks of life can coexist harmoniously, Yonsei365 Dental Clinic intertwines dentistry with empathy, exemplifying the powerful impact that collective care and support can have on the well-being of their neighbors and the broader community they serve. Yonsei365 Dental Clinic leverages the precision of 3D simulation to deliver impeccable treatment outcomes. By harnessing the capabilities of computer programs fueled by 3D CT scans and oral cavity data, the clinic introduces a realm of accuracy into the realm of digital implants. This revolutionary approach allows for the meticulous planning of treatment strategies, encompassing not only the optimal positioning of implants but also considerations of depth and angle. This data-driven methodology extends further, enabling the creation of prostheses in advance and the generation of placement guides. As a result, patients can experience expedited and safer implant procedures, capitalizing on the premeditated insights and insights derived from this advanced technology. Yonsei365 Dental Clinic's embrace of 3D simulation not only showcases their dedication to precision but also underscores their commitment to enhancing patient experiences and outcomes through innovative and efficient practices. Partial calibration, also known as partial front tooth correction, refers to a specialized orthodontic treatment approach that targets specific issues with the alignment and positioning of the front teeth. Unlike comprehensive orthodontic treatments that address the entire set of teeth, partial calibration is designed for cases where only certain front teeth exhibit misalignments. This method is particularly suitable when there are minor gaps between front teeth, slight protrusions or retractions of one or two front teeth, or when the overall misalignment is not severe. The primary goal of partial orthodontic treatment is to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing and harmonious arrangement of the front teeth without the need for tooth extraction. This approach offers an economic and efficient solution, typically requiring a relatively short treatment duration of around 2 to 6 months. By focusing solely on correcting the front teeth, partial calibration offers a quick and cosmetically pleasing remedy for minor alignment concerns, catering to patients seeking targeted improvements without the comprehensive scope of traditional orthodontic interventions. Yonsei 365 Dental Clinic offers a distinctive array of advantages through their Dental Blemish Correction services. Distinguished by their utilization of metal braces with the most diminutive bracket size among lingual orthodontic devices, the clinic ensures that these treatments are virtually imperceptible, catering to those seeking discreet orthodontic solutions. Beyond the inconspicuous nature, these metal braces also mitigate any discomfort associated with foreign body sensation or speech pronunciation, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience for patients. An additional standout feature lies in the gentle yet effective force applied by these braces, allowing for swift and efficient tooth movement without placing undue strain on the gums. In essence, Yonsei 365 Dental Clinic's approach not only guarantees inconspicuous and comfortable orthodontic corrections but also emphasizes the effectiveness of their methods in delivering swift, precise, and satisfying outcomes for their patients. Yonsei 365 Dentistry introduces a host of distinctive benefits through their partial correction approach that set them apart. This specialized orthodontic device is uniquely suited for refining specific segments of the front teeth, seamlessly blending with the natural tooth color to ensure a remarkably aesthetic result. The device boasts exceptional durability, exhibiting resistance to wear, tear, breakage, and discoloration, contributing to its longevity and maintaining its visual appeal over time. Aligning with the clinic's namesake, inspired by the concept of a "grain of rice," this device is thoughtfully designed to be compact in size and harmoniously matched to the tooth color. This not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also minimizes any foreign body sensation, prioritizing patient comfort. Yonsei 365 Dentistry's dedication to this innovative approach not only underscores their commitment to aesthetics but also exemplifies their pursuit of optimal functionality and patient satisfaction through a blend of artistry and advanced orthodontic technology. What is Goddess Film (Uncut Laminate)? The Goddess Film, also referred to as Uncut Laminate, represents a sophisticated cosmetic prosthetic technique aimed at enhancing the appearance of teeth. Comparable to the process of affixing a false nail onto fingernails, this procedure involves the application of a delicate ceramic material that closely matches the natural tooth color onto the exterior of the anterior teeth. Through this approach, the Goddess Film effectively reshapes and rejuvenates the teeth, creating a harmonious and visually appealing result. This innovative laminate method enables the attainment of aesthetic perfection in terms of tooth size, shape, and color, all while preserving the majority of the original tooth structure due to minimal removal. Moreover, the Goddess Film's versatility extends to addressing slight misalignments in teeth, allowing for both the enhancement and subtle correction of dental irregularities. In essence, the Goddess Film serves as a testament to the blend of artistic finesse and dental technology, offering patients the opportunity to achieve radiant smiles with refined elegance and minimal invasiveness. Advantages of the Goddess Film The advantages of the Goddess Film Uncut Laminate are multifaceted, establishing it as an exceptional choice within the realm of aesthetic prosthetic treatments. This innovative technique not only addresses dental misalignments but also introduces the added benefit of a potential teeth-whitening effect, elevating its status as a comprehensive and visually pleasing solution. Of particular note is the procedure's remarkable ability to naturally emulate the hue of natural tooth color, seamlessly blending with the surrounding dentition to create a harmonious and authentic appearance. Bolstered by its exceptional durability, the Goddess Film ensures a lasting result that withstands the test of time, assuring patients of a sustained improvement. The treatment's efficiency shines through, offering the ability to efficiently shape teeth within a relatively short span, presenting a compelling solution for individuals seeking swift yet refined dental enhancements. As an embodiment of the convergence between functional efficacy and aesthetic finesse, the Goddess Film Uncut Laminate stands as a testament to the advances in esthetic dentistry, offering a remarkable pathway to both enhanced dental appearance and prompt, effective results. What is neurotherapy? Neurotherapy, also known as nerve treatment or root canal therapy, is a specialized dental procedure aimed at addressing issues within the innermost part of teeth, known as the pulp. Despite their hard exterior, teeth comprise inner soft tissues containing nerves and blood vessels referred to as pulp. In cases where the pulp becomes infected or contaminated due to factors like decay or injury, it can result in intense pain and potentially lead to tooth loss if left untreated. Neurotherapy, a crucial dental intervention, involves the meticulous removal of the compromised nerve tissue from the root canal. By eliminating the inflamed or infected pulp, this procedure not only alleviates pain but also preserves the tooth's structural integrity, allowing it to function effectively within the oral cavity. In essence, neurotherapy plays a pivotal role in salvaging teeth afflicted by pulp-related issues, offering relief from pain and enabling the continued use of the affected tooth while safeguarding overall oral health. Advantages of same-day neurotherapy The advantages of same-day neurotherapy, as offered by Yonsei 365 Dental Clinic, are both significant and transformative in simplifying the nerve treatment process. Traditionally, conventional nerve treatments require a substantial number of visits, ranging from 25 to 30 sessions, contingent on the tooth's condition. The complexity arises from the intricate nature of the tooth's root canal, which consists of nerve branches resembling delicate twigs, demanding meticulous attention for comprehensive treatment. However, Yonsei 365's innovative approach involves the utilization of plasma for nerve treatment. This cutting-edge technique enables thorough disinfection and sterilization of the intricate nerve branches within the root canal. The distinct advantage lies in the capacity to complete nerve treatment in a single session. By harnessing the power of plasma technology, Yonsei 365 Dental Clinic has revolutionized the nerve treatment process, ensured efficient and expedited care while effectively addressing the intricacies of the tooth's internal structure. This approach not only underscores the clinic's commitment to patient comfort and convenience but also showcases their dedication to harnessing advanced technology for streamlined, effective dental interventions.