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    Young & Young Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


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    • Eye Surgery

    • Breast Augmentation

    • Fat Grafting

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    • Double eyelid surgery

    • Dark circle surgery

    • Upper Blepharoplasty

    • Ptosis Correction

    • Breast Augmentation

    • Micro autologous fat grafting

    • 3D stereoscopic rhinoplasty

    • Rhinoplasty by type

    • Aristocratic Surgery

    • Revision nose surgery

    • Precautions for nose surgery

    • Botox

    • Square jaw surgery

    • Short chin surgery

    • Belody Skin Laser

    • Belody V Lifting

    • Belody Hip Up Lifting

    • Belody S line

    • Forehead Lift

    • Minimal incision facelift


    Young & Young Plastic Surgery Clinic features certified specialists in plastic surgery trained at Yonsei University College of Medicine who have developed their own extensive expertise and experience in a variety of surgical procedures for more than a decade. Our experienced plastic surgeons are dedicated to providing medical services specialized in blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), facial contouring, breast augmentation, and liposuction, along with support from their dedicated team of nurses and certified anesthetists. To help our patients easily access their service, we are scheduled to open branch clinics by mid-November in multiple areas such as Seoul (Gangnam and Nowon), Anyang, and Jeju Island, the only region where international travelers can enter without a visa. In any of our branch clinics located in different areas, you will experience excellence in plastic surgery the same as you can at our headquarters in Gangnam, the mecca of plastic surgery in Korea, since we rotate our plastic surgeons to provide high-quality service at each and every branch of our clinics. We are offering our patients coming from around the world a one-stop program in which we provide a full range of support, including visa issuance, entry formalities, transportation, consultation, surgical procedures, and treatment. In addition, we provide additional care free of charge if our patients are not satisfied with the results, and we ensure them in order to provide more safety to our patients. Our care has satisfied many international patients coming from China, Japan, the US, Singapore, the Philippines, and the Middle East. We have prepared linguists dedicated to offering our international patients 24-hour access for inquiries and requests in their own languages. Especially for our Chinese patients, our plastic surgeons offer on-site consultations on surgical procedures, treatment periods, and prices twice a month. Also, for those international patients who cannot stay in Korea long enough to get treatment after a surgical procedure, they are trying to develop a systemic cooperation with local clinics in countries around the world. By doing so, our patients can enjoy satisfactory results regardless of their schedule for visits. Our plastic surgeons are well-known for their expertise in the field, even going so far as to provide media with advice and demonstrations on surgical procedures for aesthetic purposes. In addition, our care has satisfied many celebrities and helped potential entertainers advance their careers, as evidenced by three TV actors and actresses and one model in the fashion industry alone in 2009. Moreover, Dr. Yoon In-dae, one of our plastic surgeons who has a specialty in eyelid surgery, has been so publicly recognized that he joins the Korean Society of Plastic Surgeons as a senior member. As such, our reputation is strong enough to assure our patients of a positive result. Young & Young Plastic Surgery Clinic is committed to caring for our patients in a sincere manner and providing excellence in plastic surgery since satisfying our patients is our number one priority. “Young & Young Plastic Surgery Clinic, Customer-oriented comfortable service” The dance of beauty is different for each individual. The oblique line for this is also not uniform. Young & Young Plastic Surgery Clinic strives to resolve this diversity of beauty, correct the wrong prejudice against standardized plastic surgery, and satisfy the various desires for beauty of those who visit the hospital through a differentiated treatment system. 01 Young & Young is all about creating beauty. It is an enchantment that pursues the perfection of each patient who has undergone plastic surgery. Therefore, the result of applying a single surgical method cannot accommodate the needs of various patients. For example, if only one or two surgical methods are used in nose surgery, the procedure may be painless. There will undoubtedly be patients whose results are noticeable. Young & Young's expertise is based on the shape and size of each change, as well as different surgical methods. 02 Young & Young thinks of trees and forests together. Facial line even when only one double eyelid surgery is performed. Eyebrow, a procedure to determine the ratio of the eyes of a pair of eyes in consideration of the relationship between the nose and the eyes When this mindset is applied to all surgical methods, you will get a result that is upgraded one by one, unless it is a simple surgical result. 03 Young & Young heals the mind. If you find the equivalent of Young & Young, a complex product in your unconscious that you have kept without even knowing it after receiving the surgery, you will live a more confident life.