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Yuno Plastic Surgery is centered in South Korea. It offers various beauty treatments to improve and strengthen the facial appearance. This clinic is specialized in the provision of surgical treatment for the eyes, nose, and jaw, collectively known as the T-zone. Their specialist surgeons actively produce stunning and realistic outcomes and end the negative feedback loop of revision surgery. They emphasize the importance of honesty and cooperation between the client and therapist to create the best potential scenarios. At Yuno Plastic Surgery, the professionals are committed to providing patient-oriented care and analysis and delivering beauty to every patient through an individualized procedure system. The specialists offer highly satisfying results to heal the patient's emotional scars too that have resulted from the previous surgery. The corrective surgery at this center is performed as reconstructive surgery while sticking to the basic principle. Yuno Plastic Surgery is equipped with jurisdiction infrastructure and complied with essential health and safety guidelines to ensure that the customers are at minimal risk throughout their visit. They have a professionally trained anesthesia expert on-site at all hours. They provide independent operation and consulting areas to reduce the possibility of hygiene violations. Their incredibly skilled practitioners are competent to conduct upper and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), nose surgery (rhinoplasty), facelift surgery, and chin implant surgery. Also, they offer a specialist breast augmentation program to provide additional boost, stiffness, and strength of breasts. WHY CHOOSE YUNO PLASTIC SURGERY? • Yuno Plastic Surgery is equipped with the latest medical appliances. • An anesthesiologist provides specialized patient care to guarantee their safety. • The operational section in this hospital is isolated from the consultation room for strict sanitation control. • Surgeons at Yuno Plastic Surgery have years of experience, exceptional know-how, skills, and expertise. • They place particular importance on patient's trust and communication to give better and more satisfying results. • In the case of corrective surgery, they promise never to give up and make sure to heal the scars in your heart resulting from the initial surgery. • To minimize all the risks, surgeons communicate with the patients throughout the entire process, from consultation to surgery and progress monitoring. • Yuno Plastic Surgery center is specially equipped with an uninterruptible power supply system. • Disinfection and sterilization systems are provided to ensure complete cleanliness and the safety of visitors. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OF YUNO PLASTIC SURGERY Yuno Plastic Surgery center provides a complete range of surgeries, including rhinoplasty using costal cartilage, zygoma reduction, square jaw reduction, endoscopic forehead lift, front cheekbone surgery, eye surgery for middle-aged women, mini liposuction, facial toning devices, under eyes fat transfer, paranasal augmentation, double eyelids, breast augmentation, design eye correction, square jaw reduction, endoscopic forehead lift, eye shape revision, facial liposuction, and many more. Top specialties offered by Yuno include: • Rhinoplasty procedure • Eye Surgery Procedure • Breast Augmentation • Anti-aging Treatment • Zygoma Reduction Procedure RHINOPLASTY PROCEDURE At Yuno Plastic Surgery, surgeons perform rhinoplasty procedures based on 3D scan approach analysis while creating a specialized nose design that suits the face shape. By pursuing both functional and anesthetic perfections, they will present you with a beautiful and attractive nose shape. They accurately assess the patient's facial features' strengths and weaknesses to accentuate attractive features and minimize the aesthetic flaws during the rhinoplasty procedure to create a stylish nose design ultimately. Professionals at Yuno Plastic Surgery perform multi-functional rhinoplasty procedures to enhance the beauty and treating medical conditions to prevent corrective surgery. EYE SURGERY PROCEDURE The ophthalmologists at Yuno Plastic Surgery perform accurate and precise surgery to avoid hemorrhaging and swelling of the eyes. With abundant clinical experience and aesthetic sense, they promise to make your eyes look beautiful and stunning. They keep exploring advanced research methods to perform accurate diagnosis and surgery while considering patient concerns and safety. Based on their extensive experience and aesthetic sense, highly experienced ophthalmologists at Yuno Plastic Surgery promise to deliver satisfying results. Based on their knowledge and practical skills obtained from years of experience, they aim to minimize scarring by preventing excessive tissue excision and deep fixation. BREAST AUGMENTATION Breasts that are too small and too large can be a cause of concern. So, finding the right size and volume is essential for your body shape. Yuno Plastic Surgery offers customized breast augmentation that is tailored to your body. It is different from conventional breast augmentation. The customized breast augmentation operation at this highly specialized center will make you feel more confident than ever. Experts make an accurate assessment of the patients' breasts to select the most suitable implants and insert them accurately using an HD endoscope, creating beautiful and natural-looking breasts. ANTI-AGING TREATMENT Skilled professionals at Yuno Plastic Surgery place importance on harmonious appearance when it comes to facial toning. The patient skin condition and skeletal system are analyzed comprehensively to create a surgical plan that is most appropriate for the patient. An individually tailored system is carried out according to the result of the precise analysis. Based on years of expertise, specific surgery is performed by the professionals of Yuno Plastic Surgery to minimize swelling and adverse effects. Fast recovery is made by using a wide range of laser equipment. ZYGOMA REDUCTION SURGERY The Zygoma reduction surgery reduces the face's overall size by removing the protruding cheeks bone and softening the facial contours. The degree of the protrusion has a significant effect on the person's image and face length. Excessively large cheekbone can make a person look unattractive. If you look older than your age due to prominent cheekbones, reducing the cheekbone size can make your face appear younger and more attractive. Skilled professionals at Yuno Plastic Surgery are committed to providing patient-centered care and delivering beauty to every patient through an individualized procedure system. They offer highly satisfying results to heal the patient's emotional scars too that have resulted from the previous surgery. If you are looking for the best Plastic Surgery experience, you should immediately book a consultation with the exceptionally rated surgeons at Yuno Plastic Surgery center. To reduce the treatment time, you can also book an appointment.

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