cloudhospital -
healthcare without borders

CloudHospital is an online provider of medical services such as:

  • Cross-border medical treatment

    We help you organize your medical trip abroad to the hospital or clinic your choice

  • Cross-border Telemedicine

    You can get professional medical consultations via our app through video or messaging

This is how CloudHospital works

  • 1. Find treatments

    That suits you best by location, price and other conditions

  • 2. Join or login

    To keep your personal info and book selected deal or consultation

  • 3. Book a service

    For suitable date and time and wait for doctor's approval

  • 4. Pay for booked service

    Within 24 hours after doctor's approval

  • 5. Receive service

    You booked (deal or consultation)

Why use CloudHospital

We cooperate with the world's best hospitals, clinics, and doctors

  • validation_process

    Each medical service provider undergoes a thorough validation process by us

  • support_you_247

    We support you 24/7 and help you organize your travel

  • stripe

    We process your payments securely and safety through Stripe

  • privacy

    We guarantee the privacy and safety of your personal data

Telemedicine with CloudHospital

Telemedicine is a modern solution to help diagnose and treat patients remotely using messaging, two-way video, or voice calls

CloudHospital provides messaging and video consultations through the app world-class experts

Online consultation provide many advantages compared to traditional visits to the doctor

  • easily manage chronic diseases

  • saving money and time on travel expenses

  • getting help in a convenient place and time

  • no contact with other potentially contagious patients

  • keeping the privacy of personal data

This is how Telemedicine with CloudHospital works

  • 1. Join or login

    To keep your personal info and book consultation

  • 2. Book a service

    For a chosen date/time and wait for doctor's approval

  • 3. Pay for booked consultation

    Within 24h after doctor's approval

  • 4. Begin your consultation on time

    • for general health consultation - get your prescription from doctor
    • for beauty area consultation - get an invoice
    • for deal - get free consultation about deal details

Any questions we can answer?

CloudHospital is staffed with experienced, qualified specialists in the healthcare industry. We can help you with consultations and bookings with the most sought after doctors and hospitals in multiple countries. Our service is free and we are open 24/7.