Belody laser

    Last updated date: 17-May-2023

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    Belody laser

    Belody laser


    Laser skin resurfacing is at the top of practically every Best Of list for non-surgical anti-aging cosmetic procedures. With good cause. Light radiation is used by lasers to repair and rejuvenate skin cells, restoring skin to its ideal, smooth texture and look.

    Laser skin treatments can remove lines and wrinkles, discolouration, sagging skin, acne scars, and a variety of other surface flaws. There's even a revolutionary therapy that uses a laser beneath the skin's surface to raise the lower face and turn back the clock a decade or more in less than an hour.


    What is a Laser Lift?

    Laser Lift

    A laser Lift (also known as a laser facelift) is a cutting-edge, minimally invasive surgery for correcting age-related alterations in the lower face and neck. The laser facelift uses strong, new laser treatments and precise technology to decrease volume and tighten the skin across the lower face, along the jawline, and under the chin. A local anesthetic is administered through three minor puncture incisions during the surgery (one beneath each ear and one under the chin).

    After numbing the region, the practitioner inserts a small laser wand through the skin punctures, employing focused heat to kill fat cells and tighten skin tissue from within. Excess fatty deposits are then suctioned out, resulting in tighter skin and more youthful lower face and neck contours. The treatment takes less than an hour, but the effects are long-lasting.


    What is Belody Laser Lifting?

    Belody Laser Lifting

    Belody Laser Lifting is one of the best face and body skin lifting procedures that is less invasive. Belody activates the skin layer, resulting in tighter, more elastic skin texture with no tissue damage. The technique may be conducted on both facial and body skin to provide a more lifted look and to improve stretch marks.

    Belody works by directing laser energy to the locations that require treatment. The treatment is non-surgical and requires little recuperation time. The technology, with its exact wavelength, aids in the attainment of ideal elastic skin by promoting natural collagen formation from inside. Although immediate improvements can be seen, the complete results take time to become obvious.

    • Procedure for Belody Laser Lifting
    1. Consultation and examination of skin condition
    2. Skin cleansing
    3. Marking of the areas to be treated
    4. Emitting laser onto the marked areas



    Belody Laser effect

    • Interstitial laser stimulates derma layer. This process will constricts collagen and elastin, and also activates fibroblast. As a result, it will have the skin tightening effect.
    • Application
    • Lifting for entire body: Face (forehead, cheek, chin), Torso(breast, abdomen, butt), arms and legs
    • Treatment for stretch marks: BELODY lifting treatment improves elasticity of skin dramatically, so slight stretch marks can be recovered completely.
    • BELODY lifting treatment may appear intrusive when compared to existing lifting treatments (non-invasive procedures - RF, ultrasonic, laser). BELODY, on the other hand, has a profound effect with just one therapy. In practice, this is an unparalleled benefit.
    • On the contrary, BELODY lifting treatment is far less intrusive than conventional surgical procedures that need incision and suture. A single tiny optical fiber cannula is put into the skin, leaving no scar. BELODY lifting therapy is a non-surgical method.
    • The non-invasive method is straightforward and easy, but its efficacy is limited. As a result, the therapy needs be repeated; it is difficult labor. On the other hand, even if it is the most effective way, the incision and suture procedure is rigorously followed since it might result in side effects, dread of surgery, and post-operative scars. As a result, BELODY lifting therapy offers significant utility as a bridge between invasive and non-invasive therapies. It is quite effective and comes with no strings attached.
    • Existing methods that use suture thread, for example, may cause discomfort owing to the intrusive foreign substance, while laser techniques do not. The laser technique provides patients with pleasant feelings such as cutting-edge, speed, and safety.
    • As the population ages, so does the desire for rejuvenation. Lifting therapy is undoubtedly at the heart of this trend.
    • In addition, with the growth in obesity and women's exposing attire, the need for liposuction and stretch mark treatment in the aesthetic surgery industry is expanding.
    • Finally, BELODY laser lifting, a minimally invasive method, will be highlighted on the market very soon.


    Lazer Lift

    Lazer Lift

    Many people believe that the appearance in the mirror does not reflect how youthful they feel. Skin loses part of the suppleness and elasticity that keeps the face looking naturally firm and young as it ages. The lower face and neck show some of the earliest and most noticeable signs of aging, with men and women developing loose and drooping skin below the jawline, under the chin, and around the neck.

    Deep creases and jowls may appear, the jawline may soften, and the neck may lose its young outlines. Until recently, invasive facelift surgery was the only technique to effectively lift and tighten the lower face and neck. But, because to cutting-edge medical technology, there is now a new, minimally invasive alternative with LazerLift. 

    LazerLift® in is a ground-breaking technique that combines cutting-edge laser technology to tighten and revitalize the lower face and neck, removing years from your look. There is no need to subject yourself to the physical stress, danger, extensive incisions, prolonged downtime, and high expenses associated with traditional facelift surgery since LazerLift® is minimally invasive. You may appear years younger with LazerLift® without a scalpel, sutures, or scars.

    During the LazerLift® operation, precise, focused laser light is utilized to profoundly and safely heat the skin and underlying supporting structures of the face, where many of the aging-related changes occur. The laser's heat induces tissue coagulation, resulting in skin and tissue tightening. The LazerLift® technique can tighten and lift the lower face, remove wrinkles and creases, decrease sagging, eliminate jowls, and restore youthful jawline and neck lines.


    How long does a Belody Laser lift last?

    Belody Laser lift

    The better you care for your skin and body, the longer the benefits of your Laser Lift will endure. Sun exposure, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, dehydration, poor sleep, and other unhealthy lifestyle choices can all have an impact on the health of your skin, resulting in a shorter lifespan for your results. As long as you maintain your weight, the fat loss is permanent. Your Laser Lift results can last up to five years if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, care for your skin, and utilize high-quality skincare products.


    Belody Laser Lifting with AccuSculpt

    Belody Laser Lifting with AccuSculpt

    AccuSculpt Laser is a strong body contouring instrument that was the first pulsed laser for lipolysis to include the innovative 1444 nm wavelength, offering a new level of safety, speed, and efficiency in emulsifying fat deposits and shaping the body. The proprietary 1444 nm wavelength has been demonstrated to be the most precise and effective wavelength for fat removal.

    The therapy is available for the entire face at our associated facility. This combination of Belody Laser Lifting and AccuSculpt is ideal for people who have extra face fat as well as drooping skin. With a minimally invasive method, the surgery might help attain a truly young and sculpted look.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Belody laser treatment

    • How many sessions will I need to see results?

    It depends. When compared to other non-invasive procedures, Belody Laser Lifting is deemed intrusive. However, the benefits from only one session are incomparable. Some people might still choose to have a few maintenance sessions after the initial one. However, for the majority of people, one session is sufficient.

    • Is it true that this treatment can sometimes be referred to Fibroblast treatment?

    That isn't fully correct. Belody uses interstitial laser to activate the derma layer. This procedure constricts collagen and elastin while activating fibroblasts. That is all it has to do with Fibroblast.



    Laser Lift is a minimally invasive skin tightening process that lifts the face skin, restores chin youth and firmness, and smoothes wrinkles for a significant change in look. To tighten the skin, Laser Lift employs our superior PrecisionTx side-firing laser fiber. It's the same fiber that's used to remove fat from tiny places like the chin or jowls, but a Laser Lift doesn't remove any fat.