Dental Lumineers

    Last updated date: 28-Jan-2023

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    Dental Lumineers

    Dental Lumineers, are they right for you?

    Dental Lumineers


    Broken or discolored teeth are disgraceful confidence killers. However, dental lumineers are great assets you can use to build your confidence and get the beautiful contagious smile you’ve always wished for.

    If anything happens that breaks or permanently discolors your teeth, it is easy to assume and sadly admit that you’ve lost your once vibrant smile. What if someone told you that there’s still something you can do to regain that charming beauty? Here’s where the dental lumineers also comes into play.

    What are Dental Lumineers, and how do they Work?

    Dental Lumineers are a special veneers brand that works just like the traditional veneers. You can use them to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your teeth, making them glossy and whiter. 

    The difference between veneers and lumineers is that dental lumineers are thinner, thus pretty easy to install. They’re also cheap compared to the traditional veneers. 

    Pros and Cons of Dental Lumineers

    Pros and Cons of Dental Lumineers


    • They enhance the aesthetic quality of your teeth.
    • They’re super easy to apply.
    • Dental lumineers are cheaper, thus providing you with a quick fix if you want to boost your smile but on a tight budget.


    • They’re thinner thus may not be as effective in concealing discolored teeth.
    • They have less filling down the natural teeth making the teeth appear thicker and may also pose a challenge when cleaning the teeth.

    Ready to Boost the Quality of your Smile?

    Installing dental lumineers isn’t a one-day fix and may require a couple of visits to make your teeth ready for them finally. Drop us a line today, and we’ll connect you with a highly qualified dentist who’ll offer you the best service that suits your needs.