ZyMot Sperm Separation

Last updated date: 16-Aug-2023

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ZyMot Sperm Separation

ZyMot Sperm Separation Technique

ZyMot sperm separation is a process of separating and selecting the healthier motile sperms. It can be for intrauterine insemination (IUI), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), or In Vitro fertilization (IVF). This procedure is accomplished with the use of the ZyMot sperm separation devices. 

The use of healthy sperm samples is essential to increase the odds of assisted reproductive technology (ART) success. As such, a ZyMot sperm separation device is naturally inspired. Besides, it’s specially designed to deliver the most healthy and increasingly motile sperm with minimal DNA fragmentation levels. 


Benefits of ZyMot Sperm Separation

ZyMot sperm separation is usually based on sperm motility without centrifugation. It comes with several benefits, including; 

  • Separating the right sperm without the need for sample preparation 
  • It doesn’t involve sperm damaging centrifugation 
  • The procedure is simple and standardized 
  • The device separates the sperm in the appropriate volumes required for the purpose of IUI, ICSI, and IVF. 
  • Uses sperm with higher motility, minimum DNA fragmentation, and normal morphology 
  • The incubation timing and channel dimensions optimized for the highest separation efficiency 

The ZyMot sperm separation devices replicate both the uterine and cervical pathway that allows sperm to navigate and naturally fertilize the egg. This recreates a procedure that has been naturally preserved for millions of years. 

With the initial objective of mimicking nature, ZyMot sperm separation devices allow separation and effective preparation of exceedingly motile sperms. This is achieved while using the normal morphology for the purpose of the ART technique. 

Furthermore, these devices help avoid the need for prolonged preparation of the samples as well as sperm damaging centrifugation. Besides, the method is simple, and the outcome is immediate. This allows the medical providers to choose the healthy sperm with high motility, minimal damaging ROS generation, enhanced morphology, and small DNA fragmentation. 


How ZyMot Sperm Separation Devices Work 

ZyMot sperm separation involves preparing motile sperm for ART procedures. It includes devices that separate sperms according to motility but are designed for single and sterile application only. 

The procedure involves separating sperms based on motility in a microenvironment developed by the ZyMot ICSI micro-channel. There are several devices that can be used for this purpose. However, they vary depending on processing volume. While some process 850µl and 3ml volume, others process 2µl per micro-channel. 

The ZyMot sperm separation devices consist of three main features, including the sample inlet port, an outlet port, and membrane filter. The process begins by injecting raw semen through the inlet port. After that, the sample moves towards the lower part of the device under the membrane filter containing eight-micron pores. 

The fertilization process takes place at the top part of the membrane. At the incubation stage, the highly progressive motile sperm moves via the pores towards the media just above. The remaining sperms are less motile and morphologically abnormal. On the contrary, the sperm retrieved at the top of the membrane is healthy and genomically competent. 

Research studies show that healthier sperms yield better results. Due to this, ZyMot sperm separation proves to be the best way for the fertility laboratory to process the samples. It also helps choose the healthier sperms that translate to an increased fertilization rate. 


What You Need To Know About ZyMot Technique and Fertility  

sperm cells

When it comes to infertility, there are various causes and challenges associated with it. Moreover, some of the essential things you need to know about ZyMot fertility technique include; 

Not all sperms are equal: 

Every man's sperm quality usually varies; this is regardless of whether they are healthy or not. The truth is, nature is not perfect. While some sperms are excellent and healthy, others are not good, and some might not be viable. 

Therefore, if you are dealing with infertility issues, you might have certain additional sperm health concerns standing in the path of success. It can be one or more challenges such as;

  • Lower motility- the inability of the sperm to swim normally 
  • Abnormal morphology- distorted sperm shape 
  • Lower sperm count 
  • DNA fragmentation- damage of the sperm genetic content 

Always put the best sperm forward regardless of the age and health state: 

Processing the semen sample is essential in order to obtain healthy sperm that is capable of fertilizing the egg and creating an embryo. This is typically part of the entire fertility procedure. For the case of ICSI or IUI, the success odd can go up, especially if you use the healthiest sperm. Remember that healthy sperm increases the chances of forming a healthy embryo and having a successful pregnancy. What’s more, ZyMot can help when it comes to choosing the best healthy sperm. 

Not all sperm separating and processing techniques are equal: 

Initially, the fertility center used to process the semen sample using a spinning or centrifugation technique. The objective of this was to separate the good healthy sperm from the rest. 

Today, the spinning process has not changed a lot since assisted reproductive technology and medicines. Moreover, research studies have stated that spinning can cause sperm damages or DNA fragmentation, resulting in poor pregnancy results. 

ZyMot is suitable for sperm separation: 

The purpose of inventing ZyMot was to process sperm in a better way and prevents the spinning of the sample. This modern technique utilizes the natural swimming ability of the sperm to help separate the healthy and motile sperm from others. 

ZyMot technique doesn’t involve spinning. This means that there are no additional risks of damaging the sperm. Furthermore, the healthy and the most motile sperm are retrieved, hence the possibility of achieving a successful pregnancy. 


Fertility Testing

Fertility Testing

Before opting for the ZyMot sperm separation technique, fertility specialists can first recommend male fertility testing. This helps determine the underlying issues that could be contributing to fertility problems. In such a case, semen analysis may not be sufficient to test for infertility. 

Sperm motility and low sperm count are usually the major indicators of fertility issues among men. However, additional tests may help analyze sperm capability and retrieve the healthiest motile sperm for fertilization. 

A regular semen analysis gives crucial information regarding male fertility, including notable sperm concentration and motility. Nonetheless, this doesn’t show information on sperm DNA integrity. Some of the factors that can alter the sperm DNA include; 

  • Exposure to certain chemicals 
  • Regular smoking 
  • Free radicals from the standard metabolism 
  • Extreme temperatures 

Sperm DNA fragmentation can result in severe problems for some couples. It can reduce the fertility rate and lead to miscarriages. Therefore, sampling out the fragmented DNA makes it easier to determine the cause of various fertility problems. Another test can also be done to identify sperm DNA fragmentation. 

According to medical research, broken or damaged DNA doesn’t disperse as it should following acid denaturation. Nevertheless, a normal healthy sperm disperse once the acid treatment is administered. This makes it easy to retrieve the motile sperm and prepare for the next procedure of fertilization. 


Choosing the Best Motile Sperm 

Motile and quality sperm have a huge impact in terms of infertility. Top-quality motile sperm enhances the odd of In Vitro fertilization success, boosts the fertility possibility of the male progeny, and reduces congenital disability rates. For this purpose, it’s essential to select the highest quality sperm to fertilize the egg. This also raises the odds of a successful conception and minimizes the chances of complications in the future. 

Usually, the most motile sperm are separated and isolated from the sample via gradient centrifugation. The fresh semen is first washed and spins to a test tube. Here, the more active sperm swims via the filtering media layer. However, this technique disregards some natural barriers that the sperm undergoes to fertilize the egg successfully. 

Fortunately, there are advanced methods that can help with sperm selection and make it easier to achieve the best sperm from the sample. This method is referred to as microfluidics technology; it comes with excellent ways of enhancing sperm separation. Also, it makes it possible and easy to select quality sperm from the semen sample for fertilization purposes. 

ZyMot sperm separation uses the microfluidic technique to sort out the healthy and motile sperm. This procedure involves collecting fresh semen samples and gently inserting them into the ZyMot device chamber. This enables the sperm to swim via the filter membrane containing micropores. In the end, the sperm passes through the membrane where the medical specialist collects and uses to fertilize the egg. 

Some of the key benefits of microfluidic technology include; 

  • Higher DNA integrity 
  • Improved motility 
  • High-quality sperm 
  • Normal morphology 



ZyMot sperm separation involves a procedure to separate motile sperm for fertilization purposes. Besides, sperm separation devices are the simple, natural, and most innovative ways of selecting and isolating the best performing sperm. This can be for the purpose of IUI, IVF, or ICSI. This technique also helps improve the odds of success among the patients. 

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