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Laser Genesis


    With the help of millions of tiny pulses of laser light, the non-invasive laser called Laser Genesis softly heats the top layer of the skin. The mild heat promotes the rebuilding of collagen and gives the skin a lovely shine. Laser Genesis is the ideal lunchtime operation since it can totally revitalize your skin in less than 30 minutes, allowing you to return to work before lunch is done.


    What is Laser Genesis?

    Laser Genesis

    Laser Genesis is a near-infrared (NIR) Nd:YAG laser. Because NIR radiation may stimulate elastin over a prolonged period of time, studies have shown that it is effective for skin renewal. Additionally, it will produce more collagen, which will lead to clinically enhanced skin tone and texture.

    Elastin is a highly elastic protein that is, as its name suggests, present in the connective tissue layer that lies under the skin's surface. This protein aids in the skin's ability to regain its structure following stretching or contraction. The connective tissue also contains collagen in addition to elastin. A structural protein called collagen provides skin its vigor and suppleness. One of the primary factors causing the indications of aging is the degradation of collagen and elastin over time. Therefore, by promoting the formation of collagen and elastin, Laser Genesis can reduce the visibility of lines and wrinkles.

    Additionally, the Laser Genesis' thermal energy specifically targets the tiny capillaries and vessels that are the root of persistent skin redness, including that caused by diseases like rosacea. Breaking down these vessels releases blood that has been trapped beneath the skin's surface, reducing overall redness.

    For best results, Laser Genesis is frequently used in conjunction with other techniques. It can be done on the same day as dermal filler treatments, radiofrequency (RF) microneedling, chemical peels, radiofrequency skin tightening, or facials.

    One of the main advantages of this laser treatment is that, in contrast to many other lasers, it is far less likely to cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in patients with olive or dark skin.


    Benefits of Laser Genesis

    Benefits of Laser Genesis

    Patients enjoy the several additional advantages of Laser Genesis in addition to the outcomes that have been clinically demonstrated. Let's begin with the ease of use. The normal treatment time for Laser Genesis is between 15 and 20 minutes. Anesthesia is not required because the treatment is painless and just provides a little warming sensation. Additionally, using this laser doesn't need any downtime. For busy patients who want to see results but do not have the time to take time off for recovery, the Laser Genesis procedure is ideal.

    Between three and ten Laser Genesis treatments, spaced roughly four weeks apart, are typically advised. The benefits of downtime and recovery after each treatment are not something you have to deal with, even though the course of treatment may last for several months.

    Last but not least, Laser Genesis is created to treat people of all skin tones and ethnicities safely and effectively, and it can be applied to any part of the body. This contrasts with other lasers that, if used on the incorrect skin type, carry the risk of discoloration.


    What Does Laser Genesis Treat?

    Laser Genesis Treat

    Scarring (resulting from burns, surgery, or acne), redness, and broken blood vessels are the main conditions that Laser Genesis is used to treat. It also lessens age spots, large pores, uneven texture, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven texture. The cherry on top is the increase in firmness and radiance that Laser Genesis gives the skin by promoting collagen production. Although Laser Genesis can be used to treat any area of the body, it is most frequently used on the hands, face, neck, and chest.


    Who's a good candidate for Laser Genesis?

    Candidate for Laser Genesis

    All skin kinds and tones can use Laser Genesis because of its gentleness. All laser treatments should be avoided if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Additionally, postpone using lasers until any irritation in the treatment area has healed, such as a wound, cut, or rash.


    How does Laser Genesis work?

    Laser Genesis work

    The higher dermis, the layer of skin that contains collagen, is gently heated by Laser Genesis as it penetrates the skin's surface. A structural protein called collagen is essential for preserving the strength and flexibility of skin. As collagen synthesis naturally declines with age, wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of skin aging result. By producing heat that triggers collagen remodeling and the body's natural healing mechanisms, Laser Genesis aids in reversing these alterations. This simultaneously improves the cellular health of the skin and the appearance of the skin's surface.


    How do I Prepare my Skin Before Laser Treatment?

    Skin Before Laser Treatment

    Before receiving laser treatment, some preparation is necessary. Your skin care regimen should be improved, as advised by our dermatologist and other dermatologists. Sun protection is crucial at all times.

    Your laser doctor will clean your skin and provide you safety glasses when you show up for your Laser Genesis visit. The laser handpiece will then be gradually moved across the treatment region by your doctor while being held around half an inch above your skin's surface. Your skin will gradually rise as heat is transferred from the laser to the upper dermis. Patients say the procedure is soothing and feels like a warm rain. There is no need for anesthetic with the Genesis laser.


    What happens during Laser Genesis treatment?

    Laser Genesis treatment

    To remove any remaining makeup, oil, or grime, the technique begins with a thorough skin washing. Numbing cream and other topical anesthetics are mostly needless and bad ideas. If you apply Laser Genesis beforehand, you might not get as much of a benefit in terms of lowering redness because it affects the blood vessels.

    Before the procedure begins, you will be provided safety eyewear. It will feel "like someone is stroking you with their fingernails or pouring warm water on your face" when the laser's hand piece moves over your skin.

    A moisturizer or moisturizing serum (preferably one that contains hyaluronic acid) and sunscreen may be applied by your technician after the procedure.


    What Improvements can I expect with the Genesis laser skin treatment?

    Genesis laser skin treatment

    One Genesis Laser treatment yields noticeable but immediate results. Minor flaws are reduced, fine lines are softened, and pores are reduced, giving your skin a healthier, more radiant appearance. Your results may be quite dramatic with a series of Laser Genesis treatments. You can anticipate reduced diffuse redness, the fading of acne scars, the reduction of lines and pores, and a more youthful appearance brought on by new collagen production over the course of several sessions.


    How often should I do Laser Genesis?

    Laser Genesis

    It's actually extremely soothing to have a Laser Genesis treatment; it's like getting a fancy facial, but better. Some people may still choose to spend more than 100$ on a conventional facial that involves steaming the face and applying a mask, but for those who are serious about their skin, increasing the ante with a Laser Genesis facial is money well spent. Although it may take as many as six treatments to achieve the best results from a Laser Genesis, the investment will be worthwhile in the long run.

    A Laser Genesis facial will stimulate collagen regrowth, eliminate sunspots, and reduce pore size, whereas traditional facials will not. Additionally, rosacea-related facial redness is diminished by Laser Genesis. Laser Genesis is the ideal lunchtime operation since it can totally revitalize your skin in less than 30 minutes, allowing you to return to work before lunch is done.


    When Will I See Results from my Laser Genesis Treatments?

    Laser Genesis Treatments

    Over the duration of your treatment plan, you may anticipate progressive, cumulative benefits with Laser Genesis. Depending on the size of the treated region and the seriousness of each patient's skin issues, several treatment regimens are developed. Typically, a minimum of three sessions are advised, with 10 providing the best outcomes.

    Following the creation of your treatment plan, you will visit the Vein Care Center every four weeks for Laser Genesis. While outcomes for the treatment of scars are thought to be permanent, rosacea, damaged blood vessels, and maintaining anti-aging advantages call for yearly follow-up treatments. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of Laser Genesis over the long term depends on the patient, the degree of skin damage, and how well you take care of your skin and body. The period between treatments can be extended by using sunscreen, maintaining a regular skin care routine, exercising, eating healthfully, drinking little or no alcohol, and quitting smoking.


    Is there any Downtime After Setting Up the Laser?

    After Setting Up the Laser

    What are the risks and potential side effects of Laser Genesis?

    Occasionally, a hive-like rash may occur in the days following your treatment; it should clear in a day or two. 

    Long-term side effects are rare such as: 

    • Burns and blistering  
    • Peeling 
    • Unevenly textured skin 

    If you receive treatment from an unqualified technician, your therapy is overly harsh, or you have Fitzpatrick skin type, all of these potential adverse effects are more probable. Men who have face or body hair covering treatment locations are most at risk. Treatments in areas with hair may be uncomfortable or result in patchy, permanent hair loss since this laser targets hair.


    What is the Difference between Laser Genesis and IPL?

    Intense pulsed light (IPL), sometimes known as a photofacial, is a light-based therapy that targets skin issues like brown spots and facial redness using highly concentrated visible light.

    Most people need a series of three to four week intervals between IPL treatments, and you may anticipate a few days of recovery time. People with olive or brown skin should avoid using light treatment because it targets pigment, which increases the risk of burning, scarring, and discoloration.

    Contrarily, Laser Genesis is a good choice for people of all skin tones. The optimal course of action for you will depend on the severity of your skin problems and your cosmetic objectives. The best course of treatment for you can be suggested by a skilled dermatologist who provides a variety of options.


    How much does Laser Genesis cost?

    • Average Cost: $650
    • Range: $75 - $4,000

    Your cost will vary according to your provider's level of experience, the location of their office, the number of areas you're treating, and the total number of sessions you require.

    This elective cosmetic treatment is not covered by insurance.


    What are the alternatives to Laser Genesis?

    If your goal is a brighter, younger-looking, more even complexion without much downtime, there are several other good options.

    • Aerolase Lightpod Neo: is another do-it-all laser that zaps redness, alleviates sun damage, and boosts collagen without any downtime. Similarly to Laser Genesis, it also treats acne and gets rid of unwanted hair. You’ll likely need a series of treatments.   
    • Clear + Brilliant is a gentle fractional laser that targets uneven skin texture and tone, with minimal recovery time. However, if redness and rosacea are your issue, it’s probably not the best laser for you. Clear + Brilliant is better at addressing brown splotches than ruddy skin. Most doctors suggest monthly treatments for pigmentation, pores, fine wrinkles, and acne.  
    • Wavelengths are used by Pico Genesis to disperse the pigment that causes freckles, melasma, acne scars, and sunspots. Additionally, it is thought to be secure on a range of skin tones. Your brown spots will most likely scab over for a few days before eventually flaking off. A series of three to five sessions is advised by derms.
    • By removing the top layer of skin, chemical peels are another tried-and-true method for addressing uneven tone and texture and, in certain situations, fine lines and wrinkles. Your doctor will probably advise a series of superficial glycolic acid peels if you want minimal to no downtime because they can gradually lighten dark spots and discoloration. A more aggressive, medium-strength peel like a TCA peel might be beneficial if you have more pronounced wrinkles and sun damage. 



       1. Does Laser Genesis hurt?

    The completely painless Laser Genesis procedure is non-invasive. Most patients claim to experience a warm tingle throughout the procedure.

       2. How Long Does It Take?

    The process may be rapidly completed even during your lunch break because each painless treatment takes less than 30 minutes. Additionally, there is no downtime, so patients may resume their jobs right away.

       3. How Many Treatments Will I Need?

    The quantity and timing of treatments may vary depending on your skin type, any issues you may be having, and the intended outcomes. Before customers begin to see benefits, they typically need a series of 3-6 sessions spaced approximately a month apart. But once the effects start to show, you'll see a noticeably smoother skin surface, a radiant skin tone, and an overall complexion that looks noticeably more youthful. Since every patient is unique, it's crucial to have a consultation to learn exactly what you'll need and how many Laser Genesis sessions you could need.

       4. When is the best time to have Laser genesis laser?

    For at least three weeks prior to and following the treatment, you MUST limit your time spent in the sun. This is because the treated region will be more susceptible to burning and enhanced pigmentation during this time. For 1-2 weeks following treatment, often and daily use a 30+ or 50+ sunscreen.



    In order to reverse aging and sun damage anywhere on the body, Laser Genesis stimulates the production of new collagen. Laser Genesis is primarily used to treat scarring that caused by acne, surgery, or burns, redness, and broken blood vessels.