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Dr. Enric Caceres

Spine trauma · Spinal tumor

37 Yrs

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Dexeus University Hospital

Catalunya, Spain




Medical staff

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Carrer de Sabino Arana, 5, 19, 08028 Barcelona, Spain


Dr. Enric Caceres is a famous traumatologist specializing in the spine with a prestigious reputation for treats numerous soccer players at the Dexeus clinic in Barcelona with back injuries. Currently, he is head of the department and professor of orthopedic surgery and Traumatology (UAB) at ICATME. He is also a professor of orthopedic surgery and traumatology at the autonomous University of Barcelona, Vall d'Hebron Hospital. His specialty training in spine surgery. He was a professor at the Department of Health Policy & Management, Johns Hopkins University. Moreover, Dr. Enric Caceres is a member of International Scientific Associations, the national commission for the specialty, the medical commission of the Barcelona Football Club in December 2012. He was also a president, of the Spanish Society for Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, in 2008-2010, and he was president of the Catalan society for orthopedic surgery and traumatology, in 2006-2008.