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Dexeus University Hospital

Catalunya, Spain




Medical staff

Languages Spoken

  • Español

Top Specialties

  • Spinal tumor

  • Dry eye syndrome

  • General gynecology

  • Hand surgery clinic (microsurgery)

  • Lung Cancer

  • Cataract Surgery

  • Spine trauma

  • Cardiovascular diseases

  • Cardiac valve replacement

Contact Information

Carrer de Sabino Arana, 5, 19, 08028 Barcelona, Spain


Dexeus University Hospital is located in Barcelona, Spain. It is one of the largest and most famous hospitals in Barcelona. Equipped with some of the best infrastructure and advanced equipment, this hospital is rightfully claiming all the successful titles for itself. It is considered to impart some of the best health care services through its highly-professional and qualified doctors and surgeons. Not only this, but Dexeus University Hospital is also on its way to success by leading in research on the most sought topics in the medical and healthcare sector. This research work is meant to seek newer, safer, and more effective ways of treating patients. All their efforts add up in making them one of the finest and most successful health cares providing departments in Barcelona. At present, there are more than 450 doctors and surgeons serving the hospital and its patients. The patient turnover is also significant daily, and all of the patients are given quality proper and required time for both consultation and follow-up. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALITIES OFFERED BY DEXEUS UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Like any other top-notch medical facility, the Dexeus University Hospital is also one of the finest Barcelona’s specialty-offering hospitals. It is best known for offering some of the most sought-after specialties in the region, out of which the most popular ones include: • Cardiovascular Diseases • Lung Cancer • General Gynecology • Microsurgery • CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES Cardiovascular Diseases are one of the most leading causes of morbidity and mortality throughout the world. Although considered a risk factor in the older age groups, this group of diseases can affect any age group nowadays. Some people have a strong family history that predisposes them to such conditions. In contrast, others are bound to suffer from various cardiovascular diseases due to their lifestyles and unhealthy habits, building up the damage for quite a long time. At the Dexeus University Hospital, a sound board of the best cardiologists and surgeons work to ensure that premium quality treatment is provided to the patients. The doctors here believe in the ideology that working on the diseases itself comes secondary - educating the patient and making them aware of what they are going through should be considered primary. This then works to ensure that people would play their respective roles, too, to prevent their diseases from progressing further. • LUNG CANCER Lung Cancer is considered to be the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the affected population. This cancer is not only aggressive but also has a worse prognosis than the other cancers. In the majority of the affected people, lung cancer is not diagnosed until it is pretty late. And once when it gets diagnosed, unfortunately, not much could be done to reverse or reduce the situation. Smoking and tobacco are the leading causes of the pathology of lung cancer. There are enough pulmonologists at the Dexeus University Hospital who work towards ensuring a good prognostic rate and patient survival. But this is not entirely in the hands of the doctor. Only if a patient comes in time and gets himself/herself evaluated is when the doctors and surgeons can help them. So far, lung cancer patients have been effectively treated, counselled, and operated on successfully at the Dexeus University Hospital. • GENERAL GYNECOLOGY Gynecology departments are considered to be the backbone of a tertiary-care hospital. This is because childbirth, fertility issues, and several other gynecological problems make up a big part of the females’ diseases. Thus, it is considered equally important to provide such a hospitable and efficient platform to the women that they do not feel any shame or hesitancy while sharing their intimate problems with their doctors. Dexeus University Hospital is one of those proud platforms for women that are not only built modernly but are equally efficient and warm to encourage the women to seek out help for their problems and diseases. The Gynecology Department at the Dexeus University Hospital sees several patients regularly and thus plays its part in promoting women health care in society. • MICROSURGERY Hands, the most mobile parts of our body, are also prone to several disabilities or injuries. It is their extensive range of motion and free mobility that makes them vulnerable to different types of insults and injuries, which then makes it difficult for an otherwise normal person to function normally. Another problem that these hand-related injuries and muscle problems pose is the delicate anatomy of the hand. The vasculature is closely-knit together, and the nerves are also in a compromised position when seen from a surgical perspective. This implies that hand-related microsurgery procedures require extreme skill and precision to be carried out appropriately. But when Dexeus University Hospital comes into discussion, these hand surgeries are not a problem. The surgeons at this hospital are professionals at what they do best and are perfectly trained to carry out the trickiest of all operations with extreme care, thus minimizing the risks and complications associated with these surgeries. This is yet another one of the reasons why patients prefer the Dexeus University Hospital for most of their surgeries. Dexeus University Hospital is quite a popular hospital in Barcelona. Not only it is equipped with the latest technology and advanced set-up but it also has an equally active and efficient set of doctors, surgeons, and nursing staff, all of whom are hardworking and serving their level best to assure that the best quality health care and services are provided to the patients who visit this hospital. It is easily classified as an ‘All-Rounder’ hospital because it has nearly all the departments that are the need of the time. The patients are seen to be quite happy with the level of healthcare services that they receive here. A very humane, knowledgeable, and patient-friendly approach is used here to talk to the patients and counsel them. With this state-of-the-art structure and premium quality features, Dexeus University Hospital will sooner or later succeed in making its mark in the field of health care as one of those best hospitals which keep their patients as their topmost priority and accordingly serve them in the best possible, humanitarian way.