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Dr. Hyun Young Kim

Cerebrovascular diseases

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Hanyang University Seoul Hospital

Seoul, South Korea






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222-1 Wangsimni-ro Seongdong-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Hyun Young Kim is a renowned neurologist working at the Hanyang University Seoul Hospital, South Korea. His area of expertise lies in diagnosing, assessing, and treating stroke and other similar cerebrovascular accidents, which constitute a big problem in society today. Cerebrovascular accidents are common, but they could be very alarming for the patient, depending on their respective age and underlying conditions that might have caused it to occur in the first place. These accidents can easily become life-threatening for the patient if they are not taken care of immediately. Dr. Hyun Young Kim is recognized for his competent skills, and his medical knowledge makes him stand out from his other colleagues. He is well-trained in his field and uses different approaches with one common motive of providing utmost care and support to his patients. Dr. Hyun Young Kim has kept himself updated with the recent advances in neurology because he believes that it is essential for a doctor to keep themselves updated with the latest techniques and accordingly treat their patients to benefit from the best possible outcomes are in their favor. There is a good majority of patients who had earlier suffered from a stroke but are now loading their lives normally due to the prompt treatment strategies taken by Dr. Hyun Young Kim. Dr. Hyun Young Kim has easily earned himself a respectable position among his colleagues and patients. Everyone admires him for his unique approaches and an empathetic way of dealing with his patients such that they feel comfortable and at peace when discussing their problems with him.