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Dr. InSoo Seo

Rhinoplasty · Face contouring · Male Plastic Surgery

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Soon Plus Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea






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12F, 13F Mulberryhills Medical Tower Gangnam-daero 589, Seocho-gu, Seoul


Dr. InSoo Seo is a plastic surgeon specialist and the director of Soon Plus Plastic Surgery Clinic. His specialty focuses on rhinoplasty and male plastic surgery. Dr. InSoo Seo is not only an expert in enhancing the shape of the nose, but due to his surgical expertise, Dr. InSoo Seo is sought after by patients who want to fix issues from prior unsuccessful nose surgeries. On top of rectifying defects, he is an excellent plastic surgeon for men who want to achieve a chic and luxurious look while taking into consideration the anatomical factors that men have. In addition to his professional credentials, he is an Adjunct Professor of Plastic Surgery at Korea University Hospital, a former director of Bom Yoo Plastic Surgery, The Iron Plastic Surgery, and a former representative director of Human Plastic Surgery. Dr. InSoo Seo is a regular participant in a number of professional organizations, including the Korean Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Korean Society of Craniofacial Plastic Surgery, the Rhinoplasty Research Society of the Korean Society of Plastic Surgery, the Anti-aging Research Society of the Korean Society of Plastic Surgery, the Fat Plastic Surgery Research Society of the Korean Society of Plastic Surgery, and the International Society of Plastic Surgeons (IPRAS).