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    Soon Plus Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea






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    • Jaw Surgery

    • Breast Augmentation

    • Body Feminization Surgery

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    • Short nose / Upturned nose

    • Hooked and Deviated Nose

    • Fit Me Rhinoplasty

    • Bulbous Nose

    • Alar Reduction

    • Male Rhinoplasty

    • Chemical Peels

    • Botox

    • Ultherapy

    • Double Eyelid Surgery

    • Revision double eyelid surgery

    • Blepharoplasty

    • Revisional Blepharoplasty

    • Body liposuction

    • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)


    • Chin Correction / Genioplasty

    • Jaw Surgery

    • Zygomatic Reduction

    • Breast Augmentation


    Approved by MOHW, PRS Soon Plus Plastic Surgery always aims to remain vigilant and provides the latest therapies to its patients. Their team comprises talented doctors who are all members of the most prestigious plastic surgery organizations. There are several specializations available here: nose, eyes, breast, body, facial contouring, anti-aging, and petite. Accreditation of Soon Plus Plastic Surgery • Soon Plus Plastic Surgery is awarded the golden seal of MOHW and PRS accreditation which ensures that the hospital provides quality services with full safety measures described by MOHW and PRS. This means that the patients are sure to receive proper medical and health care regarding all their complications. Specialized Facilities at Soon Plus Plastic Surgery • Soon Plus Plastic Surgery is located on the 12 and13 floors of Mulberryhills Medical Tower Gangnam-daero 589, Seocho-gu, Seoul Soon Plus Plastic Surgery has 10 patient beds, with 6 Operating Theatres for every type of plastic surgery it offers. Head surgeons give one on one consultations where they perform a detailed examination. This allows them to best judge which type of surgery will suit patients. Surgeons choose natural-looking customized implants according to the skin and shape of the nose, allowing for better results. Furthermore, nano sutures are used so that there is minimal scarring. EYE SURGERY Eye surgery, often known as ocular surgery, is the extensive modification of the eye or surrounding tissue. The eye is a sensitive organ that necessitates extreme caution before and after surgery. Moreover, Soon Plus Plastic Surgery provides the following procedures: • Ptosis correction • Double Eyelid Surgery • Blepharoplasty • Eye surgery revision There are several benefits to choosing Soon Plus Plastic Surgery for eye surgery. These include a shorter surgical time, natural line creation rather than drastic modifications, and improved function. Furthermore, there is speedier healing, less bruising, and no discomfort. This hospital aims to provide outstanding care to all its patients. NOSE SURGERY Nose surgery is also known as a 'Nose Job' or 'Rhinoplasty' in many parts of the world. Nose surgery is a plastic surgery operation used to change and repair the nose. It is of two types where surgeons change the nose structure to fix any dysfunction; this is called rhinoplasty. The other type of rhinoplasty is Cosmetic, which is done to alter the shape of the nose. Many people wish to undergo drastic procedures with the increasing rise in specific beauty standards. Soon Plus Plastic Surgery is renowned for its specialty in nose surgery and its remarkable results in every type of plastic surgery it offers. This hospital provides surgery in the most renowned manner, ensuring that problems are kept to a minimum. Specialists offer nose surgery to patients with a nose injury, birth defects, difficulty breathing, and with previously failed nose surgeries. Rhinoplasty can also correct a hump, decrease the nostril width, and adjust the nose and mouth angle.