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    Dr. Jun Seong Bae

    Fat Grafting · Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery · Face-lift

    JK Plastic Surgery Center

    Seoul, South Korea


    Foundation year




    Dr. Jun Seong Bae is a proficient and skilled plastic surgeon from Seoul, Korea. He is considered as one of the top-level plastic surgeons in the country who has made his name prominent through his excellent services. He is viewed as a big name in the field of plastic surgery in Korea. Dr. Jun Seong Bae successfully graduated from Catholic University Medical School. After graduation, he did his post graduate degree in plastic surgery from Catholic University Medical School. After completing the post-graduation degree, he remained an intern and resident in Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital (affiliated with the Catholic Medical Centre). Currently, he is associated with the JK Plastic Surgery Centre. Although Dr. Jun Seong Bae can be consulted for various plastic surgery procedures, he specializes in fat grafting, vaginal rejuvenation surgery, and face lift. Plastic surgery procedures are often tricky and need a steady hand to perform. He has earned his name over the period of time by performing many successful procedures. The testimonies of his patients speak volumes about the work and skills of Dr. Jun Seong Bae. His services can be availed by making an appointment with him at the JK Plastic Surgery Centre. Dr. Jun Seong Bae is being widely recognized in the country for his work. He has made life better for a number of patients through his advanced and successful procedures. His patients review him as a very kind, compassionate, caring, and loving person who provides the safest treatments in the town.