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Dr. Khayrullakhan Bakikhanov

Paedodontics · Cavity treatment

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SADAF Dental Clinic

Toshkent, Uzbekistan



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51 Mirzo Ulug'bek shoh ko'chasi Мирзо Улуғбек тумани Тошкент Toshkent Uzbekistan


Dr. Khayrullakhan Bakikhanov is a renowned dentist at SADAF Dental Clinic and is a product of the Tashkent State Dental Institute, one of the most modern universities in Uzbekistan that provides high-quality education in dentistry. Dr. Khayrullakhan Bakikhanov always emphasizes the importance of good oral hygiene while still young. Because an untreated tooth can cause significant problems in terms of aesthetics as well as a barrier to healthy chewing over time. So, if you are a parent who is concerned about your children's dental health or who wishes for their smile to always be beautiful and healthy, a pediatric dentist can make your wish come true. Dr. Khayrullakhan Bakikhanov is not only skilled in his field but also naturally gentle with children, and many parents seek his advice on their children's dental issues.