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Dr. Park In-soo

Vascular malformations · Varicose veins

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Cham Vein Surgery

Seoul, South Korea

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7f 1814 Nambusunhwan-ro Gwanak-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Park In-soo, a distinguished Surgeon and Vascular Specialist, boasts a remarkable trajectory marked by exceptional achievements and extensive contributions to the medical field. Graduating from Catholic Medical University with a master's degree, he embarked on a journey that would establish him as a reputable figure in the realm of medicine. His commitment to service was evident during his tenure as an army medical officer in the esteemed 1st Division, Capital Defense Command. Dr. Park's dedication to excellence earned him the honor of being named the representative of the 46th graduating class of the Catholic University of Medicine, a testament to his academic prowess and leadership. His formative years as an intern and resident at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital provided him with invaluable clinical experience, solidifying his foundation as a medical professional. Demonstrating a global perspective, he successfully passed the rigorous US Medical Examination (USMLE), showcasing his proficiency on an international scale. In a striking blend of medical expertise and sports involvement, Dr. Park served as the official doctor for the 2014 World Championship National Ice Hockey Team, a testament to his multidisciplinary abilities. His pursuit of surgical mastery culminated in him obtaining the title of a surgeon and subsequently assuming the role of an adjunct professor at the Department of Surgery within the Catholic University of Medicine. Dr. Park's specialization in the vascular department underscored his dedication to a specific domain, reflecting his commitment to advancing medical knowledge and patient care in this intricate field. His commitment to professional growth was evident through his memberships in numerous medical societies, including being a Lifetime Member of the Korean Society of Surgery, Regular Member of the Korean Society of Sports Medicine, and Regular Member of the Korean Society of Geriatrics, among others. These affiliations not only showcase his dedication to continuous learning but also highlight his integration within a diverse medical community. Dr. Park In-soo's impressive journey stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to medical advancement, patient welfare, and interdisciplinary collaboration. As he continues to contribute to the field, his legacy will undoubtedly inspire aspiring medical professionals and leave an indelible mark on the landscape of healthcare. "Cham Vein Surgery treats and treats only vascular diseases, including varicose veins, so it has a clear distinction with vascular surgery expertise, experience, and the latest equipment necessary for vascular diseases. In particular, in terms of equipment, it is more than a university hospital. We pride ourselves on the highest standards. We will do our best to become a hospital that deeply touches the hearts of those who visit Cham Haji Surgery."