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Dr. Won Seok Song

Soft Tissue Tumors

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Korea Cancer Center Hospital

Seoul, South Korea





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Gongneung-dong, Seoul, South Korea


Dr. Won Seok Song is an orthopedic surgeon at the Korea Cancer Center Hospital. His areas of professional expertise are soft bone tumors and metastatic bone cancer. He is highly experienced in his field of study and has successfully treated his patients. The soft tissue tumor is cancer that originates in the body's soft tissues. These small masses come into being due to abnormal cell growth usually found in the tissues that connect, support, and surround other structures in our body. Korea Cancer Center Hospital is equipped with cutting-edge medical technology and uses the most advanced treatment methods to diagnose and cure all sorts of diseases. Dr. Won Seok Song and his team are experts in treating their patients with devotion and affection, and he utilizes advanced technology to provide effective treatment for his patients. He has a high success rate for surgical procedures. Dr. Won Seok Song is a diligent professional who graduated from the Seoul National University College of Medicine. He is working eagerly, implementing the comprehensive knowledge and experience he gained throughout his career. He is an expert doctor among the professional team at the hospital, working tirelessly for the patients. He has done extensive research in bone cancer to find harmless and long-lasting treatments for patients. Dr. Won Seok Song is sincerely committed to his patients and works with all his heart to help them defeat cancer and get back into everyday life. He devotedly works with his team to provide the patients with friendly and prosperous health services, and all his patients trust his surgical methods.