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Dr. Young Moon Yoo


JK Plastic Surgery Center

Seoul, South Korea


Foundation year



Contact Information

584-2 Sinsa-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


Dr. Young Moon Yoo is a dashing young surgeon at the department of Rhinoplasty, JK Plastic Surgery Center. He is a smart doctor who wants others to be smart and look young. Becoming a surgeon was his childhood dream that came true. Now, he is a full-fledged competent, and efficient rhinoplasty surgeon. Realizing his childhood dream, Dr. Young Moon Yoo graduated from Aju University Medical School, South Korea. But he didn’t settle there and furthered his studies and got his post-graduate degree in Plastic Surgery from the same school university. He also completed his residency at the same institutions successfully. Later on, he embarked on his professional journey. During his professional career, Dr. Young Moon Yoo also received advanced training from the prestigious institution Cario facial Center of Taiwan Zang Gung Hospital, Taiwan. During his stay as a trainee, he worked tirelessly to hone his skills and to take maximum advantage of the competitive environment provided in the institution. His specialties lie in rhinoplasty, which is a surgical field and deals with the improvement of the nose. The operations involved in rhinoplasty deal with changing the structure of the nose of a patient. People do such surgeries either to have more appealing looks or to breathe without difficulty. Presently, Dr. Young Moon Yoo is working as a competent surgeon of rhinoplasty at Jk Plastic Surgery Center. This Surgery Center is known worldwide for its professional doctors and other medical staff. Dr. Young is one of the important people of the rhino surgery department who provides priceless consultations on rhinoplasty and appearances.