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    ATA Medical



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    • Health Screening

    • COVID-19

    • Corporate

    • Allergies

    • Medical Check Ups

    • Men's Health

    • Cancer Screening for Women

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    • IgE Allergy Test

    • IgG Allergy Test

    • Skin Prick Test

    • Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Medical Check Ups

    • Driving / Vocational Licence Medical Check Up

    • MOM Medical Check Ups

    • Singapore Police Force (SPF) Medical Check Ups

    • CT Scan

    • Blood Test

    • Eye Screening

    • General & Chronic Disease Consultation

    • MRI Scan

    • Travel Health and Vaccinations

    • Treadmill Stress Test (TMX)

    • Ultrasound Breast Scan

    • Utrasound Kidney Scan

    • Ultrasound Liver Scan

    • Ultrasound Pelvis Scan

    • Ultrasound Prostate Scan

    • Ultrasound Thyroid Scan

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    72 Anson Road Downtown Core Singapore Singapore

    ATA Medical


    ATA, translating to 'you' in Hebrew, signifies our dedication to you as an individual. ATA Medical Clinic takes pride in being at the forefront of health screening. With years of experience and thousands of patients served, our expertise in daily health assessments is unrivaled. We understand that early detection is key, and our comprehensive health screenings are designed to empower you with valuable insights into your well-being. ATA Medical Clinics provide timely, affordable and professional healthcare. Our friendly team are always ready to help. Our services include Health Screening, Covid-19 Test and Vaccination, Medical Check Ups and Corporate Services. We are able to conduct medical examination, such as those required for Employment Pass/Work Permits, Maid Checkups, and many more. Importantly, ATA Medical specializes in health screening on a daily basis and has seen over thousands of health screening patients over the past few years. We have been creating personalized health plans for our patients over the years as part of their routine post screening consultations. If you choose ATA Medical as your Healthier SG provider, we will be able to create a detailed health plan based on your comprehensive health screening results, on top of your other medical and personal history.