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    Batang Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea



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    • Breast Surgery

    • Male Plastic Surgery

    • Forehead Lifting


    ABOUT US A medical specialist in each field will deliver a high level of completion via precise diagnosis and accurate surgery. At Batang Plastic Surgery Clinic, there is a medical specialist for each field. The medical specialist performs the initial diagnosis, surgery, and post-surgery care that meets individual needs. You can expect the safest surgery and the best possible result. At Batang, there are no shadow surgeons or locum tenens. Your designated surgeon will be with you every step of the way, from consultation to post-surgery care. We will strive for honesty and integrity to serve our clients. We are fully equipped with cutting-edge medical devices and safety systems to analyze your condition and ensure an exact and safe surgery. We are devoted to the safety of our clients. Our 3D-CT scans, an uninterruptible power system, endoscopy, etc. are all in place to provide a safer surgery. 1:1 personal anesthetic system We are dedicated to the safety and rights of our clients. Following a thorough examination to check whether surgery is viable, our surgeon will then plan a customized 1:1 surgery with an anesthesiologist. Our seamless safety management system provides a safe and reliable surgery environment. • In-house anesthesiologist • Aseptic management system • Emergency medical treatment system Accommodations for long-distance clients We cater to every client’s needs through our care system. • Airport pickup service We offer a pickup service for our clients who wish to fly in to visit us. • Hotel reservation system We will reserve hotels for our clients for a comfortable stay. • 1:1 personal care system Our team will provide you with personalized medical care. Clients visiting us from abroad will be taken care of by our team of experts, who will offer medical care during and after your surgery. • Post-surgery care system We offer personalized care systems post-surgery that include massages, ultrasonic treatment, lasers, etc. • Specific policy insurance Rest assured that we are covered by a KMAMA 200 million won policy. • Call Center Our call center will answer queries prior to the surgery and address concerns after your surgery. OUR SURGEONS Our surgeons are Yonsei graduates and trained at Severance Hospital. As esteemed medical specialists, they possess a plethora of experience and expertise in their respective fields.