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    Bongbong Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea



    All / Top Specialties

    • Liposuction

    • Body Contouring

    • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

    All / Top Services

    • Microscopic micro scar surgery

    • Injection drugs treatment

    • Liposuction

    • Abdominoplasty

    • Ultherapy Treatment

    • Breast implant

    • Nipple/areola plastic surgery

    • Autologous fat breast augmentation

    • Fuyubang (gynecomastia)

    • Thread lifting

    • Eyelid correction

    • Canthoplasty

    • Natural double burial method

    • Whitening laser

    • Under-eye fat redistribution

    • BB Skin Booster

    • Bespoke Lifting

    • One-day implant hip-up

    • Hip filler augmentation

    • Breast reconstruction


    The Beauty of Naturalism Plastic Surgery We promise to provide honest and healthier beauty based on naturalism. BONGBONG MOTTO • create the beautiful curves of the human body. • Pursue a naturalist plastic surgery aesthetic. • responsible medical care through the real-name surgery system. • Never give up on genuine efforts. • design with outstanding artistic skills. Motto is “Right Plastic Surgery, Healthy Plastic Surgery" Harmonized eyes, nose, mouth, and facial contour to make face surgery, breast and body contouring surgery with an ideal proportion, revision surgery or reconstruction surgery to resolve side effects or dissatisfaction after shaping, various treatments and anti-stem cells anti-aging, which improves sexual function and sexual satisfaction, is a major area of care for Bongbong Plastic Surgery. GLOBAL BONGBONG • World Recognized Bongbong Plastic Surgery recently visited by overseas plastic surgeon Aquarium Molding Techniques and Morty Bars. The state handed over hybrid chest-shaping technology. • Endless Research, High Completeness Results Through this technology exchange, Korea's medical technology and programs will be spread all over the world. We hope to have a chance to develop further based on continuous research in bonbon plastic surgery. We will take care of everyone carefully to get high-quality results. BONGBONG SUPERIORITY Excellence of Bongbong Plastic Surgery • Professional Specialist in Surgery Meet your specialist, leading the field with advanced skills. Your specialist is actively participating in international academic activities and research in breast surgery, body contouring, female surgery, female plastic surgery, dermatology, etc. and promises to provide advanced medical services. • Latest medical Technology applied Effective and safe service with the latest medical technology Devices are used to scan facial and body measurements for exact before-and-after predictions. The scientifically designed Divina provides accurate data for perfect surgical results. • Privacy guaranteed Do not worry about identity exposure! Separate time and space are made available. We provide time and space for classified counseling and surgery. Make an appointment in advance, and your time and space will be reserved and kept confidential. • Hotel and Limousine Service We provide hotel and limousine linked service Due to Covid 19, the limousine service is not currently running. • Customer Respect Service Make your choice at every step of the process. Bongbong strictly analyzes every patient and suggests the best method for each one. Advisory suggestions are provided for your pleasant and comfortable experience with the surgery. PERFECTIONISM FOR A REASON Bongbong Plastic Surgery always puts the patient first. • High level artistic vision and great master spirit • Simple petit procedure • Thread lifting is also different. The high level of results that Bongbong seeks is not simply realized. BONGBONG PHILOSOPHY 01. Even simple procedures must be thorough. • We spare no investment. Bongbong never uses cheap materials or drugs. • Customer satisfaction. Good-quality materials and techniques meet to realize patient satisfaction. • Vane viewer injection. An injection technology that examines the veins helps to prevent blood vessel damage, such as embolism. It prevents potentially harmful side effects during and after botox and filler treatments. There is no need to be concerned about bruising or swelling. 02. Sincerely welcomes customers Safer than spending a lot of money building sanitation management infrastructures. 03. Invest in patient safety if it is for the sake of health. One-stop hospitalization test for 30 items in the hospital using all operating rooms equipped with a 24-hour self-generating system. The air in all operating rooms and patient waiting rooms is always cleanly managed by FDA Class 2 Medical Device, Airocide, and Hepafilter Air Purification Furnace, and the hospital effectively prevents secondary and cross infections. There is no compromise on the safety and health of the patient. The nature of the symptoms of plastic surgery makes the body sick and curable. That is our aim: to treat and service customers who want to improve their beauty and function in order to live a better life. Bongbong Plastic Surgery always puts the patient first. warm greetings with trusting treatment and caring service. • without pain • faster recovery • no side effects • no scar visible