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Bright Eye Clinic - Gangnam

Seoul, South Korea


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  • Smile · vision correction

  • Lens implantation

  • Dream Lens

  • Dream Lens

  • Presbyopia, cataract

  • eye disease

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  • Quattro Smile

  • Zeiss Smile


  • Smile Lasik

  • Triple smile

  • Flatulence

  • Macular degeneration

  • Glaucoma

  • Retinal detachment

  • Dry eye syndrome

  • Lens Care Instructions

  • Hard/soft lenses

  • Cataract surgery

  • Presbyopia lens implantation

  • Cataract

  • Presbyopia

  • Artisan · Toric · Aphakic

  • Ivo+Aqua ICL · Toric

  • Echo Toric

  • Rtiplex Toric

Contact Information

15th 17th floor 465 Gangnam-daero Seocho-gu Seoul South Korea


At Bright Eyes Ophthalmology, we're proud to introduce you to an extraordinary journey that started with a vision – Asia's first Smile LASIK device, VisuMax. Guided by the visionary leadership of CEO Chun Hyeon-cheol, our clinic has blossomed into a beacon of cutting-edge ophthalmological excellence. With over 100,000 successful Smile LASIK cases and a state-of-the-art facility situated on the 17th floor of Gangnam Kyobo Tower, we've pioneered the advancements that lead the global ophthalmology arena. In 2009, the doors of Bright Eye Eye Clinic swung open on the 15th floor of Gangnam Kyobo Tower, marking the genesis of our exceptional journey. Asia marveled at our pioneering spirit as we unveiled the revolutionary Smile Lasik equipment, VisuMax, setting new benchmarks in ophthalmic care. Fast forward to 2020, witness the grand expansion of our operating room to 800 pyeong, a testament to our commitment to excellence. With the introduction of 3 additional VisuMax units, we've embraced innovation at its peak. Our laser cataract and air shower sterilization systems showcase our dedication to uncompromising safety. In 2022, we stood tall as ZEISS officially certified our achievement of 100,000 successful Smile Lasik cases. Our legacy of excellence was celebrated at the ZEISS 2022 Smile Forum, where we shared the outcomes of our Smile LASIK clinical research. Our participation in the APACRS Asian Pacific Cataract and Refractive Surgery Conference echoes our commitment to continuous learning. With 2023 comes a new horizon for Bright Eyes Ophthalmology. We've established Korea's most extensive ophthalmology network, ensuring that quality eye care resonates throughout the region. Our collaboration with overseas general hospitals underscores our global outlook, while our outreach programs focus on extending care to the underprivileged. Irrespective of your age, our eye health total care system ensures a personalized approach to your needs. Our meticulously expanded treatment departments offer a comprehensive spectrum of care, from advanced outpatient services to cutting-edge dry eye treatment (IPL) facilities. Join us at Bright Eyes Ophthalmology, where vision isn't just a sense – it's a promise of a brighter, clearer life. Explore the pinnacle of ophthalmological care, championed by technology, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to your well-being. Your journey to clear vision begins here.