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    Chai Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea



    All / Top Specialties

    • Breast Augmentation

    • PRP Micro Fat Graft

    • Face Contouring

    All / Top Services

    • PRP Micro Fat Graft

    • Forehead reduction

    • Front cheekbone implant

    • Chin liposuction

    • Short chin implant

    • Double Eyelid Surgery

    • Eye Correction

    • Redistribution of fat under the eyes

    • Middle-aged eye surgery

    • Three-dimensional line rhinoplasty

    • No-implant rhinoplasty

    • Costal cartilage rhinoplasty

    • Revision Rhinoplasty

    • S-Line Body Liposuction

    • Male Rhinoplasty

    • Gynecomastia surgery

    • Face-lift

    • Breast Augmentation

    • Breast Reduction Surgery

    • Areola and Nipple Surgery


    Chai's Difference Quality diagnosis based on competence and dedication to clients. Sincere, client-oriented treatment. Chai’s principles rest on a sincere approach to each individual client and competent, quality treatment. We at Chai will hold fast to our principles. 01. The chief director takes full responsibility. In Chai, the Chief Director, Dr. Choi, takes full responsibility for the full spectrum of the client experience, from consultation and surgery to post-surgery care. 02. Genuine communications Chai values communication with clients and takes sufficient time for medical consultation. 03. ONLY necessary surgeries! Chai never practices overtreatment and only recommends surgeries that the client absolutely needs. 04. Client safety is our priority. Chai is equipped with emergency medical tools and systems for a safe surgery. 05. Constant research efforts Chai has been continuing with its research and academic efforts for better customer experience and satisfaction. 06. Outcome accountability Chai has various programs and takes responsibility for the results. ** A difference in performance means a difference in outcome. We promise the genuine beauty you have been desiring with our distinguished confidence, technology, and knowledge. Chai Plastic Surgery is striving to bring a smile to our clients by realizing their full beauty potential with our sophisticated surgery techniques and client-oriented ethos and principles. Chai’s 6-Step Safe Surgery Procedure  Personalized Consultation Your experience at Chai begins with a 1-on-1 personal consultation with our chief director. With precise analysis and diagnosis of your current conditions, we will prescribe the optimal surgery methods for you.  Precision Diagnosis System From consultation to post-surgery care, our chief Director precisely diagnoses clients and treats every procedure. Chai Plastic Surgery Clinic is run by one primary plastic surgery clinician who takes full responsibility without the risk of ghost surgery.  Necessary Surgery ONLY We do not recommend unnecessary surgeries to our clients. We accurately analyze our customers' conditions and needs and only recommend essential surgeries. Unnecessary surgeries increase the risk of medical accidents and compromise customer satisfaction.  Genuine Products We only use genuine, FDA-approved, and high-end medical products and tools  Thorough Sanitary Control We are equipped with a university hospital-level disinfection system to ensure the sanitary conditions of all surgical equipment and tools. In addition, we strive to enforce a strict sanitation policy through robust employee training.  Post-surgery Intensive Care We use regenerative laser care techniques for fast and safe recovery after surgery. Our laser uses both 590 mm and 830 nm wavelengths to maximize the restorative effect of the 830 mm laser on the skin. At Chai, we strive to ensure our clients’ fast recovery and their return to everyday life. For our clients' safety, Chai is outfitted with a variety of safe surgery and emergency medical equipment. Chai’s priority is the patient's safety.