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CleanTattoo Clinic

Seoul, South Korea



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  • Laser

  • Tatto Removal

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  • PicoSure

  • PicoPlus

  • PicoWay

  • Semi-permanent removal method

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111 Bongeunsa-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


CleanTattoo Clinic stands at the forefront of tattoo removal expertise, recognized globally for its exceptional treatment capabilities and distinguished career in the field of tattoo removal. The clinic collaborates with major global laser manufacturing companies, making it the go-to destination for conducting clinical trials every time new medical equipment related to tattoo removal is released. These companies seek CleanTattoo's expertise and are eager to have their products utilized by the clinic, given its stellar reputation and worldwide acclaim for delivering outstanding results in tattoo removal treatments. One of the key factors that set CleanTattoo apart from other medical institutions is its exclusive focus on tattoo removal. Over 90% of the patients visiting CleanTattoo seek assistance for tattoo removal-related issues, making it the only specialized facility of its kind. The clinic's patient composition alone speaks volumes about its reputation and expertise in the field. What truly distinguishes CleanTattoo Clinic is not just the advanced medical equipment they use, such as PicoWay, PicoSure, PicoPlus, PicoDiscovery, PicoMajesty, PicoOne, and PicoCare lasers, but also their unparalleled know-how of tattoo removal procedures. With extensive experience and a long-standing history in tattoo removal, CleanTattoo has acquired an expertise that no domestic hospital can easily match. The clinic consistently stays ahead in the field, earning global recognition for its tattoo removal procedures, which are regarded as the best in the world. The clinic's excellence has garnered significant attention from leading medical device manufacturers, who frequently approach CleanTattoo for clinical trials and treatment cases using their state-of-the-art tattoo removal laser devices. This further cements the clinic's position as an industry leader in tattoo removal. To add to its achievements, CleanTattoo Clinic has been honored with ISO international technical certifications. The clinic's tattoo removal capabilities have earned them ISO 9001 certification in the quality sector, highlighting their commitment to maintaining high standards in medical care. Additionally, CleanTattoo has received ISO 14001 certification for its post-treatment care and educational capabilities in the environmental sector, showcasing its dedication to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. In summary, CleanTattoo Clinic is a world-renowned medical institution specializing in tattoo removal, boasting cutting-edge technology, unmatched expertise, and a strong commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. Patients seeking safe, effective, and exceptional tattoo removal treatments can trust CleanTattoo Clinic for their outstanding track record and global reputation in the field.