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    Cytecare Cancer Hospitals

    Karnataka, India



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    • Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)

    • Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)

    • Bone marrow transplant

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    • Bone scan

    • Mammogram

    • Mastectomy

    • Whipple procedure

    • Pancreatectomy

    • Laryngoscopy

    • Nasendoscopy

    • Physical exam

    • Hysterectomy

    • Pelvic exam

    • Blood tests

    • X-ray

    • Ultrasound

    • Mohs microsurgery

    • PET-CT scan

    • Chemotherapy

    • Radiation Therapy

    • Biopsy

    • Pharyngectomy

    • Endoscopy


    Cytecare Cancer Hospital is located in Karnataka, India, and it is recommended as one of the best hospitals for the treatment of cancer patients. This hospital provides medical care and treatment for almost all types of cancers like breast cancer, head cancer, neck cancer, and GIT cancer. It is equipped with high-end technology and the latest machinery that provides high-quality treatment at a reasonable price. NABH accredited Cytecare Cancer Hospital. Highly trained and professional oncologists are present in this hospital. These doctors physically treat the patients and also help them refrain from mental stress and emotional distress. WHY CHOOSE CYTECARE CANCER HOSPITAL? ● Cytecare Cancer Hospital is considered the best cancer hospital. Their cancer treatment is done through immunotherapy and highly trained professionals perform this procedure. It is painless therapy and has no side effects. ● This hospital contains highly professional and skilled doctors that provide high-quality treatment. ● Doctors, nurses, and other professional staff are highly responsive and friendly. The doctors' responsiveness and good communication with patients play an essential role in the patients' excellent treatment and early recovery. ● It has highly equipped laboratories that provide reliable diagnostic services and results. It offers excellent diagnostic services of biopsy, endoscope, pathology, radiology, and nuclear medicine. Diagnosis is made through PET CT, which is the most effective method to identify cancer. Digital breast tomosynthesis is another diagnostic method that provides high-quality 3D images. ● It is also equipped with the Elekta Versa HD linear accelerator. This ground-breaking technology delivers sophisticated, and high-quality treatments. ● Treatment is provided to every patient according to their needs and requirements. Patients' rooms, chambers, and other therapy rooms are facilitated according to the patient's medical and health needs. Rooms are well furnished and provide soothing and peaceful effects. ● Cytecare Cancer Hospital is aesthetically designed to produce a tremendous impact on patients' mental health and help in patients' early recovery. This hospital features an energy-efficient system that enhances the hospital's plantation and greenery. ● The hospital environment is highly hygienic and is cleaned regularly. ● There is a separate outpatient consultation section for women. ● It has a separate and accessible radiation therapy chamber for every patient. It also features a separate chemotherapy chamber, and ICU waiting lounge for patients. ● Cytecare cancer hospital strictly follows infection control standards indicated by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers). TOP MEDICAL SPECIALITIES OF CYTECARE CANCER HOSPITAL ● Soft tissue tumors ● Bone marrow transplant ● Pancreatic cancer ● Childhood cancer SOFT TISSUE TUMORS It is the type of cancer that starts with blood vessels, muscles, fat, and other body tissues. It can be present in any part of the body. Almost 50 types of soft tissue tumors exist. These tumors can affect both adults and children. These tumors are difficult to diagnose and can be found in any body part. It can be treated through several methods depending on the patient's condition. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy are the most common treatments. Cytecare cancer hospital provides high-quality treatment to the soft tissue tumor patients. Several imaging tests like computed tomography scans, magnetic resonance imaging scans, positron emission tomography scans, and biopsy are conducted efficiently for the accurate diagnosis. All these tests provide a reliable and fast diagnosis of the disease. After the diagnosis, a treatment plan is prepared according to each patient's medical needs. Tumors are treated through surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, external beam radiation therapy, and brachytherapy. Expert oncologists and surgeons perform these surgeries. After the treatment, proper instructions and diet-related guidelines are also given to patients. BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT Bone marrow is a medical procedure in which blood stem cells are transplanted or bone marrow is replaced. Bone marrow is the spongy part of the bones that produces red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Bone marrow cells also provide hematopoietic stem cells. Sometimes bone marrow is not able to perform its normal functions. This could be because of several reasons. Bone marrow transplant is generally performed if you are facing: ● Aplastic anemia ● Leukemia ● Sickle cell anemia ● Congenital neutropenia Cytecare Cancer Hospital provides bone marrow transplants at affordable rates. It is a complicated surgery that involves many risks and complications. These complications can be mild or severe. So, a highly-skilled professional is required to perform this surgery. Expert doctors provide research-based medicines and result-oriented treatments with no side effects. Cytecare Cancer Hospital is considered the best bone marrow transplant center in Bangalore. PANCREATIC CANCER Pancreatic cancer is cancer that starts in pancreatic tissues. It does not cause any cancer at the initial stage, so it is difficult to diagnose. Pancreatic treatment depends on the patient's condition and the extent and type of cancer. Highly skilled doctors in Cytecare Cancer Hospital provide high-quality treatments for pancreatic cancers. It is a complex surgery, so all kinds of risks should be considered. That is why, doctors offer good communication and instructions to patients before the procedure. A healthy diet plan is also provided to patients for faster and better recovery. CHILDHOOD CANCER Childhood cancer is the type of cancer that appears in children for several reasons. These cancers are rare, but there are many types of childhood cancer, such as: ● Osteosarcoma ● Leukemia ● Brain cancer ● Lymphoma ● Retinoblastoma ● Hepatoblastoma ● Spinal cord tumors Highly professional and efficient pediatric surgeons, physicians, hematologists, pediatric nurse specialists are present in Cytecare Cancer Hospital. Their oncology department and rooms are well equipped with all the facilities and all the diagnostic procedures are performed through the latest technology and latest machinery. Cytecare Cancer Hospital is the best-recommended hospital in Bangalore, India, that provides high-quality treatment for all cancer types. This hospital is equipped with high-end technology and all that medical equipment that ensure quick diagnosis and good treatment. The hospital environment is highly hygienic and friendly and 24/7-hour contact support is also provided to patients.