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    DHI Medical Group Mexico

    Ciudad de México, Mexico


    Are you ready to embrace a future with a fuller head of hair and renewed self-confidence? Look no further! DHI Global Medical Group, with its 48-year legacy as the pioneers in hair restoration, is here to guide you on your journey to hair rejuvenation. Minimally-Invasive: Our procedure involves only local anesthesia, ensuring your comfort throughout the process. Better Preservation of Donor Area: Our manual extraction technique ensures the donor area retains its integrity, providing natural-looking results. Direct Hair Implantation: Say goodbye to unsightly holes or slits – our technique guarantees a seamless, natural appearance. High Precision Patented Instruments: We employ cutting-edge tools to ensure the utmost accuracy and quality in every hair implantation. Quick Recovery: In many cases, you can return to work the very next day, minimizing downtime. Impressive Survival Rate: With a 90-97% survival rate of implantation, our results speak for themselves. A DHI hair transplant isn't just about regaining your hair; it's about restoring your self-esteem and confidence. Take the first step towards your transformation by clicking the "Request a Consultation" button on this page. Our dedicated Hair Specialist from DHI will schedule a free consultation with you to assess your suitability for this life-changing procedure. DHI Global Medical Group: Experts in Hair Restoration Since 1970 For nearly half a century, DHI Global Medical Group has been at the forefront of hair restoration, having helped over 200,000 patients worldwide with alopecia concerns across more than 60 cities. Our legacy is built on pioneering education, relentless research, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment of hair and scalp disorders. With each passing year, we continue to set the gold standard for safety, innovation, and medical excellence in the hair restoration industry. Trust DHI Global Medical Group to be your partner in your quest for hair restoration. Your journey to a confident, revitalized you starts here.