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EFIL Plastic Surgery

Daegu, South Korea



All / Top Specialties

  • Eye Surgery

  • Double Jaw Surgery

  • Nose Surgery

  • Rhinoplasty

  • Cranioplasty, Face lift

  • Forehead lifting

All / Top Services

  • Ultradiced cartilage fillers

  • Diced rib cartilage surgery

  • Low Nasal dorsum

  • Roman Nose / Polly Beak Nose Deformity

  • Arrow Shaped Nose

  • Short Nose

  • Deviated Nose

  • Stubby Nose

  • Cleft rhinoplasty

  • Deviated septum

  • rhinitis

  • Secondary or tertiary rhinoplasty

  • Exophthalmos (Prominent Eye) Surgery

  • Orbital Expansion Surgery

  • Fine Autologous Fat Transplantation

  • Diced Bone Transplantation

  • Artificial Bone Transplantation

  • Rib Cartilage Transplantation

  • Protruding Chin Surgery

  • Facial Asymmetry

Contact Information

2111 Dalgubeol-daero Jung-gu Daegu South Korea


EFIL Plastic Surgery stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of facial bone plastic surgery, boasting a commitment to delivering unparalleled medical expertise and patient-centered care. Building upon the renowned reputation of the Facial Bone Center at EFIL Plastic Surgery Insight Medicine, EFIL emerges as a global leader, promising to transform facial aesthetics and redefine lives through its innovative approach. POINT 01: Beautiful Harmony of the Face EFIL Plastic Surgery recognizes the profound impact that facial harmony can have on an individual's overall appearance and self-confidence. With an artistic touch and a deep understanding of facial aesthetics, the skilled surgeons at EFIL work diligently to achieve the perfect balance of features, creating a symphony of beauty that harmonizes with each individual's unique characteristics. POINT 02: Use of Autologous Tissue Without Implants Setting new standards in surgical techniques, EFIL takes pride in utilizing autologous tissue – the patient's own natural tissues – without resorting to implants. This approach not only ensures natural-looking results but also minimizes the risk of complications associated with foreign materials. By harnessing the body's own potential, EFIL surgeons craft results that are both stunning and safe. POINT 03: Transparency in Medical Material Management EFIL Plastic Surgery champions transparency in every aspect of its medical practice, particularly in the management of medical materials. Patients can be assured that their care is characterized by honesty and openness, with clear communication about the materials used and the procedures involved. This commitment to transparency underscores EFIL's dedication to building trust with patients. The philosophy of EFIL is rooted in the concept of transformation, where the old life is rejuvenated into a new beginning. This concept is mirrored in the arrangement of the word "LIFE" itself, which captures the essence of this transformative journey. EFIL's prominence on the global stage is a testament to its unwavering commitment to considering life after plastic surgery. With a global reputation that resonates far and wide, EFIL Plastic Surgery contemplates the profound impact of plastic surgery on an individual's life. Amidst the overwhelming options of plastic surgeons and institutions, EFIL emerges as the ultimate choice. Boasting an impressive track record of 4,500 successful facial bone surgeries, EFIL stands at the forefront of expertise and experience. The sheer number of surgeries performed underscores EFIL's dedication to its craft and the exceptional outcomes it consistently delivers. EFIL's ascendancy is anchored in rigorous research, innovative patents, and unparalleled technology. The development of groundbreaking tools, such as the facial analyzer (Patent 10-2011-0029644) and the ultra-fine rib particle rhinoplasty medical device, exemplify EFIL's commitment to pushing the boundaries of surgical excellence. The accolade of being recognized as a leading medical technology by the Ministry of Health and Welfare further cements EFIL's position as a pioneer. At the helm of EFIL is CEO Kim Chan-woo, a visionary with an intricately balanced face – a living testament to the harmonious fusion of form and function. Amid concerns about factory-style surgeries and delegations to numerous doctors, CEO Kim Chan-woo stands as a singular figure of trust and expertise. Patients can find solace in knowing that their journey will be guided by the steady hand of the master himself. EFIL Plastic Surgery is not only a beacon of innovation but also a paragon of safety and international recognition. As the world's first and only medical institution to obtain JCI re-certification, EFIL's dedication to quality and patient well-being knows no bounds. The resolute focus on medical know-how and services that transcend borders solidifies EFIL's reputation as a globally acclaimed institution. In an era where reviews and advertisements abound, EFIL remains steadfast, re-acquiring JCI certification as a testament to its commitment to specialization and systematization. This re-certification underscores EFIL's status as a trustworthy and credible medical institution, standing resolute amidst the noise of the industry.