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Good Life Dental Hospital

Seoul, South Korea



Languages Spoken

  • English

  • 中文 – 简体

  • Русский

  • 日本語

  • Tiếng Việt

  • ไทย

  • عربي

  • 한국어

Top Specialties

  • Tooth replantation

  • Apicoectomy

  • Cerec inlay

  • Aesthetic Dentistry

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Dental microscope therapy

  • Scaling/polishing

  • Dental Crown

  • Orthodontics

  • Dental Implants

  • Gingivectomy

Contact Information

South Korea, Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Nonhyeon 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-daero, 476 Urban Hive Building 4F


Good Life Dental Hospital is the best dental hospital in Seoul, South Korea. This hospital aims at improving their patient’s quality of life. It is equipped with high-end technology and modern machinery that makes the treatment more reliable. Good Life Dental Hospital contains highly professional doctors, skilled nurses, dentists, and surgeons that provide the best minimally invasive treatments. Their team includes professional orthodontists, skilled endodontists, trained periodontists, and experienced prosthodontics. Dr. Sang Min Micheal Lee is the best dental surgeon in this hospital, who is also a member of The Korean Academy of Prosthodontics. This hospital is located in the Urban Hive building of Gangnam, Seoul. It is the most recommended dental hospital in the region. Highly professional dental and oral treatment is provided to patients by a team of experts. It provides services in almost all fields of dental and oral health care. WHY CHOOSE GOOD LIFE DENTAL HOSPITAL? ● Location of Good Life Dental Hospital is very good for international and foreign patients. As the clinic is surrounded by the five-star and four-star hotels from all sides. So, it is the best recommended dental hospital for overseas. ● It offers online consultation or video consultation with doctors. You can book an appointment from the website or Facebook page. However, the payment method is also very easy and well suited to all. It accepts both credit card and cash payments. ● The hospital environment is very friendly. Their staff is very responsive and responsible. They can speak Chinese, English, Russian and Korean languages. This helps them eliminate all the communication barriers between the patient and the doctor. ● Hospital is regularly cleaned and sterilized. Regular space sterilization is done through EO gas, two autoclaves, O radicals, and plasma sterilization. ● This hospital provides personalized medical services and high-quality treatment to all national and international dental patients. It offers various services in dental care including implants, tooth whitening, Inlay cavity treatment, and laminate veneer treatment. ● It is equipped with high-quality medical equipment like microscopes, intraoral cameras, intraoral scanners, and other tooth whitening devices. ● 24/7-hour contact support is provided to patients. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALITIES OF GOOD LIFE DENTAL HOSPITAL ● Dental microscope therapy ● Dental implants ● Tooth bleaching ● Tooth replantation DENTAL MICROSCOPE THERAPY Detailed microscope dental visualization is important in the field of dentistry. Accurate treatment cannot solely rely on the technical skills of doctors. So, a good dental operating microscope is necessary for the accurate diagnosis and treatment of the dental disorder. A dental microscope with high magnification and Coaxial LED illumination is required. The Leica M320 is the best microscope in this regard. Dental microscope therapy is used to diagnose hidden causes of pain and it magnifies the tooth by 25 times. Good Life Dental Hospital is equipped with high magnification microscopes that provide accurate and detailed results. It is considered a good hospital for microscopic root canal treatment and dental microscopic therapy. Best medical care and good services are provided at the hospital most economically. DENTAL IMPLANTS Dental implants are very useful to treat missing teeth. They are used as an alternative to the root of missing teeth. This artificial tooth root is surgically fixed into the jawbone and then fuse with the bone after some weeks. Most dental implants are composed of titanium because titanium fuses early with bone. This type of treatment does not affect surrounding natural teeth or sensory receptors. The health of the patient, patient preferences, and location of missing teeth are the essential factors that need to be considered. A dental surgeon examines whether a dental implant is suitable for the patient or not. Usually, dental implants are of two types: ● Endosteal which is the inside of the bone. ● Subperiosteal which is outside the jawbone. Good Life Dental Hospital provides high-quality dental implants at an affordable price. They also provide the services of immediate implant loads of a full mouth or one missing teeth. Individualized treatment plans are provided to each patient regarding special needs and preferences. Their expert team of Good Life Dental Hospital offers treatments that cause less pain. Local anesthesia is provided during the operation. After the operation, proper instructions and over-the-counter medicines are given to prevent side effects or pain. TOOTH BLEACHING Tooth bleaching is the process of teeth whitening that can be carried out by a dentist. Usually, a bleaching solution is used to make the teeth clean and white. In bleaching solutions, hydrogen peroxide is widely used for bleaching purposes. Different tooth whitening brands or bleaches are available in the market. Professional dentists will diagnose and apply the best teeth bleaching kit to the teeth according to the needs. Tooth bleaching can sometimes cause tooth sensitivities. So, it is important to consider these factors before bleaching teeth. Good Life Dental Hospital provides high-quality teeth bleaching by its professional doctors and dentists. The hospital environment is extremely hygienic. All the tools and accessories used are sterilized. Tools are safe to use and they 100% meet the criteria of health safety principles. Operation and teeth bleaching is performed well and gives 99% satisfactory results. TOOTH REPLANTATION Tooth replantation is the process in which the avulsed teeth are reinserted into the socket. This replantation process is completed within 30 minutes. It is performed by dentists, oral surgeons, and experts in endodontics. This procedure needs to be performed with high care and proper consultation with doctors is needed before going to the operation bed. Good life Dental Hospital is a well-known hospital that provides high-quality tooth replantation and other treatments. Tooth replantation is performed by highly skilled professionals and prosthodontics in this hospital. After the surgery, patients are provided with good medical care and services. Online consultation and 24/7-hour contact support are also provided to meet all the criteria of satisfactory outcomes.