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Hand surgery

Western Cape, South Africa



Languages Spoken

  • English

  • Nederlands

Top Specialties

  • Hand surgery

  • Numbness of hands and feet

  • Carpal Tunnel

  • Hand tumours

  • Arthritis

Contact Information

Room A117, Cape Town Medi-Clinic 21 Hof Street, Oranjezicht, 8001 Cape Town, South Africa


Welcome to our Clinic, where we specialize in the transformative field of hand surgery. We understand the importance of hands in our everyday lives and the impact hand-related conditions can have on our overall well-being. Let us introduce you to our esteemed specialist, Angelique Schroder, who embodies the spirit of resilience and determination. Angelique Schroder, who was born with symbrachydactyly, has overcome incredible odds to prove that where there is a will, there is indeed a way. Symbrachydactyly typically affects only one hand, but in Angelique's case, she faced the challenge of missing fingers on both of her hands. Her remarkable journey of restoration and renewed functionality is a testament to our expertise and commitment to enhancing lives. We understand that burn contracture can lead to a hand becoming claw-like, with tight, rigid skin and stiff, immobile fingers. However, rest assured that our passionate team of professionals can perform hand reconstructions using innovative full-thickness skin grafts. This revolutionary technique has the potential to restore your hand to its fully functioning glory, allowing you to regain confidence and independence in your daily activities. At our Clinic, we also address finger tip amputations resulting from injuries. We are acutely aware of the physical and emotional challenges that arise from such cases. Our dedicated specialist utilizes a cutting-edge fat grafting technique to reconstruct lost volume, restore natural shape, and decrease sensitivity. With our personalized approach to each patient's needs, we strive to provide tailored solutions that go beyond expectations.

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  • Splinting

  • Steroid injections

  • Skin flaps

  • Skin grafts

  • Lymphatic tissue

  • Blood vessels

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Pinched Nerve

  • Diabetes