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Hando Hospital

Gyeonggi-do, South Korea



All / Top Specialties

  • Anesthesia and Pain Medicine

  • Rehabilitation medicine

  • Digestive system center

  • Surgery

  • Dentistry

  • Gynecological

  • Spine Center

  • Cardiocerebrovascular Center

  • Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery

  • Health Promotion Center

  • Cardiology

  • Neurology

  • Endocrinology

  • Renal Hemodialysis Center

  • Neurosurgery

  • Joint center

  • Ophthalmology

  • Otolaryngology

  • Orthopedic

  • Radiology

  • Gastroenterology

  • Urology

  • Industrial Medicine Center

  • Rehabilitation center

  • Nephrology

All / Top Services

  • Regional Anesthesia

  • Cranial Anesthesia

  • General Anesthesia

  • Spinal Injury Rehabilitation

  • Pain Rehabilitation

  • Cranial Nerve Rehabilitation

  • Musculoskeletal System Rehabilitation

  • Elderly Rehabilitation

  • Stomach Disease

  • Colon Disease

  • Pancreatobiliary Disease

  • Duodenal Disease

  • Esophageal Disease

  • Liver Disease

  • Small Intestine Disease

  • Liver Surgery

  • Laparoscopy

  • Gallbladder Disease

  • Biliary Tract

  • Pancreas

Contact Information

Danwon-gu Ansan-si Gyeonggi-do South Korea


Welcome to Hando Hospital, your trusted partner in healthcare located at 103 Seonbu Gwangjang-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do. At Hando Hospital, our motto is "Hando Hospital is always by your side," and we are committed to delivering exceptional medical care and services to our valued patients. Our journey has been one of continuous improvement, striving to enhance medical technology and patient-centered care. Acknowledging past shortcomings, we are embarking on a new era, dedicating ourselves to providing the highest quality healthcare. To ensure your comfort and convenience, we have recently renovated our facilities and assembled a team of exemplary medical professionals. Our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, further enhancing the quality of care we offer. Hando Hospital goes beyond traditional healthcare by providing nursing care services that alleviate the need for a 24-hour guardian presence. We are dedicated to creating a space where patients can place their trust and find solace during their healthcare journey. We humbly request your continued support and interest in our future endeavors. With your kindness and trust, we will shape a brighter future for Hando Hospital—one that transcends the ordinary in healthcare. Thank you for choosing Hando Hospital, where your well-being is our top priority.