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    Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch

    Berlin, Germany


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    • Gastrointestinal Cancer

    • Radioiodine (Radioactive Iodine) Therapy

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    • Radiation therapy

    • Endoscopy

    • MRI scan

    • Chemotherapy

    • Radioiodine (Radioactive Iodine) Therapy

    • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test

    • Transrectal biopsy of the prostate

    • Hormone therapy

    • Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT)

    • PET-CT

    • Blood tests

    • Pelvic exam

    • CT-scan

    • Induction therapy

    • Bone marrow transplant

    • Bone marrow test

    • Spinal fluid test

    • Hysterectomy

    • Laparoscopy

    • Transvaginal ultrasonograhy


    Helios Hospital, Berlin-Buch is one of the most renowned and popular hospitals that are present in Germany. This hospital is considered to be amongst one of the best hospitals in Germany. Helios Hospital is one of the proud hospitals to house more than seventy departments within its infrastructure. It has almost all the medical fields present in one place. This convenience makes all the patients who are invited here for the first time easily approach and consult a doctor they were seeking. Apart from this, Helios Hospital, Berlin-Buch is also proud to be the working place for some of the best doctors in the entire state. In 2019, nine doctors, all working in different departments of the Helios Hospital, Berlin-Buch, were selected as the best doctors across Germany. This achievement is indeed proof that the doctors working here are not just great in terms of their qualifications but are equally great and recognized all over the state. Moreover, their state-of-the-art structure and great-quality customer service again add up to this hospital's high standard and make it an approachable place for all patients alike. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OFFERED AT THE HELIOS HOSPITAL, BERLIN-BUCH Although the Helios Hospital, Berlin-Buch is an all-rounder hospital, which means that it houses most of the specialties within it, the main focus of this hospital has since always revolved around cancer. They have prioritized this major killer disease throughout the hospital. The proof of this could be seen from the excellent board of specialist doctors, and surgeons present here with their unmatched talents and skills to ensure the proper survival of their patients. These doctors are highly skilled and know well what they are doing. Their treatment plans have always been proven to be successful in treating the patient with good results. The success rate of the cancer patients treated here has also remained hopeful and positive for a long time. This success ratio depicts that the doctors' hard work gets paid off and that they have successfully eliminated cancer from Germany. Some of the top medical specialties being provided at the Helios Hospital, Berlin-Buch include: BONE SARCOMA: Bone sarcoma is destructive. This form of cancer does not only cause destruction locally but is also known for metastasizing to other organs of the body. Bone sarcoma is common in people of all ages ranging from children to older adults. Therefore, it is necessary to rule out any causes of bone pain that might have otherwise been causing problems to an unsuspected patient for some time. At the Helios Hospital, Berlin-Buch, the competent team of doctors makes sure that all kinds of screening tests are performed to exclude the diagnosis. In case a sarcoma is diagnosed, the treatment begins immediately, with saving the patient's life from further damage being the ultimate priority. GYNECOLOGIC CANCER: Women have been seen to feel shy while discussing problems about their reproductive tract generally. While doing so, they do not realize that they might be harboring serious issues that get ignored due to their reluctance. Gynecologic Cancers are a prevalent source of women's morbidity and mortality. These higher rates are due to the disease getting diagnosed later or when it has already progressed past its treatment phase. These cancers have also been seen to have a rather aggressive nature that causes them to progress and develop rapidly. At the Helios Hospital, Berlin-Buch, the doctors ensure that the women coming to them for screening purposes are educated to follow up for routine screening tests. They also create necessary awareness among the women to stay vigilant regarding any warning signs that may point out a possible disease. MULTIPLE MYELOMA: The human body is composed of an efficient and excellent immune system. The immune system is smart to tackle any foreign body that it may encounter out of the blue. This way, it keeps the body safe from any unlikely invasions that may cause the person to develop any disease that alters his health. Different kinds of white blood cells present in the body help fight off these infectious agents. One such cell is the plasma cell. It is produced in the bone marrow, and it helps ward off any infection by producing antibodies. However, in a condition known as Multiple Myeloma, the plasma cells perform an opposite function - they oppose the other healthy blood cells that are getting produced in the body and cause them to get damaged, which releases excess amounts of unwanted protein content in the body. This protein content can affect several other body organs, causing them to be dysfunctional. At the Helios Hospital, Berlin-Buch, several keen doctors know how to diagnose and treat the disease correctly. There is currently no cure for Multiple Myeloma, however anything could be made possible with early treatment. ACUTE LYMPHOCYTIC LEUKEMIA (ALL): White blood cells are important components of the immune system. They help the body fight off foreign agents and protect it against microorganisms. Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) occurs when the bone marrow synthesizes uncontrollable amounts of immature lymphocytes or white blood cells. These immature lymphocytes are capable of causing severe damage to other components of the immune system, including the liver, spleen, lymph nodes, nervous system, etc. Since it is an acute disease, it needs to get treated immediately, or the death of the patients can ensue. This same practice is followed at the Helios Hospital, Berlin-Buch. The doctors rapidly treat the condition and make sure that the treatment could prevent further damage this way. This is an overview of the selfless and efficient services currently being provided at the Helios Hospital, Berlin-Buch. The administration, staff, and the doctors - all are vigilant and eager to know if there is any need for change in their hospital. The staff here believes in progressing ahead as a positive force. The successfully treated patients and their feedback regarding the hospital are enough to tell that the Helios Hospital, Berlin-Buch, is indeed remarkable. They have advanced techniques and equipment to deal with the different types of cancers people present with at the hospital. These techniques are only performed under the skilled supervision of skilled doctors and surgeons.