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    Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

    Delhi, India


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    • Double Eyelids

    • Prostate disease

    • Rheumatoid arthritis

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    • Eyelid Surgery

    • Urine test

    • Transrectal ultrasound

    • Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)

    • Blood tests

    • X-ray

    • Physical therapy

    • Urine tests

    • Spinal tap (lumbar puncture)

    • Antivirals drugs

    • Telemedicine

    • Tonometry

    • Eyedrops

    • Laparoscopic nephrectomy

    • Colonoscopy

    • Proctocolectomy

    • Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty

    • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test

    • MRI

    • Radical prostatectomy

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    Indraprastha Apollo Hospital was established in the year 1998 and is located at Mathura Road, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110076. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is one of the best-known private hospitals in Delhi and is the most sought-after. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital has all the modern healthcare facilities and is renowned for its excellent medical service provision. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is a multi-specialty tertiary acute care hospital that has around 710 beds and is spread over 15 acres. The professionals and medical specialists at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital ensure the best treatment for complex diseases with the best staff, the latest technology, and standardized processes. In addition to highly trained staff and the latest technology, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital engages the best consultants, supported by healthcare staff. They ensure that the latest diagnosis and treatment methods are used by conducting regular training programs, conferences, and continuing medical education programs. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals New Delhi is a flagship hospital of the Apollo Hospitals Group that epitomizes the clinical excellence that the Apollo Group stands for. Clinical excellence aims for the best clinical outcomes for patients. Achieving the best clinical outcomes for the most complex diseases requires the best staff supported by the latest technology and standardized processes. Accreditations for Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Indraprastha Apollo Hospital has been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) as the first internationally accredited hospital in India since 2005. The Government of Delhi and Apollo Hospitals Group declared it the third super specialty tertiary care hospital. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital continued to ensure safety and excellent outcomes consistently and has been accredited by JCI for the fourth time in 2014. Why Choose the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital? Indraprastha Apollo Hospital houses 57 specialties with more than 300 specialists, 20 operation theaters, and 162 ICU beds. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital has been providing medical services to both domestic and international patients for decades now. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital offers the latest diagnostic and surgical facilities for the appropriate treatment and care of its patients. The Indraprastha Apollo Hospital provides preventive checkup programs and ensures patient recovery and good health outcomes. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital features a wide range of treatments and dependable solutions to a wide range of illnesses and provides quality care with functional operation theaters and medical care units. Specialized departments at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital ·         Department of Elder Care ·         Department of Neonatology . Department of General and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery . Department of Pediatric Urology and Pediatric Surgery ·         Department of Dermatology Specialized Institutes at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital ·         Institute of Cancer ·         Institute of Emergency ·         Institute of Nephrology ·         Institute of Orthopedics ·         Institute of Transplant ·         Institute of Spine Top Medical Specialties of the Institute of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital ·         Autoimmune Liver Disease ·         Rheumatoid Arthritis ·         Eyelid Surgery ·         Ankylosing Spondylitis Autoimmune liver disease If the body's immune system attacks the liver, it leads to liver inflammation. The disease is chronic and lasts for many years. If left untreated, it can lead to cirrhosis and even liver failure. Autoimmune hepatitis is less common than the classic kind, and it usually affects girls between the ages of 2 and 14. The autoimmune disease affects girls more than boys. Some common symptoms of the disease include fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, itching, and bruising. For the treatment of autoimmune liver disease, the medical professionals at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital provide personalized treatment focusing on the prevention of disease progression and complications. In comparison, the advanced stages of the disorder can lead to a liver transplant. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology that is backed by modern intensive care units. The patients are evaluated with various methods, including endoscopies, endosonography, and capsule endoscopy. Rheumatoid Arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis refers to pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints. This disease is characterized by pain and swelling in the hands and feet, loss of joint function, and joint deformity. It usually affects joints in the hands, wrists, and knees, and the lining of the joints becomes inflamed, leading to damaged joint tissues, weight loss, weakness, and fatigue. At the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, rheumatoid arthritis is effectively treated and managed with medications as well as self-management strategies. Specialized treatments are organized to prevent joint deformities. This helps people with RA relieve pain and improve joint functionality with effective medication, treatment, and arthritis management strategies. The diagnosis of RA will be based on the symptoms, physical examination, x-ray results, scans, and blood tests. An intensive treatment in different ways, including drugs, therapies, and surgery, is assumed to be effective. Eyelid Surgery The eyelid surgery can be performed on the lower lids, the upper lids, or both of them. The surgery improves your appearance and eyelid functionality and rejuvenates the area around your eyes. Eyelid surgery can treat sagging skin that gets folded and disturbs your eyelids' natural appearance, bags under the eyes, and fine wrinkles on the lower eyelid. The results of the surgery will appear gradually, and you'll get better-defined eyelids. The surgeons and medical specialists at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital will thoroughly evaluate the patient's facial anatomy and design a remedy and treatment that will lead to successful eyelid surgery. The surgeons and medical specialists at the institute are given surgical training, and they have the experience that makes them uniquely qualified to perform surgeries while ensuring patient safety. Also, they make customized and individualized smart choices about the facilities and procedures to be performed. Ankylosing spondylitis Ankylosing spondylitis is a type of arthritis that significantly affects the spine. It leads to severe inflammation of the vertebrae that leads to chronic pain and disability. When advanced, this disease can cause bone formation on the spine, leading to deformity. However, the progression of the disease varies from person to person. It can also cause pain and stiffness in the shoulders, hips, heels, hands, and feet. Medical specialists at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital provide personalized treatments designed to slow the disease's progression and reduce symptoms with better pain management. The medications for the disorder are safe and work well to stop possible complications like bone deformity and an increase in joint pain and stiffness. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital was an Excellence Award winner under the Corporate Social Responsibility category for the Hospital Management Asia Awards 2015. The awards ceremony was held in Yangon, Myanmar, on September 4, 2015. This prestigious award has proven the significance of A Healthy Start as a CSR project and encourages further expansion of activities to support underprivileged children. The HMA awards committee noted that "the hospital’s award-winning project, A Healthy Start: Sanitation and Drinking Water for Underprivileged School Children, reaches out to socio-economically underprivileged school children, addressing their drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene needs.  Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) schools in Badarpur, an urban village proximate to the hospital, were identified for the project. MCD schools have poor drinking water and sanitation facilities. Water-borne diseases are common, leading to malnutrition and poor physical and mental development. A Healthy Start aims to improve sanitation, access to clean drinking water, and hygiene awareness for children and their mothers. This will help ensure children’s’ healthy growth and development." Apollo’s vision for the next phase of development is to touch a billion lives." "Our mission is to bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research, and healthcare for the benefit of humanity."