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    Istanbul Safak Hospital

    İstanbul, Türkiye


    Foundation year



    All / Top Specialties

    • Anesthesiology

    • Child Health and Diseases

    • Internal medicine

    • Dermatology

    • Brain Surgery

    • General Surgery

    • Eye diseases

    • Cardiology

    • Neurology

    • Radiology

    • Ear Nose Throat

    • Urology

    • Orthopedics and Traumatology

    • Gynecology and Obstetrics

    All / Top Services

    • Thyroid Diseases (Goiter)

    • Cholesterol and Triglycerides (High Blood Fats)

    • Diabetes Mellitus

    • Hematological (Blood related) Diseases

    • Gastrointestinal Diseases (ulcer, gastritis, dyspepsia)

    • Acute and Chronic Renal Failures

    • Lung Diseases

    • Local (Regional) Anesthesia

    • General Anesthesia

    • Laparoscopic (closed with a camera) surgeries

    • Menopause

    • Tubal ligation without surgery

    • Intrauterine (examination of babies in the womb)

    • Amniocentesis (taking a sample from the baby's water bladder)

    • Gynecological diseases surgeries

    • Pregnancy follow-ups (with risk, without risk)

    • Urination and Urinary Tract Problems

    • Male Infertility

    • Sexual Dysfunctions

    • Kidney, Urinary Bladder, Testicular, Prostate Tumors

    Contact Information

    124/B ve 255. Sk. No 16 Eski Edirne Asfaltı Hürriyet Gaziosmanpaşa/İSTANBUL Gaziosmanpaşa İstanbul Türkiye

    Istanbul Safak Hospital

    İstanbul, Türkiye


    About Us Welcome to Şafak Health Group, where our journey to redefine healthcare began in 1998. Our mission: to reshape the healthcare landscape, promote societal well-being, and enhance the quality of life for individuals. Today, we proudly continue our path with a family of "5" distinguished hospitals. Among them stands Istanbul Private Şafak Hospital, an oasis of health excellence located in Gaziosmanpaşa's 500 Evler district. Your Health, Our Priority At Istanbul Private Şafak Hospital, we are dedicated to your well-being. Our team of highly skilled and compassionate physicians, coupled with our state-of-the-art technological infrastructure and modern campus, ensures that your health receives nothing less than the best. We are at your service 24/7, with a bed capacity of 50, and we offer comprehensive care in 18 specialized branches, led by specialist physicians. A Legacy of Excellence With over two decades of experience and a steadfast commitment to professionalism, all entities within the Şafak Health Group are founded on knowledge and expertise. Our unwavering dedication to your health drives our health policy and values, all of which are deeply rooted in our extensive experience and understanding. Our Vision Our vision is to be a beacon of healthcare excellence, renowned and respected both regionally and throughout Turkey. We achieve this by embracing modern infrastructure, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and boasting an experienced team that adheres to international health standards. Our focus extends beyond therapeutic applications to include preventative healthcare. Our Mission Our mission is to foster a culture of health that revolves around patient satisfaction, delivering high-quality, qualified healthcare services within the framework of medical ethical values. We are committed to providing economically accessible healthcare without compromising on quality. Our Core Values At the heart of our organization are our core values: Caring: We prioritize patient health and safety above all else. Ethical and Reliable: We conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and reliability. Effectiveness and Quality: We are dedicated to providing effective and quality patient care and treatment. Scientific Inquiry: We continually engage in scientific research to advance healthcare. People-Centric: We consider our employees and patients the cornerstone of our existence. Join us on a journey towards a healthier society, where your health is our top priority. Experience the difference of Şafak Health Group, where excellence meets compassion, and where healthcare is not just a profession but a mission to improve lives.