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    iWell Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


    Foundation year




    Operations per year

    All / Top Specialties

    • Body contouring

    • Breast Surgery

    • Doublo Lifting

    All / Top Services

    • Calf reduction surgery

    • Ankle Plastic Surgery

    • Post-Partum Breast Surgery

    • Nipple surgery

    • Breast Reduction Surgery

    • Breast implant

    • Breast Surgery with Autologous Fat

    • Doublo Lifting

    • Eye Surgery for Middle-aged Women

    • Accusculpt

    • Fat Grafting

    • PRP Fat Grafting

    • Square jaw surgery

    • Paranasal Augmentation

    • Forehead Surgery

    • Reduction Malarplasty

    • Non-Implant Nose Surgery

    • Corrective Nose Surgery

    • 3D Sculpting Nose Surgery

    • Nose Surgery with Autologous Tissue


    At iWell Plastic Surgery, highly skilled plastic surgeons provide one-on-one consultations, perform surgery, and offer post-op care with the utmost care to ensure satisfying results. iWell Plastic Surgery’s professional medical team with high technology provides satisfactory results through their sincerity, from individual 1:1 customized counseling to surgery and post-management. As an alumni hospital of Seoul National University College of Medicine, iWell Plastic Surgery promises satisfactory surgical results based on its high technology and years of accumulated experience. 1. Customer-oriented, customized service Through the 3-step cooperative consultation system of plastic surgery, anesthesia, and dermatology, you can systematically receive safer and more complete surgery preparation, surgery, and post-operative care. 2. Implementation of operating room name system In order to prevent medical accidents caused by ghost doctors with different counseling and operating surgeons, iWell implements an operating room name system. 3. Satisfactory surgical results A proven plastic surgeon with accumulated experience takes responsibility from consultation to surgery to produce satisfactory surgical results. 4. Unrivaled technology Facial contouring surgery tools and surgical tools for nose surgery, which were developed based on abundant surgical experience and research, have been recognized for their unrivaled technological prowess, registered at the Korean Intellectual Property Office, applied for patents, and completed numerous trademark applications for surgical methods in each field. 5. Safety-oriented medical system iWell Plastic Surgery, which puts patient safety first, operates a 1:1 customized anesthesia system with a specialist in anesthesiology and pain medicine. In addition, we thoroughly prepare for all medical accidents that may occur during surgery and have a safe surgical environment with "Dantrolene medicine," a treatment for malignant hyperthermia that can occur during general anesthesia. 6. International quality management certification In the plastic surgery medical service field, we passed international quality screening standards in all areas and obtained ISO 9001 certification, an international quality management certification system. iWell Plastic Surgery creating beauty iWell Plastic Surgery has been giving back to society through various activities undertaken through the Happiness Project since its establishment. We will continue to provide a wide range of support to help those in need and take leadership in the efforts to create a more beautiful and brighter society. Dr. Bumjin Park from iWell Plastic Surgery Apgujeong made a donation to the Scholarship Fund for Fostering Talents for Unification, supervised by the Seoul National University Alumni Association, as part of iWell’s efforts to contribute to society. Dr. Bumjin Park of iWell Plastic Surgery has donated KRW 100 million to the Community Chest of Korea and became the first plastic surgeon in Seoul to become a member of the Honor Society. The Honor Society is an organization of major and distinguished donors that has been formed by the Community Chest of Korea in order to recognize the leaders of society who are setting a great example by demonstrating the value of sharing and contributing to the creation of a sharing culture in Korea. iWell Plastic Surgery Apgujeong made a donation to the Scholarship Fund for Fostering Talents for Unification supervised by the Seoul National University Alumni Association, as part of its efforts to contribute to society. At iWell, we will continue our social contribution activities and help spread the sharing culture. iWell Plastic Surgery made a donation to UNICEF to help the Nepali children who have been affected by the massive earthquake. A helping hand was given to around 1 million children whose lives had been devastated by the deadly earthquake. iWell Plastic Surgery made a donation to Child Fund Korea to help children from low-income families as well as those living in facilities. We will continue our sponsorship activities to help children lead happy and healthy lives. iWell Plastic Surgery is sponsoring children who are suffering from poverty and diseases through Compassion Korea so that they can become healthy and even foster and strive toward their dreams. iWell Plastic Surgery has made a donation to Gangnam Orphanage as a way to share love with children in need. We promise to continue engaging in diverse social contribution activities and contributing to a good cause. iWell Plastic Surgery carries out reconstructive surgery for those suffering from severe scarring, cleft lip and palate, or microtia to help them gain confidence and heal the emotional wounds they carry inside. Dr. Bumjin Park of iWell Plastic Surgery has made a contribution to the Library Construction Project Fund of Seoul National University, where he obtained his degree. We hope to see students, who will become the leaders of the future, nurture and step closer to their dreams at the library. Patient-centered sharing of happiness and beauty! This is iWell Plastic Surgery. iWell Plastic Surgery Clinic provides the best results with professional medical staff boasting the best technology, from individual 1:1 customized counseling to surgery.