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    Pore/Scar Specialized Clinic Talented medical staff with extensive clinical experience and know-how do their best for your beauty based on customer trust. Iz Clinic Signature PORE/SCARS • Bird Injection Why was there no effect on pore or scar treatment? This is because only the surface of the skin is temporarily treated, and the skin’s ability to regenerate itself has declined. Saesal injection aims at a more fundamental treatment that enhances skin regeneration. The biggest difference is that it stimulates the production of collagen, which accounts for 90% of the dermal layer and makes new skin grow from inside the skin. As the self-collagen is produced in the dermis layer, new skin fills up, and the effect of quickly filling pores and scars is excellent. 1. New slime princess Effective in reducing enlarged pores and giving elasticity to the skin to reduce enlarged pores. 2. New skin scar injection It is effective in filling pit scars and restoring natural volume and damaged skin. Iz Clinic’s new skin injection is a collagen regeneration promotion injection that has undergone various clinical trials for scar treatment. It is a signature injection made with a special combination of ingredients that promote collagen, help immediately shrink pores and sebum, and moisturize and strengthen the skin barrier. • Pore treatment Pores can be divided into three types, and each person has a different aspect and appears complex, so a complex treatment tailored to each individual’s condition is required. Case 1 – Sebum Pores Sebum, such as in blackheads, accumulates and gradually enlarges the pores, and it appears concentrated in areas where a lot of sebum is secreted. Case 2 – Sagging (vertical) Pores As collagen and elastin in the skin decrease, skin elasticity decreases. Case 3 – Scarred Pores Squeezing the skin causes recurring acne or sebum scars. The surface appears scratched or pitted. • Potenza Fine-needle, high-frequency next-generation laser An upgraded version of Intracell, Potenza. Microneedles are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin to alleviate damage to the skin surface, and it is effective in improving skin elasticity and texture by helping to produce new collagen through the coagulation of skin cells through high-frequency heat energy. Different settings for different skin types! You can see the best effect with the optimal number of shots and the optimal mode. Iz Clinic offers personalized solutions such as adjusting the number of shots for energy intensity and the depth of fine needle injections. How Potenza Works? It uses the principle of coagulating tissues by delivering high-frequency energy to the dermal layer of the skin through microneedles. The inserted needle generates momentary high-frequency waves in the dermal layer. It is a laser that helps relieve redness and improve skin tone by coagulating skin cells where thermal energy is received. EASY FIT • Body Completion of slim and firm body line through step-by-step fat destruction. Iz Clinic Easy Fit Body 4-step fat destruction Step 1: It is injected directly into the fat to reduce the size of fat cells. Step 2: It is strongly dissolving local fat and relieves cellulite tissue. Step 3: Fat cells aggregate and burst and destroy fat cells in hard areas to release fat. Step 4: A slim line is completed by combining various laser devices that enhance the effect of lipolysis destruction. Easy Fit Body Procedure Step 1: current state check Carefully check your current status through questionnaires and in body. Step 2: 1:1 consultation Based on the results of the current condition check, the treatment area and step-by-step treatment plan are planned. Step 3: design procedure We perform customized treatment according to the treatment plan. Step 4: medication prescription or diet exercise coaching Medication prescription, diet, and exercise coaching as needed. • Face Through independent R&D, Iz Clinic has developed a patented injection that finds the original facial line without surgery. Iz Clinic’s patented injection finds the original facial line without surgery, thanks to independent research and development. 1. Safe fat dissolving injection It is a KFDA-approved drug combination and a safe lipolysis injection that does not contain any diuretics or steroids. 2. 2x more effective It dissolves and destroys unnecessary fat cells and is a lipolysis injection with high satisfaction even with a single treatment and two times better results. 3. Delicate design procedure It is a 1:1 customized design procedure that considers individual beauty. 4. Everyday life possible immediately There is almost no swelling or bruising, so you can return to your daily life immediately after the procedure. LINE • Ulthera Depending on the area, the treatment method is very different! If you did not feel the effect of Ulthera, the effect is different depending on the operator, even if you receive the same number of shots as Iz Clinic. Experience the one and only Ulthera effect at Iz Clinic. Special #1: Confidence in effectiveness, Ulthera liability guarantee system Activation and effect guarantee system Iz Clinic is genuine equipment & genuine tips. We perform honest and safe treatment as much as the number of shots promised. Special #2: Iz Clinic selected by Merz Korea Iz Clinic with customized protocol for Ulthera full face treatment Full-face Ulthera 800~1000 lines A customized procedure that emphasizes individual characteristics and strengths The clinic's goal is to obtain Ulthera's clinical effect and satisfaction. We carry out detailed procedures. Special #3: Iz Clinic Ulthera side effects ‘0’ case! After confirming the skin layer of each area through ultrasound imaging technology, a thorough procedure plan is established to carry out error-free procedures. Special #4: Ulthera combination that makes you three times prettier. The use of genuine equipment and tips and the number of shots promised are the first promises made to customers that must be kept. • Silhouettesoft Non-surgical volume lifting that reconstructs the skin layer using medical threads of PLLA ingredients that are decomposed in the body. It lifts up sagging skin by inserting threads in the form of cones in both directions and enhances the skin's volume. The Iz Clinic is different from the unnatural look and bumpy skin that occur after the procedure. I recommend thread lifting to find hidden lines on your face. Unlike conventional thread lifting, Silhouette Soft can hold a fixing point freely and perform bidirectional treatment, allowing various treatments tailored to individual faces, such as for sunken areas and sagging areas. Iz Clinic Silhouettesoft 1. Those who have reduced volume on the face 2. Those who are troubled with asymmetrical facial lines 3. Those who have a depressed impression due to sagging jawline 4. Those who need volume treatment that suits their face 5. Those who need to improve neck wrinkles • Inmode Inmode Laser is a stable device approved by both the FDA and KFDA and completes the V-line through Iz’s lifting know-how. In-mode lifting from the contour line to skin elasticity Inmode Lifting is a complex anti-aging lifting technique that kills unnecessary fat cells and promotes the production of collagen and elastin in the epidermal and dermal layers by delivering radio frequency (RF) energy to the fascia. STRETCH MARKS • Stretchmarks treatment Stretch marks are also scars. Stretch marks are a type of scar formed when adipose tissue rapidly expands and tears the tissue. It is effectively improved according to the cause and type with the targeted treatment know-how of the Iz Clinic, which specializes in scars. Stretch marks can be divided into two main types: It is a type of scar that occurs when collagen among the dermal components of the skin is destroyed and elastic fibers are denatured. It is a collagen regeneration technology that not only removes stretch marks selectively, but also improves them evenly with the surrounding areas by targeting only the stretch marks for early red stretch marks and old white stretch marks.