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    Jayjun Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea



    All / Top Specialties

    • Body Liposuction

    • Revision Rhinoplasty

    • Calf Reduction

    All / Top Services

    • Apple hip line surgery

    • Mini Liposuction

    • Revision Rhinoplasty

    • Calf reduction surgery

    • Male hair transplant

    • Men's lifting

    • Double Eyelid Surgery

    • Ptosis correction

    • Middle-aged eye surgery

    • Canthoplasty

    • Male Rhinoplasty

    • Cleft lip and palate rhinoplasty

    • Gynecomastia surgery

    • Forehead Surgery

    • Square jaw surgery

    • Cheekbone reduction surgery

    • Chin tip surgery

    • Facial contour revision surgery

    • 3D CT Scanner

    • Botox


    Jayjun Plastic Surgery Clinic is the standard of beauty. The standard of beauty is not absolute. We think everyone has their own beauty. The harmony of a person's eyes and skin color, their values, and their attitude toward life all contribute to that person's charm. Rather than changing a patient through plastic surgery, by changing their appearance, a person can change his or her values in a positive direction and help them become more attractive. That is the role of Jayjun. What is the role of plastic surgery that Jayjun pursues? According to the CEO, sometimes there are patients who are pretty but still want plastic surgery. Their eyes are moderately big enough, and their nose is not that low, but still they are not satisfied with it. I think the patient’s standard was what we commonly call "Gangnam Beauty." There was a time when I fully explained the wrong standards of beauty that women have these days, and I sent them back. By saying this, I am also describing the role of Jayjun. ABOUT JAYJUN Our principle is to perform a safe practice that is based on the right beauty standard and not exaggerated plastic surgery. We will make every effort to bring out the inner beauty as well as the physical change. MEDICAL COOPERATION SYSTEM Our medical team is formed with specialists in each department, with their abounding clinical experiences and know-how. Therefore, consultation, operation, and even postoperative care are perfectly planned and performed. 1. Collaborative practice with each department’s specialists 2. Safe surgery through detailed and thorough analysis 3. A customized operation based on each patient’s individuality 4. A safe and reliable one-to-one exclusive anesthesia system 5. Personalized client care management by a special post-operation care service • 1:1 Patient Monitoring System For the best service, we provide a 1:1 patient monitoring system to ensure a safe operation through postoperative care. • A specialized anesthesiologist is available for 24 hours. In case of an emergency, our specialized anesthesiologist is available for 24 hours to take care of pre- and post-operation pain. • Safety system with high-tech medical equipment • Medical Cooperation System With excellent postoperative care management and a collaborative practice with our specialized dermatologist, we will help patients get back to their daily lives as quickly as possible. • One Stop Medical Service For the convenience of our patients, we offer a one-stop service that includes consultation, surgery, and recovery, as well as postoperative care. • Unceasing Efforts and Investigation for a Perfection of Beauty The JAYJUN medical team is constantly conducting academic research in order to learn advanced techniques and provide the best medical care possible.