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    Kowsar Hospital


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    • Gastric ulcer

    • Urinary Incontinence

    • Sexual dysfunction

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    • Liver Fibrosis

    • Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery

    • Open Cholecystectomies

    • Laparoscopic Surgery

    • Inflammatory Diseases

    • Autoimmune Liver Disease

    • Balloon Angioplasty

    • Stent Placement

    • Ear Infection

    • Tinnitus

    • Otomycosis

    • Barotrauma

    • Endoscopic Neck Surgery

    • Gastrointestinal Motility

    • Laparoscopic Surgery

    • Bone fracture surgery

    • Internal fixation

    • External fixation

    • Arthroplasty

    • Open Surgery


    Kowsar Hospital, affiliated with the Fars Heart Foundation charity, has started its activities since 2004 on a land area of 30 thousand square meters in one of the greenest areas of Shiraz city. With the efforts of Nik Andish benefactors, this hospital has 300 operating rooms, 18 angiography beds, and the most advanced and equipped diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to provide specialized and subspecialized services. With the cooperation of more than 1,000 of the most elite medical, support, and administrative personnel and more than 250 of the best and most skilled specialist and subspecialist doctors in various fields, Kowsar Hospital has been able to obtain the first degree of national accreditation since its establishment until now. Iran to provide its safe and quality services at very reasonable prices to its patients and clients from all over Iran. The professional and distinctive services of Kausar Hospital are provided in two sections: a general operating room (9 operating rooms), a superspecialized heart operating room section (4 operating rooms), and a special angiography section for cardiovascular interventional procedures (4 rooms). presented. Also, patients and clients can choose from 3 CCU departments, 3 surgical departments, a cardiac surgery ICU, a surgical ICU, an internal ICU, a neonatal ICU, and the departments of maternity, gynecology, and obstetrics, post-CCU, internal medicine, and emergency. Hospital services Kowsar Hospital, having advanced medical equipment according to the latest technologies, expert and experienced medical staff, the necessary treatment facilities, full compliance with medical standards, providing quality services, charging less than other hospitals of the same category, and contracts with most health insurance companies, has been able to be recognized as patients' preferred hospitals by accepting patients from different parts of Iran. Kawsar Hospital, in addition to benefiting from its specialized clinics, has the most equipped paraclinical departments in the south of the country, including the specialized imaging department (the most advanced 256-slice CT scan and 1.5 Tesla Philips MRI machines), medical nuclear (the owner of the only PET CT machine in the south of the country, next to the iodine therapy department), its well-equipped laboratory, and pharmacy, which provide unique services to esteemed clients. Clinic This super-specialized hospital, having two specialized and super-specialized clinics and benefiting from the presence of well-known and expert professors and using the most up-to-date medical equipment in the world, in addition to visiting patients, provides the following numerous and advanced diagnosis services using the world's new technologies: A superspecialized heart clinic is located on the ground floor of the hospital. Echo, echo esophagus, stress echo, echo doppler, fetal echo, cardiac regeneration (rehabilitation), exercise test, tilt, pace analysis, heart holter (24–48–one week), blood pressure holter, brain tape, nerve tape Eye and ear, hand and foot nerve tape, lung tests, injections, dentistry, as well as cardiology, neurology, physical medicine, and rehabilitation are all working in this department. General super specialty clinic located on the fifth floor of the hospital Internal medicine doctors, endocrinology specialist internal doctors, gastroenterology and liver specialist internal doctors, rheumatology specialist internal doctors, infectious disease doctors, general surgeons, breast fellowship surgeons, vascular specialist surgeons, neurosurgeons, colorectal surgeons (lower gastrointestinal surgeon), plastic and cosmetic surgeons, gynecologists, infertility fellowship gynecologists, oncology fellowship gynecologists (gynecological cancer surgeon), laparoscopic fellowship gynecologists, orthopedic doctors, knee fellowship orthopedic doctors, shoulder fellowship orthopedic doctors, pelvis, urologists, oncology fellowship Urinary tract doctors with endo-urology fellowships (laparoscopy), ophthalmologists, retinal fellowship ophthalmologists, pediatric ophthalmologists, plastic and reconstructive surgeon fellowship ophthalmologists, dermatology and beauty doctors, otolaryngologists, neuropsychologists, neonatologists, Endoscopy procedure, colonoscopy procedure, urodynamic procedure, uroflowmetry procedure, FNA procedure (thyroid gland sampling), breast sampling procedure, fetal ECG procedure, stroboscopy procedure (larynx imaging), skin cryo procedure, sampling procedure From the skin: pap smear procedure, cryotherapy procedure with liquid nitrogen, physiotherapy, and laser therapy; pap smear procedure, cryotherapy procedure with liquid nitrogen, physiotherapy, and laser therapy; pap smear procedure, cryotherapy procedure with liquid nitrogen, physiotherapy, and laser therapy; pap smear procedure, cryotherapy procedure with liquid nitrogen, physiotherapy, and laser therapy. Department of Nuclear Medicine (SPECT-PET/CT-IIodine Therapy) The nuclear medicine department of Kawsar Hospital, with more than 13 years of experience and in cooperation with the professors of this field and benefiting from their experiences, is proud to be equipped with the most advanced nuclear medicine imaging devices and the latest generation of PET/CT devices available in Dunya. In a dedicated space and building in Nobanyan, the department performs the latest imaging method for dear compatriots. Imaging Center of Kawsar Hospital As the most advanced and well-equipped imaging center in the south of the country, the imaging center of Kawsar Hospital is ready to provide services to all dear compatriots around the clock, covering all types of imaging methods, and this center offers its special, specialized, and super-specialized services with the highest quality and report and minimum The price is compared to other semi-governmental and non-governmental centers in various fields of medical imaging, including CT scan, ultrasound, MRI, radiology, mammography, and bone density measurement. Performing a CT scan using the Philips 256-slice device includes: All CTs with and without injection of all organs; CT angiography of all vessels; CT angiography of the heart; 3D CTs to examine more organs; examination of pulmonary vessels and pulmonary embolism; examination of abnormalities in children's vessels; determination of deviation angle in the lower limb (anti version) Performing all general and specialized graphs with advanced radiology devices Determining the angle of knee deviation (FLFS) for joint replacement, determining the length of the lower limbs (scanogram), determining the angle of deviation of the vertebral column, various color and fluoroscopy photos of the kidney and digestive virtual, general photos of the jaw and teeth (OPG), digital mammography with the ability to detect the type of mass early, and measuring bone density in all parts of the body. Performing all specialized MRIs with and without injection of all organs of the body using a 1.5 Tesla ultra-specialized MRI machine MRI of the heart, MRI of the chest, specialized MRI of the abdomen, specialized MRI of the pelvis (to check fistula, check gynecological diseases, and check orthopedic diseases), MRI of the eye and its nerve, dynamic MRI (to examine the pituitary gland), MRI of the inner ear, soft tissue MRI of the neck (to examine the thyroid gland), MRI of the nervous system, MRI of the carotid arteries, MRCT (gallblad), MR angiography (MRA), and MR venography (MRV). Laboratory Kowsar hospital laboratory is proud to provide its services with the most equipped and up-to-date devices and advanced equipment, along with the latest technology in the world, by obtaining the highest score from the reference laboratory and also in accordance with the accreditation standards, in order to serve the respected citizens as described, which includes the following: • It has specialized and subspecialized departments of pathology and cytology. • Equipped with the latest advanced devices in sync with the world's modern technology • Using the best and highest quality laboratory consumables • Providing test results with the highest level of quality • Performing quality control in each work shift using the highest quality standards, controls, and commercial calibrators • Daily response to tests • Connecting all devices to the response system to reduce human errors • It has experienced technical experts and senior experts in the fields of hematology, biochemistry, parasitology, microbiology, and mycology under its supervision and responsibility. of doctors specializing in clinical and anatomical pathology