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    Lavian plastic surgery

    Seoul, Южная Корея



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    • Breast Surgery

    • Facial bone surgery

    • Face contouring

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    • Breast Reduction

    • Nipple Surgery

    • Breast Augmentation

    • Gynecomastia

    • Front Cheekbone Surgery

    • Canthoplasty

    • V-Line Surgery

    • Triple Face Reduction

    • Temple Reductio

    • Eye Surgery For Middle Age

    • Nose Tip Surgery

    • Dual Canthoplasty

    • Autologous Fat Injection

    • Endoscopic Brow Lifting

    • Double Fold (Non-Incision)

    • Double Eyelids Surgery


    We create more than beauty for our patients. With our thorough going process for our patients, we provide the best medical services, including treatment services, patient satisfaction, and symposium activities. DELICATE PROCEDURES • A place that delivers heartfelt feelings Best efforts. Through our 1:1 consult service, we communicate with our patients. Honest. We never recommend unnecessary procedures to our patients.Lavian provides honest medical services. Truth. We will take care of our patients every moment, from their first step into our clinic to the end. • A place with care and thoughtfulness We will try our best to be the clinic that patients can trust. Our biggest goal is to see our patients live happy lives. By the way, we promise that we will maintain warm and healthy relationships with all the patients who contact Lavian Plastic Surgery. The reason Lavian is special is because we pursue naturalness. Lavian is responsible for our customers' 1:1 safe plastic surgery. Many medical accidents occur in the field of plastic surgery these days, and concerns about the safety of plastic surgery are becoming major issues. A lot of patients experience anesthesia accidents and "shadow doctors," who substitute for the doctor in charge. Also, some doctors set timers for their operations due to their immoderate schedules. To avoid medical errors and ensure the safety of patients, they must consult with a specialist with extensive experience. It is important to choose the right method for every operation. Also, the aftercare needs to be followed thoroughly as well. Lavian Plastic Surgery’s priority is our patients’ safety and their relationship with us. Our doctors in charge are responsible for all the steps from their patients’ operations to their successful results. Lavian’s Basic Safety Rules to Prevent Medical Accidents • 1:1 personal consultation • Plan the operation precisely. • No shadow doctors • Anesthesiologist available SAFETY SYSTEM SAFETY 1: CONSULTATION 1:1 Accurate consultation with a specialist before operation Through our 1:1 consultation with a specialist with more than 15 years of work experience, we catch what our customers want and give them the right treatments and explanations. SAFETY 2: 3D-CT Preplan every operation with high-tech 3D-CT The most important thing to note about facial bone contouring and orthognathic surgery is not to damage the facial nerves. Therefore, the doctors will check the locations of facial nerves with 3D-CT and plan the operation accurately for the patients’ safety. SAFETY 3: RESPONSIBILITY "No shadow doctors." The doctor in charge will be responsible for the operation and aftercare. The doctor who consults the patient will direct the operation and provide appropriate aftercare based on the patient's condition to ensure a successful outcome. SAFETY 4: ANESTHESIA Anesthesiologist available, 1:1 safety anesthetic system Anesthesiologists with over 30 years of experience reside in our clinic and take care of the anesthesia from the beginning to the end of every operation to prevent any emergencies. SAFETY 5: AFTER CARE SYSTEM Thorough aftercare system For the patients’ fast recovery after operations, we provide swelling treatments and try our best for the patient’s satisfaction. Lavian Plastic Surgery is popular as a place that doctors recommend to their families. We have plastic surgeons from different fields and about 20 administrators. We provide 1:1 personal consultation and care with high medical service quality. In addition, as a preventative measure, we explain about side effects after surgery and stand ready to provide solutions to our patients as if they were family.