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    Manipal Hospital Goa

    Goa, India


    Foundation year




    Operations per year



    All / Top Specialties

    • Hemorrhoidectomy

    • Hernia Repair

    • Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP)

    All / Top Services

    • Hemorrhoididectomy

    • Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

    • Holmium laser resection of the prostate

    • Therapeutic endoscopy

    • Angiogram

    • Electrocardiogram (EKG)

    • Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA)

    • CT scan

    • Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)

    • Arterial blood gas analysis

    • Bronchodilators

    • Spirometry

    • Bronchial thermoplasty

    • Total knee replacement

    • Radioactive iodine therapy

    • Hysterectomy

    • Reconstructive surgery (urethroplasty)

    • Digital mammography

    • Mastectomy with and without breast reconstruction

    • Chemotherapy


    Manipal Hospital Goa is a multi-specialty hospital in Dona Paula, Panaji, and is known as the first private tertiary care hospital in Goa to receive NABH accreditation. The hospital is well-known for providing the best emergency and rehabilitative care to its patients. It carries out about 1800 operations per year and has the highest number of physicians compared to other private healthcare centers in Goa. It was set up with the main goal of providing the people of Goa with easy access to highly qualified and experienced doctors. Along with doctors, their healthcare team also consists of highly trained paramedics, nurses, and technicians. Manipal Hospital focuses on the saying “prevention is better than cure” and offers its patients many comprehensive and reliable health checkup opportunities. Manipal Hospital Goa offers round-the-clock patient-care and intensive care services, laboratory services, operation theatre, anesthesia, and blood bank services. They also have a 24-hour emergency ambulance service, a pharmacy, and a diagnostic laboratory. Manipal Hospital Goa is a part of the Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG), a pioneer in the departments of healthcare and education. It offers excellent healthcare to both Indian and international patients. Through their network of healthcare facilities, they work towards the goal of providing accessible and affordable healthcare to all. WHY CHOOSE MANIPAL HOSPITAL GOA • Manipal Hospital Goa offers a large number of specialties and doctors compared to other private hospitals in the area. • They have a 24-hour pharmacy, laboratory, and emergency facilities. • This hospital has 6 state-of-the-art operation theatres and a total of 235 beds. • It provides rapid diagnosis, management, and treatment and makes the overall health of their patients their main goal. • They emphasize providing personalized care and treatment for all their patients. • Manipal hospital Goa has put together an excellent team of healthcare professionals of all specialties to provide the best service to their patients. • Apart from doctors, this hospital also has highly trained and experienced medical staff that makes it their goal to provide a comfortable hospital stay to the patients. • Manipal Hospital Goa, through its International Patient Care Centre takes care of the needs of international patients. • The Manipal Hospital Goa has a 24-hour emergency ambulance service called MARS which consists of one of the biggest forces of ambulances in the city. It is run by experienced EMTs and drivers who are well trained in Basic Life Support and in handling adult, neonatal and pediatric emergencies. • It is located in the heart of the city and is easily accessible by everyone. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OFFERED BY MANIPAL HOSPITAL GOA • Lung cancer • Cerebrovascular diseases • Total knee replacement • Biventricular pacemaker • LUNG CANCER The Centre of Oncology at the Manipal Hospital Goa practices an integrated and individualized approach in the treatment of cancers of all stages. Their department consists of many specialties such as medical, surgical, bone marrow transplant, radiation therapy, and hematology. The team at Manipal Hospital Goa is well experienced and proficient in diagnosing, staging, and treating even the most challenging cases. The treatment options available include medication, radiotherapy, and surgical management with the latest equipment. Lung cancer is one of the most commonly seen tumors in the world. In men, it is the most common cause of cancer-related death while it is second only to breast cancer in women. It is thus one of the most frequent cancers diagnosed at the hospital. Manipal Hospital Goa has a Tumor Board discussion for each patient, the board discusses the case and decides the best course of treatment for the individual. • CEREBROVASCULAR DISEASES The Neurosurgery department at Manipal Hospital Goa provides proficiency in general neurosurgery, spinal disorders, stereotactic radiosurgery, brain tumor surgery, and vascular diseases. This department is one of the most experienced and integrative and helps patients from across the country. Their neurosurgeons are top professionals in the field and many of them are part of international neurological societies and are expert researchers and visiting faculty members in reputable universities all over the world. Their department uses the latest technology to make an accurate diagnosis and carry out modern surgical practices such as minimally invasive surgery. The neuroscience department at Manipal Hospital Goa conducts more than 1500 operations per year. Their team consists of highly experienced neurologists and exceptionally rated neurosurgeons who deal proficiently with cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke, aneurysms, vascular malformations, TIA, etc. • TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT At Manipal Hospital Goa, their excellent team of orthopedics and surgeons deal with the most complex cases of bone and spine-related diseases using the best-individualized approach for the patient. The Department of Orthopedics deals with the medical and surgical treatment of diseases involving the musculoskeletal system such as total knee replacement which is one of the most common surgeries performed at this hospital. State-of-the-art facilities and instruments are used that significantly decrease the duration of hospital stay and help patients gain mobility faster. Highly qualified and experienced doctors, integrative services, and the latest technology that help in making an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan have made Manipal Hospital Goa one of the most sought-after hospitals by both local and foreign patients. Preoperative and postoperative care given by the orthopedic team helps in the early and superior recovery of patients. • BIVENTRICULAR PACEMAKER Manipal Hospital Goa has an exceptional Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery department that deals with diseases of the heart, chest, and lungs. Their Department is one of the most integrative and experienced in the country and looks after patients from all over the world. They use the latest surgical procedures and equipment and are global leaders in heart surgery including procedures such as biventricular pacemaker placement. Manipal Hospital Goa is equipped with the most modern technology and equipment which helps in a faster diagnosis and treatment. Their modern procedures such as minimally invasive surgical techniques allow for a faster recovery and reduced hospital stay. The team at Manipal Hospital Goa includes expert echo cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, electro-physiologists, and radiologists. One of the procedures often performed is Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) which is used in cases of advanced cardiac failure when the heart ventricles are not pumping simultaneously. A biventricular pacemaker device or a CRT pacemaker is a battery-powered device that is implanted directly underneath the patient’s skin. It assists the heart by making the ventricles contract together.