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Modni Korean Medicine Clinic

Seoul, South Korea



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  • Pain/Traffic Accident Clinic

  • Women's clinic

  • Diet Clinic

  • Body shape correction/temporomandibular joint clinic

  • Examination Clinic

  • Health clinic

All / Top Services

  • Anxiety/anger management

  • Strengthens stamina/concentration

  • Modni roster

  • Test takers' posture/body shape correction

  • Acupuncture

  • Physiotherapy

  • Treatment of joint pain

  • Cupping, moxibustion therapy

  • Gongjeongjeon/Kyungokgo

  • Constitution improvement

  • cystitis

  • Bad Breath

  • Cystitis

  • Prenatal/postnatal care

  • Treatment of menopause/phlegmon

  • Infertility/Pregnancy Preparation

  • Treatment of menstrual cramps/menstruation

  • Temporomandibular joint correction

  • Non-surgical pain treatment

  • Body shape correction

Contact Information

2nd floor k building 626 Samseong-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


At Modni Korean Medicine Clinic, we prioritize trust with our patients, placing their health first and treating them according to four principles. Modni Korean Medicine Clinic considers communication as the most important aspect of the healing process. Led by Dr. Modnihan, our professional team deeply understands the patients' experiences and provides personalized treatments based on extensive clinical expertise. Modni Korean Medicine Clinic listens to every voice and offers individualized treatments based on a wide range of clinical experiences. Through accurate diagnosis, traditional Chinese medicine principles, and personalized treatment plans, we provide reliable high-quality care. Our clinic focuses on comfort and has gained patients' trust through extensive treatment experience. Patients not only recommend us to their family, partners, and acquaintances, but also consider us a place where they can confide in their health issues. Modni Korean Medicine Clinic understands that psychology is an important component of treatment. That's why our clinic is designed to create a comfortable space for patients, from the waiting area to counseling and treatment rooms. Modni Korean Medicine Clinic aims to create a healing environment where everyone in the city can gather and find inner tranquility. The Obesity Clinic specializes in transforming patients' physique from a tendency to gain weight to a state of weight stability. Modni Korean Medicine Clinic enhances the ability to break down fat by reducing daily restrictions, increasing basal metabolism, and promoting fat metabolism within the body. Additionally, Modni Korean Medicine Clinic provides safe and effective dietary plans by prescribing appetite-controlling medications for easier appetite control. At Modni Korean Medicine Clinic, we value convenience and personalized care. We offer one-on-one management through instant messaging via Kakao Talk, allowing patients to receive our clinic's unique dietary management not only during hospital visits but also at home and work. Modni Korean Medicine Clinic believes in accompanying patients throughout their weight loss journey, ensuring they never feel alone. The clinic also focuses on women's health, recognizing that menstruation is an important criterion for women's happiness and well-being. Modni Korean Medicine Clinic truly understands women's concerns and anxieties and addresses issues related to a healthy menstrual cycle through sincere treatments and traditional Chinese medicine methods. By treating noticeable symptoms and restoring uterine function, we strive to make modern women happier than ever before. Through personalized consultations and individual prescriptions, personalized traditional Chinese medicine and massage therapy provide tailored solutions for gynecological diseases. Massage therapy and acupuncture help regulate muscle and spinal ligament balance, improve blood and lymph circulation, enhance reproductive function, restore biological system balance, and strengthen the immune system. We are committed to ensuring post-treatment health and a happy life. For temporomandibular joint disorders, early treatment is crucial, and our clinic offers personalized one-on-one treatments to address the causes and symptoms. Modni Han Medical Clinic understands that post-accident sequelae can disrupt blood circulation and result in persistent pain. Drawing wisdom from traditional Chinese medicine, the clinic effectively manages accident-related surgical syndromes and provides treatment based on individual symptoms. Modni Korean Medicine Clinic also provides concentration and stress care to improve performance and learning ability. By reducing stress, alleviating fatigue, and promoting energy metabolism, we help students achieve better academic results. At Modni Korean Medicine Clinic, we address lower-body blood circulation and obesity issues caused by prolonged sitting or lack of exercise, aiming to improve academic performance while taking care of stress and overall health. Through Modni personalized traditional Chinese medicine and Modni personalized intelligent diagnostics, we support students' physical resilience during the learning process. Excessive stress and anxiety can disrupt sleep patterns, reduce brain vitality, attention, and physical strength. Personalized prescriptions help compensate for physical fatigue, activate the brain, stabilize the body and mind, enabling students to unleash their full potential. Modni Korean Medicine Clinic specializes in custom prescriptions for improving health and leaving no residual diseases after treatment. Whether your immune system is weak, you frequently fall ill, or you have persistent cough and cold, our Kyungokgo/Kyungok-hwan therapy strengthens the immune system. Modni Korean Medicine Clinic breaks energy blockages, balances the body's hot and cold energies, ensuring smooth circulation of Qi and blood throughout the body. By providing each patient with personalized luxurious prescriptions, we promise a healthy and happy life during and after treatment. Gong diagnosis is renowned for its restorative and invigorating effects, documented in ancient texts such as the "Dongui Bogam." It regulates energy blockages, enhances the immune system, fights against aging, and boosts immunity. At Modni Oriental Clinic, we harness the efficacy of Gong diagnosis to promote harmonious energy flow, enhance the body's inherent vitality, and prevent diseases. At Modni Korean Medicine Clinic, we are committed to providing exceptional care through effective communication, personalized treatments, and comprehensive health attention. Our goal is to empower patients with the ability to achieve optimal health and happiness, and we strive to uphold this commitment in every aspect of our services and treatments. We will always communicate with you and listen to your voice.