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    Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam

    Seoul, South Korea


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    • Cervical Spine Disorders

    • Medial Branch Nerve Blocks

    • ESMA Therapy

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    • Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy

    • Microscopic Lumbar Discectomy

    • EKG

    • Mini Spinal Fusion

    • Pulmonary function test

    • Microscopic Cervical Foraminotomy

    • Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty

    • Injection into Nerve Branches

    • Medial Branch Block

    • ESMA Therapy

    • Physical exam

    • MRI scan

    • Arthroscopic Surgery

    • X-ray

    • Arthificial Joint Surgery

    • Stem Cell Treatment for Cartilage Repair

    • Radiofrequency Nerve Treatment

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    Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam, was founded in 2003. It is situated in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. More than 3640 operations are conducted here every year. With the goals of better medical care, academic research, and employee happiness, this hospital is setting outstanding medical records. It strives to offer top-class healthcare globally. Nanoori's mission is to provide the best medical care with love and care. Since its foundation, it has contributed a lot to creating a healthier society. Specialists at Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam, aim at creating a world of coexistence through respect and care for humans. They visit underdeveloped countries every year to offer free spine and joint treatments. Since 2011, it has been conducting open surgery projects for the underprivileged patients of local communities. Vision  Nanoori Hospital strives to become a hospital recognized not only in Korea but also in the world for better medical quality and service with the five goals of 'correct treatment', 'academic research', 'global', 'spirit of sharing', and 'employee happiness'. there is. Correct Treatment A hospital that provides the best medical service with correct treatment   Hospitals recognized and guaranteed by the state Designated as a certified medical institution (Gangnam/Incheon/Suwon) by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and a spine specialist hospital (Gangnam/Incheon/Suwon), it has been recognized by the state for its expertise in patient safety, medical quality improvement, and spinal treatment.  Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam, loved by patients The National Brand Committee and the Chosun Ilbo selected Korea's most loved hospital brand as the grand prize for two consecutive years. Nanoori Hospital is striving to become a hospital trusted by patients. The right medical treatment Respected and trusted hospital with outstanding academic research achievements Academic Research A hospital that constantly conducts research by holding academic conferences Academic conference commemorating the founding of Nanuri Hospital (once a year), spine endoscopy symposium (twice a year), integrated video conference (every week) All medical staff are expected to share and develop clinical experiences and the latest treatments. ㅇ A hospital recognized worldwide for its outstanding academic achievements. Nanoori Hospital is achieving academic research achievements that have doubled every year. He is actively involved in not only domestic academic conferences, but also international conferences, and more than half of the papers presented at Nanoori Hospital are published in SCI(E) journals with international influence. Global A hospital that stands tall in the world by attracting medical tourists and expanding overseas Nanoori Hospital International Program We transfer spine and joint treatment techniques to overseas medical staff selected through the educational support program for medical staff in developing countries. We provide opportunities to participate in joint research activities. Overseas medical activities Nanoori Hospital visits underdeveloped areas such as Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia every year to provide free spine and joint treatment to local residents. In addition, he has been officially invited by the Ministry of Health of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is conducting medical treatment and surgery locally as a dispatched doctor. global A hospital that practices the spirit of sharing through various medical services Spirit of sharing ㅇ Sharing Love Project Since 2011, we have been carrying out 'Love Sharing', a free surgery project for the underprivileged in the community. This is the representative sharing project of Nanuri Hospital, which has benefited more than 100 patients so far. Sharing Bazaar The 'Sharing Bazaar', which started in 2005, is a sharing event to help the underprivileged in the local community. All proceeds from the bazaar are used for social contribution projects. Employee Happiness A hospital where all employees are happy and have dreams and pride Selective Welfare System Welfare points are provided every year to employees who have worked for more than one year. Welfare points cannot be used within the scope of the partnership. it's possible.  Employee reward system The Nanuri of the Year Award, the Excellent Employee Award, and the Long-Term Service Employee Award allow you to feel proud and work as a hospital employee. employee happiness We have a reward system in place. employee child support system If you have children, we provide a certain amount of congratulations money for admission to elementary, middle, high school, or university. ACCREDITATION OF NANOORI HOSPITAL, GANGNAM · Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam was designated as a certified medical institution by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. · The state has recognized this hospital for its expertise in improving patient safety, medical services, quality, and treatments. · It received the Grand Prize of Korea's Most Loved Hospital Brand by the National Brand Committee and Chosun Ilbo for two consecutive years. · By holding academic conferences, Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam has conducted several pieces of research. It is well-known to double the theoretical research results every year. · It was nominated as the "Spine Hospital" four consecutive times. · More than half of the papers published at Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam are published in SCI(E) journals with international influence. WHY CHOOSE NANOORI HOSPITAL, GANGNAM? · Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam is serving an integrated nursing system. Highly trained and professional nurses provide 24/7 patient care. · Based on each patient's medical history, age, and health conditions, Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam, provides tailored therapy. · Health Insurance services are provided to offer the most economical medical facilities in the best possible ways. · Comfortable, hygienic, and sterilized environments are maintained to ensure the highest standards of safety and care. · Specialists at Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam, are certified, trained, licensed, and highly experienced. They practice the philosophy of "sharing" and "customer satisfaction." Their vision is to spread the love of humanity by providing the best medical services economically. TOP MEDICAL CENTERS AT NANOORI To provide the best-suited treatments to every single patient, Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam is having well-equipped, facilitated, and advanced medical centers, including: · Spine Center · Joint Center · Non-surgical Treatments Center · Internal Medicine Center TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OF NANOORI Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam, offers a wide range of medical services, but it has gained more popularity due to the world-class spinal and joint treatments. Top medical specialties offered by this hospital include: · Joint Diseases · Spinal Disease · Medial Branch Nerve Blocks · Radiofrequency Nerve Treatment · ESMA Therapy JOINT DISEASES Joint diseases include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, and many more. The causes of joint diseases may consist of age, occupation, activity level, environmental factors, and genetics. Age is considered as the main contributing factor. With increasing age, knee cartilage loses its functional ability. Bones between the joints experience abnormal resistance, which results in decreased motion leading to inflammation and severe pain. Treatment approaches for joint diseases include conventional and surgical treatment techniques. Traditional treatments usually consist of physical therapies, rest, exercise therapies, and drug therapies. Based on the patient's medical conditions, specialists at Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam, provide individualized treatments to offer the best outcomes. For surgical treatments, they use minimally invasive techniques. More than 1000 operations for joint diseases are performed in this hospital every year. MEDIAL BRANCH NERVE BLOCKS Medial branch nerves are the nerves that carry pain signals from facet joints in the spine to the brain. To temporarily block the medial branch nerve's pain signals, doctors may recommend medial branch nerve block therapy. During this procedure, specific aesthetics or numbing medications are injected near small medial nerves connected to the facet joint. It relieves the pain and reduces the aching sensations. The spinal center of Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam, is facilitated with cutting-edge medical equipment for careful diagnosis and effective treatments. Experts in this hospital are highly experienced. They have performed thousands of medial branch nerve block therapies with 100 percent satisfaction results. RADIOFREQUENCY NERVE TREATMENT Radiofrequency nerve treatment is also known as radiofrequency neurotomy and radiofrequency ablation. It is an advanced technique used to treat pain in the back, neck, and buttocks. It is considered an excellent approach for effective treatments of chronic pain. During radiofrequency nerve treatment, heat generated radio waves are used to target specific pain sending nerves. It results in the reduction of aching sensations and pain. Nanoori Hospital has established a precise medical system for the effective treatment of radiofrequency nerve treatments. Regular monitoring is provided after the procedure, ensuring the best outcomes with maximum benefits. ESMA THERAPY Muscle tension is a medical condition in which the muscles of the body become abnormally contracted. The underlying cause may be physiological stress, depression, anxiety, acute exercise, and many others. If early treatment is ignored, it can lead to severe medical conditions and complications, causing long term health problems. To relieve muscle tension, ESMA therapy is well-known massage therapy. It is an effective non-surgical technique that reduces the physiologic stress response. It decreases the activity of pain receptors providing relaxation and comfort. The Center of Physical Therapy at Nanoori Hospital is offering the world-class services of ESMA Therapy most economically. Patients claim that they successfully return to their daily routine tasks after these treatments. SPINAL DISEASE Spinal disease is a medical condition that impairs the backbone. It a serious complication that needs immediate medical attention. The underlying causes may be sudden fall and slip, accidents, poor postures, excess weight, underlying infection, increased age, and many others. It can appear as scoliosis, lumbar spinal stenosis, spina bifida, cauda equina syndrome, and tumors. The spinal center at Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam, specializes in the complete range of spinal diseases. It is known as "The Best Spinal Center of Korea." Certified and licensed practitioners are providing top-notch and advanced individualized treatments. Till now, their success rate for spinal treatments is 100%. If you are looking for the best medical experience, you should immediately consult with the highly experienced doctors at Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam. 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