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Oganacell Dermatology Clinic

Seoul, South Korea



All / Top Specialties

  • Skin correction

  • Elasticity correction

  • Petit correction

  • Body shape

  • Scalp correction

  • Medical esthetic

All / Top Services

  • Lipolysis injection

  • Body in mode

  • Ulpit

  • Systemic circulation management

  • Thread lifting

  • Ulthera primus

  • Inmode

  • Thermage flx

  • Onda lifting

  • Levinas fascia lifting

  • Linear paper

  • Neck wrinkle management

  • Face line injection

  • Botox

  • Filler

  • Sculptra

  • Hair loss correction

  • Sedation management

  • Swelling management

  • Fluid therapy

Contact Information

221 420 Dosan-daero Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


Welcome to Oganacell Dermatology Clinic, your destination for personalized skin correction and the epitome of organacell dermatology excellence. At Oganacell, we go beyond simple skin care procedures to achieve nothing less than 'skin correction' - an ideal skin condition that fosters natural, long-lasting skin health from the very core. Say goodbye to temporary improvements; we're here to transform your skin for the better, starting from its roots. Our team is a league of extraordinary dermatologists, each with more than a decade of intensive study and expertise in the field of skin health. With their wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience, they craft bespoke treatments tailored to your unique skin condition, ensuring unmatched reliability and satisfaction. We pride ourselves on investing in the latest, premium laser equipment, perfectly complementing the sophisticated technology our organacell medical staff employs. Your skin deserves nothing but the best, and that's precisely what we deliver. At Oganacell Dermatology Clinic, your journey to flawless skin begins with a comprehensive skin diagnosis by one of our skilled dermatologists. Based on their expert evaluation, a personalized treatment plan will be prescribed, tailored specifically to address your individual needs. Our dedication to high-end, high-performance equipment ensures you receive the utmost care and results. Experience the difference of exceptional care and cutting-edge technology. Choose Oganacell Dermatology Clinic for a revitalized, naturally healthy skin that will leave you feeling confident and radiant.